This video I'm, just gon na recap, cover things so I'm, not gon na. Go into a lot of detail like I normally do now why people want to me to review this. You can understand the spec for the price okay, so this has the Gemini Lake cell and in 4108 gigabytes a ddr4 Ram. It isn't your channel, which is great a lot of them just head it in single it's, a slightly better performance there. However, as you see that the thermals well right now, aren't, actually that good, so it gets up to about 93 degrees, probably needs a repast there. It does have Intel's widest AC 94612, one by one antenna setup, so it's pushing around and my testing about 300 meters per second maximum speeds, unfortunately so not really the fastest. So other spec includes the 37 one hour battery that all the other ones have is also in this and that's gon na give you a better life, as you can see, for my estimates in run time here of about seven to eight hours, it's pretty much on Par with the other ones, so that is good there. Okay, so four ports we've got USB 3 ports either side we've got mini HDMI to out up to 60 Hertz for case, and that is good to have this for the price let's get onto that. This was selling 200 us, ok, very good price, but not anymore. A lot of people picked it up for that and for that price you are getting a fairly decent laptop.

I feel the screen is 1080p. The webcam is 480 it's very poor and it doesn't have a good frame rate about 15 frames per second, but the screen itself. The brightness is okay it's on super bright, but it is matte anti glare, so it's not a touchscreen, but look at these massive bezels here they are absolutely huge. Nothing like the press images, as you can see super misleading of b max to do this. This practice is really frowned upon by everyone, of course, because a lot of people will probably buy this on the box. The thing when they take a look at it and go hey. This is not the laptop I paid for it. Doesn'T, look at all like the images, so there really got to stop that particular of practice. So it is completely plastic. The build okay and it's about twenty two millimeters, the thickness that's counting the rubber feet. Without it it's about eighteen millimeters, it weighs 1.8 kilos. So a little on the heavier side compared to the other jahmai elite tech I've been reviewing and the screen hinge look at this goes back about that far, which is normal but very loose. I think it needs to be a little bit tighter because it is a bit of a heavier screen here, and you can hear this here – that plastic flexing creaking all the time making. It feel just a little bit cheap with a hundred percent plastic, build that it does have so the keyboard it's, okay, to type on right bit of a rattle to it, and that to me makes it feel cheap a little and the power button locations.

Okay print screen is there now this particular laptop has a very big, large, touchpad and you'd think that that'll be pretty good to use wouldn't. It no think you can with this line. This is the worst thing about this laptop here. Is this touchpad? Well, it is big, it lacks sensitivity, gestures, often don't work I've got to press really hard to get to finger scrolling, for example, finer movements, the cursor just jumps all over the place when you try and select something, for example, in paint bad but let's get onto The performance, a little so Geekbench score here you can see – is around about 1000 points less on the multi core score, and that is due to some thermal throttling, so 93 degrees is what it gets up to. Gaming will get even hotter, resulting in very poor performance. Now I won't go into a lot of detail here, because there's just really and no point, I feel with that. The past max score. Okay, a little bit lower than expected a game because of that thermal throttling. So with the SSD you've only got about eighty six gigabytes free, but you can upgrade it. You can see here that there's a little flap on the bottom. You open it up the little hatch and you can slot one in up to two terabytes overall, the B max its s15 here, just cutting it sure, is a very hard laptop to recommend for me because of the touchpad, mostly the cheaper plastic.

All plastic build feels like a step backwards. The bezels are stepped backwards. I mean the screen is okay, no type c, no power delivery, charging and battery live runtime up to eight hours, yeah that's, okay, that's good, pretty much like the others. It'S really comes down to price. If you have, for example, a son or daughter out there, you want to buy them on Windows, 10. Home laptop will also run Linux perfectly fine by the way, little Enix mint tested, no problems, maybe it's something to get, because you know that won't have the power for them to play fortnight's if you're trying to keep them away from that. You can't really game on this laptop all it's, just light tasks, docks we're browsing, YouTube, that's. Really it will this kind of tech, and especially this one here now the bias also just to add fully unlocked. So that is the S 15 there that it's got quite a few cons, some big ones and really mmm not recommended from me this one.