I paid 150 bucks for this one on amazon, but i’ll leave a link in the description below with current pricing and more information. It’S got 128 gigabytes of storage. Four gigabytes of ram, it also comes with android 10 it’s got a 6.5 inch hd plus display. It can also take a micro sd card up to 256 gigabytes. It’S got a media attack, helio 825 octa core processor and a 5 000 milliamp hour battery. So you should get pretty good battery life with this one. Music wow it’s got all kinds of stuff in here, usbc charging cable, usb charging brake. You got some headphones that definitely look familiar, not really sure why they put these in there, but okay, sim card and micro sd card removal tool. Quick start guide. You also get a blue sticker. They even include a tempered glass screen protector, that’s, definitely nice, to see – and just a simple smoked, clear case and just in case you missed the specs on the box here’s some more specs, okay. This is a nice matte finish here on the back. It’S definitely got a soft touch feel to it. You can see the four cameras there on the back and the fingerprint scanner there on the right. You get your power and volume buttons. I got ta say i like the matte finish. They’Ve got going here nothing along the top sim card tray there on the left hand, side then, along the bottom, you have the headphone, jack usbc, charging, port and speaker.

This phone actually has some really good grip to it. I don’t think you would need a case with it: okay, yeah the software in here actually looks really nice pretty much stock android just a little bit different, not too many pre loaded apps. Here i know you were all wondering and yeah. You do get tick tock on here, so the nice thing is any apps you don’t want it lets you uninstall currently it’s only using 11 of the 128 gigabytes storage. So not too bad right out of the box. I guess you can see in the notification shade it’s got something called discover bar, which is just another way to do, shortcuts swipe down a little bit further and then you’ve got shortcuts like the flashlight super screenshot airplane mode do not disturb auto rotate battery saver alarm Calculator camera and screen recorder. Now you do only get one speaker here on the bottom of the phone, but it does seem like it’s fairly loud, so maybe it’ll be okay for most people. I definitely prefer when they have a second speaker up by the earpiece. One of the first things i noticed is the newer version. This is a little bit thinner and lighter than the galaxy tab. S7. They switch to an lcd display on the tab, s7. Basically making you pay more to get the super amoled on the tab. S7. Plus you do get a slightly larger screen with the galaxy tab s7, but it’s not by much so.

Needless to say, the display on here looks just as good as it sounds, so you can choose between 128 gigabytes of storage. It also has split screen, although it doesn’t really let you adjust where the split is, and it takes a micro sd card up to 512 gigabytes, so plenty of storage, regardless of which one you can also use the fingerprint scanner to open up an app directly once It unlocks interesting thing: it’s got something called duraspeed, which is supposed to boost the speed by restricting background. Apps now be careful when you do that, because it does say that some notifications may be postponed or not even received. It also has something called smart touch, which is basically just like a virtual button kind of hovers right over top of everything. It also has a little bit more customization when it comes to the buttons. You can hide the navigation bar all together and switch between three button navigation or gesture navigation. Plus, you can choose what order the buttons are in and the background color as well. Like i said earlier, it’s on android 10 with november 5, 2020 security update there on the front is the 16 megapixel selfie camera hole, punch style up in the corner. Now this one does have four cameras on the back: you’ve got a 16 megapixel main camera and then a 5 megapixel wide angle, plus a macro and depth sensor. Shutter speed on here could be a little bit faster, but it looks like you get really good detail.

There on the rear facing camera in the camera, app you’re going to get video photo beauty where you can do smoother slimming whitening eye and larger, because hey everybody needs their eyes to look bigger right. Then you get night mode pro mode: 96, megapixel, hdr, gif, filter panorama, slow motion, time lapse, intelligent scanning macro, so yeah there’s a lot more options to choose from here’s a few samples of photos and video. Just to give you an idea of what to expect. Surprisingly, the main cameras on here are actually pretty decent, especially for a budget phone. If you take photos in really good lighting, yeah you’re not going to notice much difference in this and a flagship device. Now i did struggle a little bit with focusing here and there and unfortunately, the night mode really didn’t do that much yeah. I think this camera is actually pretty decent, especially if you’re going to be using this for zoom meetings. The front facing camera on this is really nice and sharp and same thing with the rear facing camera. Plus you get full hd 1080p resolution on both so Music me, i got ta, say so far: build quality and software i’m liking. What i see for only 150 bucks, unfortunately you’re not going to be able to play fortnite on this one one other issue. I noticed when playing call of duty mobile. I don’t know why, but it kept acting like it would drop connection and no matter what i tried it just kept doing, that it played asphalt 9 fairly good, though same thing with pubg mobile.

Without any problems, really i mean sure you’re going to have a dropped frame here and there or maybe a little bit of lag, but nothing that would make me not recommend this game for casual gaming. Now, when i did use the razer controller, it sort of messed up, the factory installed screen protector, but i just peeled that off personally i would use a tempered glass screen protector anyways, i think, for a budget device. This definitely checks off a lot of things that people are looking for, it’s, not quite perfect, but again, this is a budget or entry level. Phone now i’m, not too sure about the software updates when it comes to blue phones, but if they can keep this updated. Maybe fix a couple of the bugs that i found i feel like this could be a really solid choice, especially if you can get it for only 150 bucks. So if you’ve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don’t forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.