So today we are going to review b max y11 2 in 1 laptop an affordable lightweight machine for back to school. By the way, if you haven’t heard of the b max brand don’t worry, the company was established only in summer of 2009 teen, but soon everyone will be talking about this new company, because the new laptops they are producing are really interesting and affordable. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into it. First let’s talk about the specs. The machine comes with 8 Gen Intel, Gemini Lake processor it’s, a quad core processor Windows, 10 home 64 bit operating system, Intel, graphics, 600 series, 8 GB of ddr2 RAM 256 GB M 2 SATA SSD 11.6 inch. U HD IPS glossy multi touch screen 720p HD camera built in 2 channel speakers, kto 2.11, AC, Wi, Fi, plus bluetooth, 4.2, and it produces up to 8 hours of battery life and it weighs only 2.2 pounds. The B max max book y 11 body is made of metal and plastic, and the details are quite good. The position of the brand logo is placed on upper right side or the back of the screen. Although it is two in one metal body, its outer casing is made of all aluminum. The attention to detail on build quality is top notch. It is about 13 millimeter thin and weighs only 2.2 pounds or 1 kg. It is less than the thickness of a book. So it can easily fit in a backpack and carry around school or college campus b.

Max y11 is equipped with latest range of force, including one micro, USB 3 port, one micro, HDMI port, one micro, SD card slot, headphone jack, one built in microphone, volume control and a power button. The laptop has 720 front camera. The location of the webcam is little awkward, but can get the job done. The cameras picture quality is enough for video calls like Skype or other applications. The B max max books y11 has a design that is simple and cleaned. The machine adopts a narrow, bezel design, which makes the body of 11.6 inch screen a full circle smaller than the traditional notebook. The B max y11 display has very thin bezels only 5 millimetre thick and the map top is available in 11.6, inch screen size and it is an IPS display. The four sided nano edge design gives b max y11 a frameless, almost bezel free display. The 11.6 inch touch screen with full HD 1080p resolution lets you view content in vibrant clarity and in fact it has 97 srgb and 73 Adobe RGB, meaning it covers the color gamut really well. So if you’re using Photoshop and Adobe products, then it is definitely a good choice. The laptop has 10 point. Multi touch display works very well when you flip 360 degrees to use the laptop into a tablet mode. The user has an option to use notebook in 6. Different modes, whatever is convenient for the user, to use, for example, tent and stand mode can be used to watch YouTube or Netflix, and of course, you can put it at tablet mode, since it is very light and thin.

It makes a great tablet. The touchscreen response is great and fast and makes it very versatile. The v max y11 visuals are handled by integrated intel, UHD, 600 graphics, watching YouTube or Netflix. 4K content looks really good, and this display works very well in low light conditions. As far as a brightness concern it comes around 295, nits means laptop screen is good for indoor or outdoor use. The B max y11 keyboard is good for longer typing experience. This is a fast quiet and reliable keyboard. The pressure point is only slightly noticeable and the feedback of the key is a little bit stiff. On the other hand, the key size and arrangement are very good there’s, no backlight on the keyboard, and it is understandable. Considering the price point and as far as the touchpad concern, it is a decent size pad and it is also precision. Touchpad means it is very responsive and precise in the performance section, where B max y 11 is equipped with Intel, Gemini Lake and four one zero zero processor, the blow power processor uses up to six watts and has four cores with the base clock. Speed of one point, one gigahertz, which can increase up to 2.4 gigahertz. This processor is used in mid range laptops. It’S performance is sufficient for everyday general usage and office tasks. Our unit scored 196 points in Cinebench multi thread, cpu performance benchmark running at one point: one gigahertz, which is on par with the competition in its class and in cpu z, benchmark laptop cpu, score 534 points in multi thread and 133 points in signal thread.

Applications in the storage solution B max Y 11 offers excellent, read and write weights that are well over average in its class. Our unit score 466 megabytes per second read and 438 megabits right in SSD benchmark thanks to its MDOT to 256 GB SSD. If single 256gb SSD isn’t big enough, you have an option to upgrade in the future. If you want a bigger drive in the graphics laptop is powered by Intel. U HD graphics, 600 processor it’s, not powerful enough to play the most demanding titles, but it’s great for popular multiplayer titles like fault night or watch or rocket League. The beam XY 11 comes with Intel AC. 3. 165. 802. 11. Ac wireless card, which supports both 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz, dual band with the max speed of 433 megabits per second, the laptop motherboard supports m2 wireless card form factor, so you have an option to upgrade or replace your wireless card. If you want in the future when it comes to audio the B max, while I went power by doing stereo speakers with enough sound to fill a small room in the battery life Department, v max Y 11 has 3500 milliamp battery unit. The thirty five hundred million bed we can provide between five to six hours of run, depending on your usage, which is plenty enough for daily usage or students for on campus projects or taking notes during classes. Laptop comes with us, PC power supply capable of charging 50 percent in just one hour due to its fast charging technology.

When it comes to upgrade ability b. Max y11 allows you to upgrade most of the components you can access the laptop motherboard by removing the screws from the back cover. You can replace the Wi Fi module and add bigger m to form factor hard drive in the CPU cooling department temperature never crossed 90 degrees during our tests, which means cooling is sufficient enough to keep the laptop temperature under control during gaming or CPU intensive workloads b. Max y11 is a really really decent machine. In my opinion, it is one of the best budget laptops by price to quality ratio. It has slim metal body, convertible design of 360 degrees, touchscreen 11.6 inch, IPS, Full HD, display 8 GB of ddr2 RAM 256 GB of m2 SSD and up to six hours of battery life B, max y11 has all the latest features with great build quality makes it A top contender to be the best budget laptop for those looking for a comfortable portable laptop with good performance for everyday tasks.