If you click that notification bell, which you should go ahead and do you’ll, be the first to be notified when we upload some new videos, so we do tips and tricks about android phones and iphones all the time on the channel, and we also do some of The latest unboxings on some of the newest devices as well, so this is something that you do not want to miss, but as we’re talking about unboxings let’s go ahead and unbox that brand new imac. By now, you may have seen a lot about these m1 imacs and we are really excited to unbox it today, and you can tell how excited i am. I even wore the same color top as the imac for this unboxing, but it is not just coming in blue. It comes in different colors as well, so the imac new 24 inch comes in orange, green purple, silver, blue, red and yellow, and this is the first time we’ve seen an m1 chip inside an imac. We saw it in the macbook pros a couple of months ago, but first time, we’ve ever seen it in an imac and the new m1 chip means that loads of apps now work really well on this imac, including mobile trans. If you’ve ever been stuck with a problem on your android phone or iphone, then i am sure that mobile trans can help you out. The software can help you restore iphones. It can help you backup, whatsapp, chats from android from iphone, and it can also help you move your whatsapp chat from an iphone to an android or an android to an iphone.

The software is free to download and if you check the description below it will take you directly to the official mobile trans website, where you can download this software and give it a go yourself. Okay, let’s get to that imac unboxing, and this is really exciting, because this unboxing is actually an unboxing when we’ve done phones on the channel in the past year, or so there isn’t much to unbox, but with the imac. You obviously get that huge computer that 24 inch imac and you get a load of accessories to go along with it. Once you’ve actually opened the box, the imac is there slap bang in the center and when you pick it up it’s a lot lighter than you expect it to be. You expect these things to be a bit heavy, but this is so light and of course, it’s only 11 millimeters thin. So there is not much weight to this at all, but we’ll set that aside and have a look at that in a minute, because it is time to have a look at all those accessories that come in the box. First of all, let’s have a look at that new keyboard and it is new because touch id is introduced to an imac for the very first time and touch id of course, we’ve had on iphones in the past, which means it makes unlocking the imac a lot Quicker, it means as well that you can now pay for things using touch id from the imac directly without having to grab your apple watch or your iphone and you’ll notice that all the accessories that come with the imacs this year are color coordinated to the imac.

So you have the blue touch id keyboard, and then you have a look at this, which is bizarrely my favorite thing on the entire imac, and it is that blue braided, lightning, cable, it just looks really cool and i don’t think you can pick this up anywhere, Except for ordering with the imac, you also get a few apple stickers as well. So two of them, one that matches the front color and then one that matches that dark, blue color on the back. And then you get that power. Cable as well – and i don’t say this often – but this is an exciting power cable because of two things: one. If you get the highest spec imac, you get the ethernet port that is built right into the power brick. So it means that when you’re trying to do cable management and things you can hide your cables on the floor, which looks a lot nicer. But then, of course you get that part where you have to plug it into the imac, and that is actually almost like. Magsafe, so it magnetically attaches to the imac, which is a really cool bit of technology and, of course, let’s not forget. We have one more thing left and that is that magic mouse as well, and that color coordinates to the rest of the imac. So it’s the exact same color as that touch id keyboard that we saw a little earlier on and the magic mice are some of my favorite mice around as well, and just to have it color coordinated to the mac is a really nice touch, but now let’s Go to the main part of the video, and that is taking a look at that imac.

You can see it in the back there, but when you get up close with this, it does look really nice and that 4.5 k screen 24 inch screen, looks incredible and apple makes some of the best displays that you can actually get and just to have that On the imac for video, editing, picture, editing or just watching 4k films is really nice and the speakers on this as well sound incredible, but, along with that 4.5 k screen, you also get those white bezels and people have said that those white bezels look rubbish, lazy, Design but you don’t notice them when you’re on the computer, it kind of just blends in to the rest of the screen. So personally the bezels don’t bother me, but some people will be a little bit bothered by it. But if you are just you know, move on move on past it. This version of the imac, though, is the 16 gigabyte version, so it’s, probably one of the best models you can get of an m1 mac at the moment. So all of the apps that apple have are really well optimized and some other apps. Some third party apps things like mobile trans, are equally as well optimized and will run nice and smoothly on this m1 imac. Well, there you go. That is the unboxing of this brand new 24 inch blue imac. With that 4.5 k resolution screen there’s 16 gigabytes of ram as well, and genuinely this fits really nicely into any part of your home.

It looks really nice in my kitchen, which is not a place. I’M going to have the imac, but it’s nice anywhere. You want to put it, but let me know in the comments below what do you think of this imac and are you gon na get one and what do you think of the color? Let me know in the comments below, if you enjoyed this video, then why not subscribe to the channel, give it a like and share it with one of your friends as well and remember if you want to try out that mobile trans software just check the description Below for the link that will take you directly to that mobile trans software, which will help you move your whatsapp chats from android to iphone help, you restore your iphone and help you with a load of other things.