0 audio receiver. This is the box that was sent in were going to open it up. I havent opened it up yet lets take a look. What we got here, we got the unit itself, wrapped in plastic and then the Box behind there. We have cables an instruction manual lets set this all out and take a look at everything, heres everything out of the box. You have instruction manual the unit itself. You have an optical cable. You have a mini a 3.5 millimeter to RCA female and RCA male to male connection for the audio and a power connection with the USB, a port to a micro, USB port heres. The unit itself lets take a close look at the device and go over the specifications, so this is Bluetooth. 5.0, its a receiver, its going to connect to your laptop, your mobile phone has a built in bird brown DAC has analog, left and right. Rca output, enhanced range true HiFi, Digital Collection, Optical outputs, Optical power, in coaxial, uh, audio, right and left right there and on the back, has a pairing LED and the actual antenna which is adjustable left to right, like this uh, just a solid looking unit. So this is built with the Best in Class vertical Hi, Fi, 384 kilohertz or 32 bit sampling up sampling deck its the PCM 5102a. By TI, It supports a high signal, really nice really solid, feel to it large oversized tap the bolts on there.

Its got a pairing LED there, an antenna you could adjust to get the best signal, and here you got your left and right. Rca output. You have a coaxial output. If you just want to send coaxial signals to your receiver, heres your Optical output and heres. Your power in right here now notice that there is no power switch anywhere on this device. So once you power this, it comes on and it starts to pair now, youre going to need your own USB adapter Id recommend a one ampere grader and thats going to supply current and power voltage to this using the included cable, ldac, apt, HD, aptx, low latency Aptx AAC and SBC decoding, if you have the audio equipment youre into this youll know what all those things mean. This also offers you the capability to customize your Bluetooth ID to anything. You want and thats unique, also theres Cirrus logic, digital conversion, chips cs8406 for high quality outputs on here and here – and here are the coaxial. So this uh has should have really good range and should have really good sound, so were going to test this. I have a speaker amplifier by my TV that I dont really use because I dont have any way to connect to it so Im going to try this out and Im going to connect to that old receiver and speakers see if I can stream the music from My pixel 6. here I have it powered on and you can see the light blinking right there, because I didnt pair with it yet – and this is a amplifier down here – that I dont normally use – and I have speakers older speakers that are on the left and On the right so heres, my pixel 6, I have to make sure that the Bluetooth is on so the device to look for is blth HD right there Im going to hit pair and youll notice that now the blinking blue LED has gone to solid blue foreign Music, anything thats on my phone and Im using these old speakers successfully.

Its really neat Music – and I hear no noise – is extremely clear sounding and I could go on my phone and play anything on here and shell be able to stream it. Music sounds really good. Theres no noise, if I hit pause its actually no noise. Even if I raise the volume here, theres no noise, I could put it to even full volume. I dont hear any noise whatsoever, so thats great, so now Im able to use these speakers and stream any music from a laptop. I have any mobile phone from my Apple phone. Anything that could communicate to Bluetooth will be able to send audio to this amazingly small. With sophisticated device blue Dental brand, lvac, aptx, HD Bluetooth, five little audio receiver, really nice product, as I demonstrated it, worked really well, I love the form factor of this really small, really compact, but solid feeling its got good weight to it. Connectors are all gold plated. Nice product nice concept Im going to give it a full five star rating. Please remember, hit the Subscribe button and the bell icon, so youll learn to new video uploads and if you thought this review was helpful, please hit the like button. Therell be ordering links in the information in comments section of this video review. Please use those links when you order this product to help support this channel. I hope this video of you helped you with your buying decision.