This thing is available on amazon for not even high priced pretty interesting device. I’Ve already taken this thing out of the box and i’m going to show you uh everything, or at least a lot of these things, which you can do i mean by the way there is some kind of 3d stereo. If you connect it to your pc, i haven’t done this, but at least we have bluetooth 5.0. The latest edition here we have some instruction about what we get and we get really a lot, a lot of functions, a lot of buttons, a lot of everything we get even an app by the way you don’t have to scan this. You can go directly to the google play, store and search for bluedio, and you can find the app there. You don’t have to download this thing from a third party website by the way. This is the app i’ve already downloaded this, and it seems to be quite a large thing. You can hear already the sound that’s already connected and it seems to be a huge platform. I don’t know exactly what it can do. There are many songs and different things, but you have to log in. I haven’t done this. I i don’t expect that you get a lot for free, but for me it was not a big topic. You get this just as a as an extra here. There seem to be some activity from some user pretty interesting thing, so i haven’t been digging too deep into that.

If you’re interested, you can do that on your own, but basically for me: it’s just a really good quality nice looking speaker with some extras by the way here we get a really nice long, cable. This is really long, and this is something i really like, because a lot of these speakers come with really short, cable. If you want to attach this let’s say power this from your pc, then it can be really difficult. So definitely not a problem here yeah. I think first i’m going to show you the whole device here in the back. We have the usb power it’s a fixed connection here, but we have also the line input here and we have so two safe stands on the side with soft rubber feet and it looks really really nice and – and one of the nicer thing here – is this volume Button, this is something i haven’t seen in many many years. This is somehow the type of audio volume control which we had so like 20 30 40 years ago uh, when we had this really high priced hi, fi audio sets for thousands of dollars. This is amazing. This is something which you usually don’t get anymore these days and it works as an off or on um switch, and then you can increase the volume, but a really really nice thing here. You will love this thing, it’s even illuminated nicely by the way. If you want to activate the bluetooth, you have to press for two seconds really important, and then you see the green light and then you can connect it to your phone.

If you have it already connected, it will show the green, steady light that’s, the bluetooth control, which you can use to go to the next track or previous track, and here we have some pc control. If you hook it up, i think you have to hook it up with the line. Unfortunately, i don’t have any sound card on my pc, so i can’t do that, but i bought it just for the bluetooth and it’s already doing a great job on the bluetooth. By the way we get this free microphone. You can plug it in here and use uh even to make like phone calls, or so i mean it’s, not the greatest quality, but the speaker i mean i haven’t, bought it for the microphone. I have bought it for the speaker. Speakers really awesome. I can play that for you by the way again to the bluetooth. We have to make sure that it’s connected to the ls, so we have to pair and then connect and make sure that it’s active and only then it’s working so let’s go to youtube and play something, and you can see how good this really is. So this sound is now not coming from my phone it’s coming from here, and i hope you can hear how good this sound quality is really nice. Also, nice bass, sound Music, yeah, really solid thing. I love this thing here. Absolutely nothing cheap or so i’ve been testing already many many of such or similar sound bars, and sometimes they are really large, but the sound quality is usually very poor.

This is one of the best things i have seen, especially at this price range, yeah again uh. Unfortunately, the microphone is not really good. I mean i have been testing this and i’ve been pre, recording already something for you and i’m going to play that for you now bluedio microphone test, one two, three, four: five bluedio microphone test, one: two, three, four: five bluedio microphone test; one: two: three: four: five Yeah so it’s possible to use that definitely in case you don’t have any other microphone option. It’S a nice thing to have this extra, but if you’re using microphone too much, i mean the whole time the whole day to make conference calls or record youtube videos or so that’s uh. Definitely not the thing. You want to use the whole day, but as a speaker here for like youtube or whatever you have like these things here, it’s, fantastic and yeah. It can do even a better job if you have like a special, dedicated, sound card where you can activate this 7.1 uh 3d surround uh sound yeah. Unfortunately, i don’t have it here, but for me makes a really really good impression, also like from the whole build thing here, and especially this thing here. This this volume controller is absolutely fantastic and the sound fits and the price is also good. So absolutely nothing to complain about and i’ll put down the link to the amazon listing down into the description. So you can check it out and do the job from there.

If you like it – and i hope, i’ve been able to help you a little bit with this video, if you have any questions or comments, just write to the comment section below i’m always happy to talk about these things.