I wanted to do a mod review on this, but i am very tired. I have been. I took a couple days off during the week and then um. I kind of went really hard on making stuff again, and i just i don’t know i’m like all over the place right now, but i wanted to get this out because i really really really like this mod um. I actually have somebody on a group that i’m in on to thank um. I don’t want to say their name here, but if you happen to see this, thank you for posting about this. So, first of all, this is a couple of mods that all kind of work together to make one big awesome thing more realism. I love realism, so we have more realism, so the mods i’m going to show you today all kind of revolve around blindness. First of all, i do want to point out that i am using the new mikko based sim that they put out. I love their base. Sims um. This one is a little different than what you will get when you download, but her name is chloe. The only thing that’s different is: i took off her skin overlay so that i can show you the eye overlay and my base default eye thingy. I have those different but other than that she’s beautiful, she’s adorable, as always mikko, just amazes me with their creations. So now on to the actual mods, first of all, i have an eye overlay and this has three different variations.

We have this one and then a more like fogged over eye and then finally, this one where it’s just completely white i’m, just going to leave it with this one for now and then we have a accessory now, this accessory is um, it’s kind of functional. I mean you can only get so functional with it. I think, but we have a walking stick here. I thought this was just so brilliant to put in the game, even though it doesn’t 100 work and sometimes when she puts her hand on her head it’ll clip through her head. But i mean if you’re taking pictures or something like that or if you just want a little bit of realism. This definitely will do it so i’m, just gon na. Let her hang on to that for now. While we go into the game, so i can show you the main mod that i was super excited to show so now to access this mod. You actually need to go through actions. It doesn’t have its own little pie, menu option here, so we’re just gon na go into actions. I only have three modules from this mod because i have healthcare, the healthcare redux. I think you say it like that from a deep indigo i didn’t want anything conflicting. So i tried to add only the modules in here that i felt would not conflict with that mod, so we have dieting blood type and then developmental disorder.

I almost said developmental, so let’s. First look into the dieting options. You can make her vegan, paleo and keto, and then, if we go in to give blood type, we can give her a blood disorder, rh, negative or rh positive. So if we wanted to give her a blood disorder, our options are anemia blood, clots, diabetes or hypoglycemia. Um and then we have the rh negative, we can give her a a b b or o and then rh positive, a a b b and o. Then the part that actually made me want to download this was the develo developmental disorder. I can’t talk right now. Um, the developmental disorder options: you can give impairment, give genetic mutation or give developmental disorder so we’ll start with developmental disorder. You can give adhd autism spectrum disorder or dyslexia and then for genetic mutation. We can do cystic fibrosis down syndrome and sickle cell anemia, and then we have impairments. We have blind colorblind and deaf. I just thought this was so amazing. I absolutely love realistic mods, as you can see it with my um, realistic mental health disorder traits that i have added into the game um. I believe that was by chanyu. If i said that properly, i can link those down below as well. I absolutely love mods that give as much inclusive detail to the game as possible, and so this mod just made me so happy. So we are actually going to make her blind and she gets a moodlet called make blind from realistic health system mod huh.

What was that? I can’t see a thing i can’t see anything so i’m, not sure what other moodlets pop up. I haven’t had the time to actually play with this in depth, but i thought that was just so cool such an such an amazing addition to actually get a moodlet for it. So next i’m going to show the third part of this trilogy of mods. I guess that i was really happy about as well, so the first part of this mod actually includes the books. So if you go into the bookshelf, you will find some brand new books in here and they are braille. So we have braille homework, braille! Guess how much i love you braille grade school homework and then i think there is also one more braille book um if i’m not wrong. I believe the harry potter series was put in braille. Yes, here we go the harry potter series. These should all be in braille. I thought that was such a neat addition. It looks like we have all of the volumes here, so i thought that was really cool. I’M, just gon na go in and get one of those, and then i will get each of the braille options up here, probably not the homework actually, because i don’t think that she would be able to do anything with it because she’s not in school. So then, after you purchase the books, they will be in your bookshelf. I just put them in her inventory, really quick so that i could show you um the books themselves.

So we have the harry potter series here’s, the harry potter series for the blind sims to enjoy, and then we have guess how much i love you and that’s, also in braille, that is for toddlers. So i don’t know if i can get her to read that right now, but we are going to start by reading the harry potter book. One so don’t mind the stick. This is what i was talking about is um. You know it. Doesn’T it’s not like super functional throughout everyday life, it’s, probably best for like pictures and things like that, but it’s still such a cool addition. Um. If you look closely at the book here, you will see that it has what i’m assuming is supposed to be. The braille markings instead of the writing on the pages. I just think that is so neat i mean i don’t think that there’s an ability for them to actually like run their hands across the pages um. I wish that that was an addition that could be added, but i understand that you know modding a game is very difficult, so i i wouldn’t really expect that to be um a feature that would be obtainable, i mean maybe but i’m not sure i don’t mod Games so next we have two other braille items here we have a real keyboard or a braille laptop and then a braille wifi tablet. So this one you can find in electronics with the other laptops and i’m pretty sure it just functions like a regular laptop, but it is it’s still really nice to have something with that braille headline on it to make it just a little bit more realistic.

Even if there is no other functionality to it but um, i do love the option that we have here, and this is again what i’m talking about with the stick. So now, aside from the actual blind aspect of it, if we go deeper into actually looking at some of these other options that we have with this mod, we have cystic fibrosis, so we’ll just give her cystic fibrosis really quick. I am really struggling to talk right now, um and that here we go and that gave us a moodlet that says cystic fibrosis. Chloe has cystic fibrosis. This is a lung disorder and will make her cough a lot due to mucus in the lungs. So i just think it’s really neat that we get moodlets from these things and, as you can see, it does not conflict with the healthcare mod from a deep indigo. So if you do have that healthcare mod – and you wanted to add this on there – you can always do that they don’t appear to conflict. As far as i’m concerned, i mean i haven’t, i haven’t seen any issues happen or anything like that. You can always pick and choose which modules you would like in the game again. I do not have them all, because i do have the healthcare mod, which already gives us quite a lot of illnesses and things like that. But this mod does come with its own um load of illnesses and other things that you can put in your game if you don’t have the a deep indigo mod, but with all that said, i am going to end this um.

It was just a quick little mod review. I absolutely love these little elements in here. I did actually find a blind trait, which i thought was super super cool. Unfortunately, it did not work in my game and it hasn’t been updated since last year. So i was a little bit bummed out by that. I might eventually make my own unless i can find someone else that has made one i might make one, but for now i am really happy with what this mod comes with i’m really happy with the eye. Overlays, even the walking stick itself. I just think it’s such a cool addition into the game and i really enjoy having the realism in here. I just think it’s, so inclusive brings so much more playability to the game. I was looking at another mod that somebody created that involved wheelchairs. Unfortunately, i did not i didn’t like the functionality of the wheelchair, because it looked like you were riding a bike and you put on a helmet every time. You sat on it and i understand that this stuff is really hard to make. I really appreciate the effort that these creators put into making these mods, but for something like that, i don’t see myself using it um. I also did find some like prosthetic limbs that i thought would be cool to add into the game. I didn’t do it yet, though, because i wanted to try out the elements for the healthcare mod and for the blind accessories that i found.

I wanted to make sure that nothing conflicted with the healthcare mod by a deep indigo, so again, i’m gon na end. It right here, don’t forget to like subscribe and also hit that bell icon. So you can be notified of every new episode that i come out with i’m back mondays, wednesdays and fridays.