Everything was posted on the xero bio uh discord server. So here you can see an image of channels for whips and for renders here’s the challenge 11 whips, and there would be a channel underneath that for challenge. 11 final renders we’ll. Do the same for challenge 12, which i’ll talk about in a little bit? So here is the first participant, and this image was inspired by, i believe it’s, a survival game called subnautica. So here you can see the render a very nice and clean render. I really like these. I don’t know if these are key cards or or whatever um, but they look so neat against this hexagonal background. So it’s, a very, very nice render, with some beautiful uh deco work, um text work uh on them and then that knife very cool, um, i’m, not sure exactly which game this comes from. So i’ve just put inspired by zombie games and you know some people are busy in their lives and they don’t always get a chance to uh finish uh what their, what they’re doing here, they’re doing other things as well, but i mean i think this image just Is uh is perfect, as it is, i think uh. This is a zombie or perhaps this individual wanted to replace it with a different zombie, but it definitely looks like it comes from some kind of zombie game um. This is uh bellados, 3d and i’ll provide a link to his channel because he does a lot of excellent um, low poly work for game engines and texturing, and so, if you want to go check out his work, i believe he did a full tutorial on creating The lockers and texturing them so uh.

This would be a low poly scene for a game engine and it looks like it would fit in that capacity. Just perfectly so very cool. This scene was inspired by uh left 4 dead 2, and so we have a really cool night scene uh with these uh cars all over the place and uh zombies down. At the end, i believe, with the tank here um, i really like the the texturing work done on these these buildings and and and also on the lamppost, so it’s really captured the night environment just beautifully so really nice. Nice work here. This scene is also apparently inspired by left 4 dead, 2. uh i’ve zoomed in a bit on this image, but i believe the original had this really cool kind of grainy and atmospheric. Look to it. Um there’s! So much going on here with beautiful texturing down here and uh the debris and this this greenish yellowish watery mess down here. Everything is really messed up in a good way. So you know all the little details here, including the signs and stuff makes this such a cool, such a cool scene very nicely, then beautiful, work, okay, inspired by far cry primal, central europe, 10, 000 bce, a handful of survivors from a massacre tribe, desperately fights the Unforgiving winds of cold and their fearsome flesh eating enemies who strike from the north they fight for the fate of their line and unknowingly for the peoples we today know as mankind inspired by far cry primal.

Look at this. Even this title screen is really nicely done. All right, so we got a couple of images from the same participant so we’re inside the cave. Here i just i love these. These rocks this cave. I think it’s, really cool and we’ve got some cave art going on here. As we look out and we see the forest area whatever with a nice fire going on and our next image will actually come out of the cave and we’ll see that closer up, that’s, just that’s just so so nice all right. So here we are outside here’s. The cave entrance we got plants and grass and we got this this spear and the fire and everything just blends together so nicely uh into this style of of computer game, and i played a little a little bit of far cry, and so it really looks like It that’s great the fire, the eagle really good stuff i’m, not sure that this comes from a specific game. Uh it wasn’t mentioned so i’ll. Just i just put down inspired by various games. This individual was uh apparently new, to either the discord or or the blender or a little bit new, but you wouldn’t know it know it by looking at the the modeling it’s, really good, really really clean modeling and nice button work down on here. So this is a great job as well. Now this one i pulled into the slideshow here, although it apparently wasn’t finished, i felt bad for this person because they, i think, were unable to to complete the challenge because people are busy like i said, but i just thought it was so cool with this island.

Back here and something over here, i think that might be a boat, but it might be an island, but the concept of having this raft uh, you know in the middle of the the ocean or whatever the sea um – is really survival. Ish in my mind – and i thought it looked really good, so i know it’s it’s not finished, but i think it still stands as a very cool render and concept. So i love it. This is inspired by running man, and apparently this is an iconic figure that uh. If you know the the game, you would recognize it right away. Um. I remember, i think, a video i think with schwarzenegger running man. I could be wrong. Uh, i’m, not again, i’m. Not familiar with a lot of these games um but uh, this just really uh sort of hits the spot in terms of a survival game and and the uh the tension and the anxiety here, this crazy guy with electricity, bolts or whatever’s going on. We got fire and boulders and so a lot of stuff going on in the character of course, right there as well wow and then uh. We have something from uh some of the alien games here, um the xenomorph head and it just looks uh so realistic, uh, especially with this volumetric effect and so um. I i think this looks quite incredible and then along the line of the alien stuff um. This is, this is the stuff that i did um.

I don’t play a lot of computer games uh these days i’m busy with my kids and doing these blender videos, and sometimes music and and stuff um, so i’ve been sort of stuck on alien isolation, which is not a bad place to be stuck because it’s, a Pretty incredible game: um i’ve done some other modeling for alien isolation, uh stuff and uh. I started out with sort of a corner area and i wanted to model that and then i just kept going and i added things so this is sort of a composite image. I don’t think these lockers are normally in the same area as this stuff was, but i just wanted to fill it up as a sort of a corridor inspired by alien isolation, all right so uh here’s one of my images. This is rendered in eevee, and this one is also uh rendered in eevee. I just played with the uh focal length of the camera all right, so we have that and when i saved these images into powerpoint to make this a slideshow, i use some of the effects in powerpoint. So don’t count those out there’s. Some neat things that you can do if you don’t want to do them in gimper and photoshop or whatever uh. This is a view looking down, perhaps from the alien’s perspective, if he’s coming through the ceiling down – and i wanted to make it look a little bit like you were looking um with some different type of vision.

It also looks a little bit like what you might see in a video camera if your security camera is monitoring a section i can imagine looking through a security camera and then seeing the alien walk by another view of the lockers and storage compartments above and then Here’S a color shot showing the map terminal. I didn’t end up putting an image there. What i call the monitors, the camera these i don’t know i called these sort of ac units. I thought maybe they might be pumping spreadsheet the cushions and this uh this machine here as well and some of the stuff down here. So i want to include some color um. I almost didn’t get to the texturing um. I was going to do just some ambient occlusion renders and in this uh image here, i’ve added a few details down here that i saw in other images for alien isolation, and then i decided i just wanted something here. This was not from the original. I just wanted to do some kind of pipe thing and um oxygen cylinder or something along that line. So i’ve just got a few views of this uh in an ambient occlusion. I quite like uh that even without texturing, all right so uh focusing just on this wall just because this uh this then highlights the uh the modeling itself. Everything is, is modeled, it’s, it’s it’s, not super high poly, but it’s. You know maybe too much for for a game all right and there’s the final image that i’ve got uh focusing more on the lockers.

So those are the submissions for blender challenge 11 survival game, and thank you, everybody for being part of the challenge and if you’re interested in this kind of stuff i’ve got another challenge coming up, which is blender challenge 12 and the theme for this one is health Or medical, and that could mean uh modeling a little scene if you wanted a hospital, a corridor or operating room uh. That would require quite a bit of of modeling if you wanted to fill it up with um things like hospital beds, and you know all the equipment you can just do just one piece of equipment. If you want, you can do a vitamin bottle or a syringe or a stethoscope or um. You know an x ray machine. It doesn’t mean that it has to be a bright cheery scene. It can be – and certainly we could use some of that in these times, but if you still wanted to go with a sort of a scary kind of a you know decrepit hospital corridor uh. This is all fantasy all right, and this is what we do in our 3d art um you’re welcome to do uh anything that you think fits the health or medical theme, um i’ll post a deadline for final renders in a while, probably go for around a month Or so, but along the way you can post your whips um on the zero bio discord and uh. Just you know, share it and we can talk about them.

This is for relative beginners, okay, we’re just having fun here, there’s no real prize. We call it a challenge because you know instead of just going well. What am i going to model? What am i going to create? You come up with a theme, and then you say: hmm, you know what would fit that. Let me try this and let me try that all right, so you can post your whips and then eventually your final renders and i’ll do a render review for that one as well for blender challenge. 12.. So, thank you very much for watching the random review for blender challenge 11. I hope you enjoyed the renders and the if you were part of it, the modeling process and, like i say why not join in on the next challenge. Okay, all you got to do is uh, get going on the theme and watch my youtube channel for updates and show us what you got.