This is their thermal label printer for shipping labels or whatever else you would like to create – and this is on amazon at the time of this review for 1′ dollars, and they actually have a coupon for a limited time to get this 40 off. So you’re gon na be able to get this thermal label printer for about a hundred dollars. At the time of this, video i’ll have that link in the description below where you guys can check it out now, we’re going to dig into this and i’ll be right. Back, okay, so let’s take a look at everything that comes within the box. Of course, you’re going to get the thermal label printer itself and a blue alluri adds a lot of different things with this, including, of course, your power adapter uh, which you’re going to have right here and your power brick, so that you can plug this in and Keep it powered up so you’re going to need those of course, you’re going to have your usb cable to hook to pc or mac, and that will hook into the back. I’Ll show you the ports on all of these in just a moment, but again usb hookup. For this, of course, they give you an instruction manual for the label printer itself, and they do give you two sources for drivers. They give you an old school cd uh. So if you do still have access to a cd drive in your pc, you can use that to get the driver off of there.

They also put everything on a usb stick as well, which i thought was a nice touch and especially because a lot of people don’t have cd drives in their pcs anymore. So let’s take a look at the main unit itself here: uh nice, uh, nice, looking unit uh fairly standardized you’re gon na have two leds power and error, and then you’re going to have a feed button here on the right, so that your when your labels come Out you’ll be able to tear those off right out the front you’re going to have some latches on the right and left side for lifting up the unit to insert your thermal labels inside on the back you’re, going to have your usb port. Your power input and, of course, a dedicated on and off, switch on the back here as well so, and that is where you’ll hook everything up and again. Opening this up is a pretty simple. I’Ll show you that as well, so that you guys can see the insides here now you’re going to want to pull those two tabs forward and then you’ll be able to open this up and you’re going to have a spot. In the back, of course, for your labels and then you’re going to also have this little guide here to fit whichever size labels you’re going to use, it’ll use up to four by six inch labels, and then you’ve got your roller bar and at the top.

Of course, you’re going to have your uh thermal printing internals and those are embedded in the top of the lid. So there you go a pretty simple setup here, not hard to deal with. Just make sure that you push this in before you push it down and you’ll be good to go and you’ll see. There are all the internals for the thermal printing, okay. So getting your labels in is pretty simple. As you can see, you’ve got your roll of labels. They’Ll come out the front here now again just pull the two tabs forward and then you can insert your roll in the back here. You’Ve got a little um lock there that you have to lift up, and it will allow the two sides to come in and hold the roll in place just thread it through under these two blue movable guiders. Here that you have and then you’re good to go again when you want to push this down, make sure that you push the blue tab in because it holds it up for installation now, it’ll automatically pretty much feed out. The very first label that you have here. You’Re gon na have a power in green, saying, you’re good to go. If you don’t, have a red error, you’re good to go as well, and you do have that feed button there to feed out the label if it is in a spot where you don’t need it. Okay, so let’s take a look at a few things that they give you here on, that usb drive that i showed you there.

They give you full video installations on how to install this on windows or mac os. They also give you a pdf file for the user manual on the usb stick as well. They give you some tools, they give you a the actual driver setup here, which is for windows, is the one that i’m using? They also have it for mac os. Once you install that you’ll have that on your desktop it’ll be called a label driver setup and we can set that to the side because i’ve already set it up myself, but it’s very simple: install no problems whatsoever. There now the editing software, they give you an exe for that and it’s going to put this one called label on your desktop, and you can use this to make custom labels, not just printing labels. They also give you an apk for installing this on an android tablet or phone, so you do have that as well, so that’s pretty cool that they offer that for this as well. Now, if we take a look at the editing software here, this editing software is not just for printing shipping labels. This is so that you can create any kind of label. You want with text images, icons and whatever you would like now. Of course you want to make sure that the label printer is selected and you can go into settings and make sure that your paper source is a paper roll or automatically select.

You can do it in black and white. You can do it in color. You can do whatever you want there, portrait landscape, all of that fun stuff can be set up here, so you can mess around with that. If you would like to uh. Of course, you want to make sure that your setup is set here and you can leave it at the default you’re, basically going to be looking at a a hundred to 150 millimeters for that four by six uh setup that you have uh on this particular printer. If you’re going to be doing four by six labels, if you’re going to be doing smaller labels, of course you can change it right there, and you can also set it manually here, uh in in millimeters, so it’s going to be about 100 millimeters by 150 millimeters To give you that, four by six and that’s, what i’m working with today is four by six. So once you have that done, you can set up a new and, as you can see, this is a full fledged editor, not just for printing labels. You can add text, you can add images and icons, graphs, anything that you want qr codes and anything you like we’re, just going to mess with the basic text here, so that’s, no problems whatsoever, uh just put a text field and then, on the right hand, side You can adjust this field uh, you can use whatever fonts you would like.

You can set different sizes, you can make it bold or italic and really like. I said this is a full fledged editor that they give you with this i’m, just going to put in a please subscribe, and then you guys will be able to take a look at how this prints out and it works out very, very well again, we’re looking At a four by six inch, regular shipping label so i’m going to want it to appear in the middle of the label and again you can adjust other things over here. If you would like to and then we’ll print it out, and you guys will be able to see that it does print out – and it looks very good see that it does print out and it does do what it needs to do Applause. So there you go guys that is the blue leroy thermal printer again, you can check it out on amazon at the time of this review for 1′, with that 40 coupon, i don’t know how long they’ll be running that but i’m pretty impressed with this easy setup. I was set up in under 15 minutes on my pc and printing labels, as you can see here so a very, very nice, a printer from a blue leroy check it out if you’re looking for a thermal printer. I think you guys will be impressed with this.