It is powered by the unisoc tiger t618 processor, which is almost 210 000. antutu benchmark. Nice molecule display molecule batteries Music into the young, disney characters characters in disney. This does feel like the alder cube that i reviewed a few months ago or last year and actually pretty basic box first off oui. Ah, this is the naked body of b max tangling plastic. Oh, what a nice sexy back well, actually kind of liquid. They made out of plastic its, not metal its uh yeah. This is actually plastic. No, which makes the whole tablet feel very light. Unison is two tone: magic, dark and bagaspang and enjoying smooth and lighter side on camera. That is 13 megapixels. Now i began you might notice in the view like say m40, i play i only eight megapixels. It will thirty nine percent flash cause im, just like speakers left and dedicated nano sim card slot and micro sd card slot for expandable storage. One two eight and canon display 10.4 inches 2k resolution, ips lcd display, uncompressive and tablet must break yes, despite the lcd display very bright display, high quality text, high quality icons, my pictures of facebook thats very good color. Very good contrast. You know this is a high quality display. They put here its a youtube problem, guys check that out. Omg brightness, very bright Music, 1080p 60 frames per second so mind that, but its okay, Music, 4k internet speeds. I know what its targeting uh sound snow is.

Okay, just okay, it does have four speakers, two channels, my separation, but its not super loud, not super busy, not super full everyone. Look at them sound. Just not the loudest ive heard ive seen stop the chopper portrait or landscape nice right side, five megapixels quality, its! Not ultra wide parallel. Actually i just realized very useful for zoom meetings very useful though they actually put some really good cameras, which is very nice very useful or actually. This is also very useful for you. American display, bezels wow. I was not expecting this huh, so seeing an android device guys you have to see Applause, Music, the more content, the more graphics they upgrade its going to be harder for older phones or older tablets to manage this game. But, of course well i have to say you know: 13 megapixels is an okay jump from the eight megapixel stand. M40. I play alto cube. Okay, dynamic range is okay, its not the most superior camera. Ive ever seen a picture in documents: hey whats up its only ten thousand five hundred. Ninety nine seven srp, eight one, two eight the shop said, can i say december, subscribe below hit the bell icon so that you dont miss any of my great content: the blessing beans and youre watching unbox.