This is probably the cheapest best projector that you can buy it’s selling for 70 guys with the shipping, including around 75 80 dollars, which is crazy, it’s, crazy, so let’s just say under 80 dollars. This is probably one of the best projectors, if not maybe even the best projector it’s called bw vp12 pro let’s do unboxing the buying links from the description you can purchase it on let’s go here. We go so we have all standard output via output options. We have a plug, of course, power plug cable. We have an hdmi cable, another hdmi, cable here, standard hdmi. We have a controller guys check this out the controller sweet. We have small nice pouch, so we can obviously clean our projector and we have some manuals. Simple that’s, it very nice. Thank you blitzful. Here we have the projector voila very interesting, and i have to say that i love this design. I love this design. This is such a sweet, looking projector for this price tag, around 70, 80 dollars, it’s, indeed, really cool, and what i love about it, this small door or window that is nice. That is a very nice touch here. Even the xiaomi bamboo doesn’t have this option does have that thing which you stick in, but it does stick out by itself, so it drops while this one is way more secure and it can protect your lens, obviously uh way better than that anyway. So let’s see here quickly.

What do we have here of probably the zoom ring here power plug here power option? We have the k, stone correction, of course itself. We have the sensors. We have here the fans, of course, all together also on the right side and left side. Of course we have the speakers, the three watt speakers, i hope, they’re going to be very loud. We have here option physical buttons if you want to use it without the controller which it comes all together and regarding the ports, which is very important: multiplayer ports, av port, a headphone jaw, a headphone jack port, a usb 1 usb 2. This is usb 2.0 port. Remember that and we have a hdmi port, guys nice sweet that’s, it simple we do have on the bottom, obviously to screw it down screw our screw. Basically, yourself a standard, i think a half inch screw there, so you can just put it on the tripod and a lot of people do use that and we have some small legs like sibas of here rubber legs on the bottom: sweet nice very nice anyway. This is it regarding the project. So what are the main selling points here? We have, of course, supports 1080p playback vivid color cast screen option the pro model uh. Of course we have a 170 inch. Yes, 170 inch projection screen so from one and a half meter distance to five meters, maximum distance regarding the projection itself and aspect ratio.

It has two aspect: ratios 16, with nine and four with three aspect ratio, and, like i mentioned uh four on three watts speakers built in superior intended cavity speaker, provides powerful crystal clear, sound and we’re gon na see is that true, we’re gon na test everything we’re Gon na test youtube we’re gon na test the play store, we’re gon na test gaming and the speaker all together with this projector, enjoying this video okay. We are in guys so first what we’re gon na test is the loudness or the noise of the fan of the projector, and i would say it from one to ten for this price tag, i would say: it’s seven and a half guys uh, basically higher score. Uh, it means it’s better lower score. It means that it’s super super loud and quite like this, but i checked also the bamboo projector. I have to say that the wambu project of the xiaomi for 100. it’s slightly more louder, so this one is a little bit less louder like that. Anyway, this is the home screen. Like you see myself, we can go to the settings from him. You can adjust. Remember: there’s a 480p native 480p but supports up to 1080p resolution. There you go. We have to osd language and there we have check this out beautiful we’re, going to go back now, just simple three tabs, like the video tab, the audio tab and just the osd options. We’Ll go back here.

Of course, we have av option, cast screen, option, hdmi option and usb option. Let’S go to usb option. We’Re gon na go here to check out what we have. Okay. Here we go i’m in my let’s see. What do we can? What we can check? Let’S go Music. Tell me: Music, Music, next, Music, third, test Music, okay, loud guys, come on for seventy eighty dollars. This is very loud speakers again, i don’t know how blitzwolf is selling these products, so cheap, amazing product bro for us for now audio is a big big fast pass for me. Wow let’s go okay! Here we go the video check this out guys by the way. This is a 1080p, a video out, a video format, mpg mpg and so far. What are we seeing here? Let me just disable right now: the auto let’s go like this right now, not bad bro, guys, not bad at all. By the way. This is me projecting just on the wall, not using any projector screen or something like this, nothing at all whatsoever. This is not bad at all. For this price tag completely acceptable. Let’S go with another test here, okay, more of the black nice. Let me just try to lock here, okay split down a little bit interesting. The sound here with the fan like superstar didn’t, include anything here right in the background, while watching right now, the video here, the power of the cpu right now itself, it’s the sound noise, the fan noise it’s seriously it’s a less louder than those 100 uh.

Projectors example, the one boo from xiaomi – i told you it is more louder than this one, which is very odd. This one is cheaper also for the visual here. The video quality is again really good for this price tag. Guys, i repeat again: this is 75 dollar projector 70 to 80 depends of the pro version if you want to go to the pro version it’s around 80 85 dollars with the cast screen option. Okay, so now we are using the hdmi option. I’Ll show you right now hdmi option using the rog 5, because this device has an mhl video support check this out nice interesting right now, beautiful, using youtube like see myself over here, nice sweet bro seriously for 70 80. This is a good picture. This is a good picture quality, especially because i’m projecting here on my standard wall and by the way, this wall of mine, guys it doesn’t even have a nice finish, it’s like a very harsh finish of my wall, guys seriously, i know: can you notice this on The camera but there’s not a great wall to project uh, anything to imagine how this is gon na look like on a really beautiful wall, or maybe even better, on a projector uh. Obviously your screen sheet. However, you call those things anyway: let’s go to dnx. So far, this is really good over the youtube, with the hdmi support now we’re going through the facebook a little bit let’s see the stuff awesome, okay, beautiful.

Of course you can do it in portrait mode. Super smooth super super, smooth or screen. Of course, the best thing is to use chrome for this one, facebook and instagram – they don’t, have really great aspect ratio here. Regarding this, there you go. This is a great example now i’m using chrome – and you can see myself over here – awesome and awesome beautiful. Let me just show you right now here: this is the 5 in my hands just right now, using the hdmi output support check it out very smooth, very, very smooth, guys, it’s time for the gaining test, awesome and awesome playing pubg on 7080 projector. It looks awesome but i’m using rog 5 with the apex2 gamepad nice let’s go Music. He killed me so fast man, clear, nice, kill, Music, oh, come on there. We go call of duty mobile edition, guys dog is inside, hold it down. Music reloading cover me extra. Also called very nice, i go down contact ready for deployment Music, okay and for the end, guys i’m gon na just do here right now, like see by self the wi fi deck. Of course, the the screencast option using the wi fi of the projector over the phone. Obviously this is this is really not recommended by me this night. I always tell you that this i’m not recommended only maybe watching movies, and i don’t know it’s – maybe browsing a little bit, but for something like really uh into uh kind of fastness like playing games over the screencast uh screencast.

Never i would never advise it. This is it’s very slow. Obviously, the the delay itself, the input and everything is just terrible and we’re gon na just go here right now, through the youtube for the end of this video guys uh while i’m telling you should we buy this device here. Is it really good or just with it? Here we go right now, just casting over the wi fi. This is the wi fi screencast option with the rg5. Of course, you can do this almost with every smartphone most of the in the last two three years, almost every single smartphone has this option regarding the screencast and what i’m seeing right now here: i’m, not satisfied, it’s laggy, guys it’s laggy here i’m using ro g5. I don’t know how is it with the samsung, huawei or apple, but here right now with the rog it’s laggy, this option is laggy over the wi fi i’m. Not that satisfied so i’m telling you this is not still for 80 dollars. I didn’t expect something really amazing, but uh. I think you should just go with the regular version, which is 70 dollars, not with the pro version, but the only difference between the regular and cool version is just the screencast option. That’S it that’s it guys that’s it. No there’s no other option whatsoever at all. Anyway, i do recommend the basic option is the best projector for this price tag i’m, telling you amazing, uh speakers, uh, amazing, good quality here for maybe it’s, 480p native, obviously, for 70 hours you can’t expect 1080p or 2k.

I think you understand me, you get the point and of course i love. I love gaming for this, for such a cheap project. This is really good. Gaming, projector all together, 5500 lumens 40 000 hours of the lead a lifetime. So again you get it you get it guys anyway. Thank you for watching this video have a great day and stay until next time. Remember the buying links in the description.