Is it worth it so this episode, we got this cool image mod right here in my hand, and basically, what this is is a computer speaker or just a speaker in general that can use space anywhere. You want to so it kind of looks like a sound bar design is in c, which is pretty cool but it’s, not like a huge sound bar where it’s like 36 inch or 43 inch, but first thing first let’s actually open up the product to show you Guys what actually looks like first all right, so when we first open up you guys, can see that that is basically what it looks like inside. So the duper. I got a little thank you card right here that comes with a user manual as well to teach you guys how to use the product itself. It looks like they provide you guys. The cable right here, but let’s take everything out. First, all right! So these all, while protecting everything all right, so this is basically what the product looks like right here. So this is basically the front part. They have the aux cable right here on the bottom. They do have the anti skate material here and here as well. Let’S remove that tape before using it. This is what the slide looks like on this side, and this is well assigned this slide, so they have the switch control right here to adjust the volume and everything, and then right here is the cable.

So i guess it’s not fully wireless, but it is wireless if you guys want to use the bluetooth option, but it’s, definitely not like a wireless wireless speaker where you guys don’t need to plug in any cable to activate it. If that is an issue for you guys, that’s, definitely something to kind of consider, so the cable itself is definitely high quality of nc. It is nylon braided, which is pretty cool, so definitely last longer than your normal cables. Eventually, on the cable itself, it gives you guys the option which is usb and aux cables and use that option. If you want to the first thing they mentioned about, the product itself is the fact they’re supposed to have a high quality hd sound, which we’ll find out right now. That’S true in a second next thing that i actually mentioned about the price itself, is the fact that it’s actually used as a aux option, or you can use the bluetooth option. And then the cool thing about this speaker that they mentioned is the fact that all it has is one button to adjust it for different settings, which i’ll show you guys what i mean in a second, but i haven’t inverted this photo for now so that’s. Basically, everything that’s on the product itself in terms of the specs and everything. Let me plug this in and we’ll test it out to see how well works all right, so we plug it in here first and it’s on then you see they do have the led light right here and also on the side here as well, and also on This side, as well so that’s, definitely really cool i’ll, definitely bring into a darker setting to give you guys a better view of the light itself in a second.

So the way how you guys, activate bluetooth option on here is by pressing down this button for two seconds. So just like this all right so now, it’s on the bluetooth mode, there’s one period device on here and the way higher is noise. By looking at this light right here so i’m actually pair it up first right, so it’s connected let’s, try out the audio on here, Music turn out the volume so we’re gon na turn this knob right here, Music, all right, so we pressed it one time it Played and paused the music anyways notice when we’re playing the song right here. The light actually follows the beat, which is pretty cool, and if you guys want to change that mode, you guys can actually double tap it to change the different modes. So there’s definitely a lot of other functionality that’s on this button as well. Like i mentioned, you can find out all the information in here in the instruction manual that’s provided for you guys right here, but definitely here the audio and the bass on here is really really good like when it’s actually holding it like this. I can definitely feel the bass, on my hand like vibrating everything so for this device, like i mentioned, definitely use it for anything that’s, one, two laptops tablets, basically anything as long as you have either bluetooth option or if you just want to use the aux cable. You guys can definitely use it for those devices.

I definitely love how minimal the actual product is, where it only has one button to control every single functionality that’s on here and definitely having the option of the rgb light or the light option right here and on the side as well. It’S definitely really cool, especially when you guys are using this in a darker setting so talking about using in a darker setting. Let me actually bring this in the darker setting to show you guys what it actually looks like and then we’ll come back and talk more about product in a second. So we have the speaker on right now and see we have the rgb light option on. So you can see the light on front right here. We look at the side right here. This is what it looks like on the side, and this one looks like on this side. So let’s play a song and see what happens all right, so we got a song playing right. Here is kind of like the breathing mode. If i can see, if i double tap it one more time, that’s like a beat mode where i actually follow the beat, which is pretty cool, if i type it one more time, it turns off all the lights. If you have double tap again, it turns it back on. So those are all different modes and see Music. All right. Welcome back guys. So, like i saw a quick test of this and see it actually works really really well, it definitely looked a lot colder in a darker setting with the light turned on, but, like i mentioned, if you guys, don’t want to use the light option and just want To use the speaker, as is you guys, can definitely turn it off by pressing it two times and actually turn off this light option.

But honestly, i don’t see why you guys want to turn off, because actually it would look a lot cooler using that light option. On anyways but that’s, basically everything that’s on the product itself, now that we could unboxing and testing by itself not to answer question of whether or not it’s actually worth or not. So. For me, honestly, i definitely have to say that any kind of like computer speakers or any kind of bluetooth speakers that’s very similar to this one right here, whether it be wired or wireless it’s going to be super worth it. But then, obviously for those guys who don’t want or don’t need one or have this one of these, they obviously don’t buy one and save the money for something else. You actually do need so that’s. Basically everything for this video itself. If you guys, like this video, make sure to smash that like button in the bottom, that will definitely help this video out. It’Ll definitely help with the algorithm as well to promote more videos for you guys. So you guys can see more of the videos or similar videos as well, but, as always make sure to stay positive, be you and i’ll see you guys in next episode of.