Now that we have my mount all switched over i’m gon na switch over to my ultra wide camera and i’m going to take the box right out. I put the amazon box to the side, so this is a set. Do not separate so i’ve got my old mountain right here. Let’S put it away now, let’s open the microphone all right. Here we are Applause. So first we have the knox gear pop filter for broadcasting and recording microphones, oh wow, much bigger than i expected there’s the blue snowball ice there’s, the side here’s, the back here’s, the other side, here’s the knox gear suspension boom arm. Let’S put these to the side and then i’m going to have a silent unboxing with the blue. Snowball put this to the side, so here it is much bigger than i originally anticipated silica gel, oh yikes, i’m. Assuming this is the stand, cable in the stand, and we have a waste of paper all right, so here’s, the cable, the stand i’m going to open the pop filter. Next, pretty simple, just a normal pop filter and now let’s open the blue one here’s. So i’m gon na go put this up and i’ll meet you there, all righty. So here the microphone is all set up on the boom arm and everything it’s not plugged in just yet so i’ll meet you on the computer with a sound test alrighty. So this is the microphone in action. I think it sounds pretty good.

I did listen to it over in audacity and other programs where you can listen to your microphone it’s, a very good microphone for especially the cost um. The microphone itself is 50 amazing microphone for the cost. I’Ll do this is right next to the microphone. As you can see lean back in my chair, and now this is typing on the keyboard. There you go so that’s pretty much the microphone for what it is. It’S, a very, very good microphone.