3 inch 13.3 inch, portable mini tiny, very light and portable monitor guys its going to be very interesting Ill, be testing it on my Android smartphone uh to connect Android smartphone with It and well see how its going to behave. Uh lets go first with unboxing. You can buy it for 195 dollars very cheap price tag, guys for this kind of Technology. The buying links will be description. Lets begin with unboxing anyway guys. Here we go. First of all, Im going to show you is the content of the basically package. Here we have an HDMI cable, which is kind of long more than one meter. I think so. We have a Chinese charger. Unfortunately, it seems that it doesnt come with the European charger. They didnt even send the convert convert converter. I do have a converter in my house. I think most of you do have converter this uh. They didnt include the converter. Here we have um, yes, types, USB, cable types, USB cable, and here we have type c USB. Cable with both uh yeah, yeah type c, USB, cable or type c uh, basically connect a connect. A connector on both sides very interesting, very, very interesting, and we have some leaflets plus. What are you gon na receive thats the first time Im, seeing a pouch a bag, guys, I cant say its a bag, its a pouch or bag. I really want to call it for this monitor to protect it from scratches and everything that is so cool.

That is seriously very cool and heres the main star, the product itself, the blitzwolf 13.3 inch uh, basically portable, monitor check it out, guys the vessels on the side and on the top very thin on the bottom, obviously a little bit thicker, probably because of more Hardware. Uh there behind it under it under the hood, it does also have kickstand, and I love that aluminum alley on the back. Aluminum yellow guys. Remember that this is aluminum alloy think so it does feel like aluminum, alloy, bro, very, very thin, I mean yellow. Will we check that in a minute, uh very light? So what are the main selling points? Of course, of this one uh? It comes with the full HD display full HD resolution, full view. Ips screen type c feature the Dual stereo speaker, so it seems that it comes also with the speakers guys. They say it has two stereo speakers well see well check it OSD button and reverse charging. So yes, it does also have have reverse charging. So if you connected this monitor with your DC adapter, you can connect a smartphone here to charge it via this monitor that is so cool guys so yeah 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the left, two USB ports and one HDMI port on the right side. We have one USB 3.0 Port OSD button and volume rocker. So, yes, we have also separate volume rocker on the right side. If Im not wrong, that is so cool guys.

What else we can tell you know what let me just go immediately connect. It then, were going to talk about more about this uh monitor. For now I love it man for 100 and for 195 dollars. This is super cool kickstand itself. It can go more. You could make it obviously more like that lets. Go lets connect it with my phone, okay guys. This is. My last Saw screen test immediately. Of course, uh about this beautiful um portable monitor from blitzwolf. I love this PC m2l by the way guys. This is me connected its right down to my Windows laptop and Ill, be showing you also, of course, a smartphone connection with the smartphone OnePlus 8T, which does have a MHL video output. This directly right now uh, basically watching a YouTube video 2K 60fps video over the YouTube. Let me just show you right now: Im gon na go over here. 2K 60fps check this out. You can even go to 4K 60fps whats up check this out 60fps. So it has 50 and 60 hertzs High refresh rate, which is really good. Its a true 60 FPS right now, video playback over the PC so again remember that 300 needs screen. Brightness 13.3 inch full HD screen. It does have a freesync option and Ill be showing right now step by step. What is the con about these buttons on the back with OSD buttons, theres? No back button, only volume, rocker up and down and selection button, but theres no back button to go guys.

So you can go to the srgb and select the different uh screen mode and you can go to user and customize it by yourself, the Hue saturation loop, low light and blue low blue light, etc, etc. I prefer srgb guys we can go to the freesync disabled or enable it, and you can go also to low low blue light for the night mode use enable it, of course, thats very important for the Knight use Im gon na go back. Another option were going to wait for the HDR and show you the differences in HDR. I mean its a very beautiful screen. Do I need to comment something guys check out how bright it is bright for indoor use its perfect for outdoor use, youre gon na manage it somewhere, obviously in the shadows, but on a direct sunlight. It is not usable 300 nits is not usable. You probably know this: okay, here we go were going to go again with the OSD button, were going to go all the way on the bottom and go to the HDR option, and this is auto mode. You can go to off or 2084, which basically its over saturated option. I would not use it, I would not use it. I would just simply turn it off and thats it. You can select different languages. You can see myself many many different languages. This monitor has. Okay, lets go next. What else we can do here with the OSD? We have volume button and we have a cold temperature.

We check that and brightness. You can go to the brightness guys. This is maximum brightness, 10. 10 level level. 10.. You can go all the way down to level one you can see thats up for the night mode use. Yes, this is also super cool and around five percent level. Five level four is more than enough guys. Level 10 is just obviously use it for the outdoors or maybe indoors, when its a sunny day, but for the when you are as soon as the darkness goes, when the Sun goes down completely by the way, guys Im having my studio lights. When I turn off my studio lights, I mean check this out guys there you go now Im going to put it on level one. You can see myself that the level one is more than enough for the night mode use. I wish that its even less brighter at the night, I mean check this out guys without my studio lights, flashing on the uh onto this display its a very bright display for indoor 300 nits guys its very bright lets go next sound speaker test s, stereo speakers On the left, guys uh on the back sorry for that left and right channels, theyre on the back there in the middle nice, seven and a half score for me, okay, another Track by the way guys all of this is beatbox. In the background, volume is at maximum lets, go to lowest basically minimum zero.

One two awesome so lets go back like, but it was like selecting here check to check this out yeah. So we are checking here a little bit. Chrome browser nice, guys very, very nice. Really smooth experience, I love but thats, really its a really great screen, guys budget price tag: 195, 100 and 195 dollars. I mean what do one bro? What do you want check this out? Budget is checking here. The news site Tech Channel there you go so were gon na go back where it is. This is uh. Let me just go here the sound, sometimes in some some YouTube videos or say basically volume uh. Sorry for that some some track of the YouTube. There are some a little bit distorted, sometimes on maximum volume, so just put it at level. Nine guys. Remember that I mean that should be it. I think you get the point here over here with the browsing. We checked the audio side of this device, the video side plenty of the things isnt it now were gon na move with the gaming. Shall we go now with the gaming? Finally, PC games. Battlefield 3.. Foreign speakers are completely fine guys in gaming. They are obviously slightly louder. Music wow came here all the way here. Nice Ill be testing. Another game. Dont worry wow, lets check it out. Music, oh no, at the game lets go next were gon na test Call of Duty. Now, Music, beautiful screen guys check it out for the night gaming mode, wow bro very bright, its a its a 260 FPS noise, its a 360 FPS for sure Music, not bad, not bad, okay lets go.

Let me show you now, with the light on put your lights on great man. I have to admit this is seriously beautiful, display love. It lets go next grip there. We go guys, ah Crazy Game, Crazy Game for sure Music, foreign Music Music. Where am I? Where am I nobody knows, but where am I? Ah here we go return it back somehow to the track Music, this this this, what the heck this vehicle, cant crash at all in this game guys. I think that should be it a small short review of this device. I highly recommend it its a really great product worth of your money. Quality is there for sure quality? Is there multi support multi functions uh. Basically, I love about it that it does have also another another option. Regarding the type C USB connection over here. Hdmi support, I mean super cool – can see myself here is running full HD 60 hertzes, full HD, 60fps yeah. Thank you for watching have a great day at the buying links will be description.