Do me a favor hit the like button. Subscribe get notified for more videos just like this, but if you’re already a part of the crew Music, so i have the black view. A tab, a9 right here, it’s a tablet from blackbeard. They just released the blackvue a10 um a couple of days ago. It just came out, but this is the new, the tablet that was released. You know most recently released. It has two different colors. It has the gray color it has the the the pink or the gold color, the one that i have now. I really i really do like this tablet, um so we’re, going to talk about everything that it can do. Um things that things that you would normally do on a tablet. Things um tablet, stuff things that you would do on a regular tablet of this um capacity. But this tablet is really good: um it’s about 150 right now, so i wouldn’t spend more than 200 on this tablet, but it does. As you can see, it does come with a nice case. It does come with um. You know otg cable, so you can ota cable, where you can um transfer stuff from your tablet to other devices, and you do also have a headphone jack inside of there, along with the 10 watts charging. So we do also have a really large battery on this thing, even a flash on the back of it. So it has like a torch where you could use the torch, but you.

What you guys really want to know is how is the screen display the performance? The battery life, the network um the sound quality things like that, so after three weeks i’ve been using this tablet for a little while and it’s it’s it’s got a nice cold to the touch feeling with that metal design. I definitely like that, and i like the button placement around here, and i also do like the haptic feedback on this tablet. So those are just some things to note that i do like about this tablet, but that gold color is actually pretty cool and um. Some other things that we should get into, but as far as the network frequency that’s, the first um thing that i want to point out where this tablet actually missed out on, so they didn’t actually put the 4g lte in here. It’S got band 1 3 um. Eight and then 20, but they didn’t put five or two or even band 40 on here, so you can’t get lte data. Can that network uh? That was one of the things coming in that i thought i could do was have data on here. You can’t get phone calls but it’s edge. When i put my sim card inside of this thing, i got the e signal, so i hadn’t seen that enough. I hadn’t seen that in a real long time, it’s been a minute since i saw the e on there, but button placement is really nice.

I was only using able to use it on hotspot with my with my phone connection and things like that. I took it off of the e right away, but we do get the power button above top it does rattle and also the volume button does rattle um. You get your type c charging port right above top and your camera, which eight megapixel five megapixel on the front and that that gold finish with the metal on here, it’s pretty solid. Now the build quality it does creak uh. It does creak a little bit now. It doesn’t feel cheap, no, it doesn’t it doesn’t feel cheap. It feels really heavy in my hand. It does feel really heavy. You can see. We have that in that glass, where, when you look inside of the glass, you can see there’s like a little gap, but it doesn’t bother me because the haptics on here and the display get really bright even outdoors. So i i really like the the connection of the internet is strong as well. You also do get 5 g wi fi, the 5 hertz, the 5 gigahertz wi fi and the 2.4 as well. So no issues with the internet connection whatsoever. We also do get a pogo pin to connect keyboard accessories on this tablet, so they do have like this dedicated keyboard accessory, as well as like s, pen um, like not s pen but like a a stylus that you can use.

Capacitive touch stylus that you can use on this tablet, but you know: performance scrolling is really good on here. Watching movies is good on your gaming is good on here. When i did the unboxing, the apps did kind of close youtube closed on me a few times that did it hasn’t happened uh the screen did come up black when i was watching one youtube video, but all i had to do was clear out the cache inside Of the youtube app and then i noticed that um i went away so i definitely think that this device has some really good performance, for you know the value of the money, the the performance as far as scrolling watching um. Anything on here is going to be really really great, even um when it comes to gaming, so let’s get into the gaming and let’s kind of talk about the performance that i had when it came to the gaming. But overall i could definitely say that you’re going to be impressed with it. It’S got the 1920 by 1200 full hd. You know display with 225 224 pixels per inch on here as well and as far as the speakers they are stereo speakers. So you will get a pretty immersive experience, it’s, not as loud as the samsung galaxy tab speakers, the tab 8.0, the one that i have with the 4g and s pen, it’s, not as good as those ones and it’s, not as good as the um.

I would say it’s a little bit less than the lenovo tab m, plus ones – maybe maybe in the same region of that one and but it’s, not as good as the a7 tab either, but the performance is good. It does actually surprise me when it comes to gaming and things of that nature. We have four gigabytes paired along with 64 gigabytes of internal storage on this one, and it does come in with the unisoc tiger x. I’M. Sorry t 610 processing chip, which i haven’t heard of but uni sock um. They they, they they’re they’re they’re around they’re, not on a lot of phones or tablets, or anything like that. But this is clocked in at 1.8 gigahertz with the 12 millimeter processing chip and then our mali g52 mp2 for the graphics. So i can definitely say it’s pretty cool. You will get your gravity sensor, your light sensor and and um that’s pretty much it you’re not going to get a whole sensor or a proximity sensor or anything like that. But the tablet is: got this facial recognition on it for security and it works pretty much most of the time um the wallpapers are limited. I noticed that the wallpapers were limited, but you know that’s, okay, nothing, nothing! That would you know um. The wallpapers really don’t determine whether i buy a device or not, but the performance does and um. One of the downsides was that i didn’t i wasn’t able to get that 4g lte.

Like i said before, even that 4g it was just showing up as the e. So you know one of my main things that i, like i wanted to experience, was using a large screen on the go with 4g or mobile data connection. Obviously, you can use hotspot things of that nature, but you know i wanted to put my sim card in here and have that experience so that’s that’s kind of a bummer but it’s it’s really good. I really um. I love the feeling of this in the hand. I also like those white bezels, it kind of reminds me of like a apple, the um product or something, but the speeds on here. You won’t, be disappointed with whatsoever. Also the performance uh. You know the display uh there’s, this the browsing speeds clicking things and getting from one point a to point b on here. It has android 10 on here it does have a variety, a really nice interface mode for your settings, so you’re getting just your cheat keys. Security information here, digital well being um. You know this device is, it does have a lot of bells and whistles in it, along with a lot of other features in it, like android, auto, nearby, share and uh things like that, so it’s packed with a lot of features. They also do have a security software update system thing on here, where it tells you if you can get updates or not, but i haven’t gotten any updates on here yet so i just want to let you guys know that i haven’t got any updates on this Tablet, but as far as these uh security, we are on november 2020, so you know what i’m saying that’s that’s you know.

I wish that would be a little bit updated and more up to date, but we do have things that on here, like vpn, which is kind of cool personal hotspot as well. The tablet fits really good in the hand. It’S, a large display, it’s it’s a little wide, so it’s a little bit. You know you could barely hold it with one hand, but you do get that option to put a keyboard attachment if you want to use it like a laptop or something like that, like a mini, laptop, get light, work done, four gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of Internal storage, you will be able to you’ll be able to be able to do some documents. You’Ll be able to do some multitasking uh. You know bluetooth 5.01 here, so the sound quality is good as well. You can do some phone calls on here, but with the edge um connection to the to the mobile network, it’s going to be kind of in and out it’s not going to be as strong as that voiceover lte is so i just want to throw that out. There that you will have a mediocre, uh experience when it comes to phone calls and everything when you’re on the the mobile connection that’s been my experience with it. It was. I went to dial just the voice operator from my my voicemails just to check out my voicemails and it was going in and out with the connection so i’m, not sure if this is like meant for europe or something like that or i’m, not sure what they Were thinking because the sam, the blackvue a80 pro the phone has, i thought pretty sure that they could put the same amount of bands in that phone that they put in this tablet, but they they took some of them out.

So that was the reason why you know it wasn’t able to get that mobile data connection as much as i wanted it. I know i think i keep touching on that part about the date mobile data and that that’s, because um, you know it’s something that i was really looking forward to, but uh and other um other things to note this tablet. It does have really good gaming performance. The cameras are good in the daytime they’re not going to be good at nighttime or low light. Just for pictures too, the video is a little bit shaky on here, but you do get fm radio. You do get something called cold room. What is that? What is cold room that’s like where you put all your apps to prevent um frozen apps are optional. It says right here, so i guess that’s to basically uh freeze abs, that you don’t want to open up and things like that, that’s pretty new, but um there’s. No bloatware on here, or at least um. I got rid of all the bloatware on here, so um mc rebel guns was on here when i downloaded. I still have that on here, but um as far as the gaming and things that you would normally do with a tablet. This thing does do the trick. You know i just kind of wish that they added those extra mobile pins, but for 150 dollars for attack that it’s pretty good. So i talked about the build quality.

I talked about the performance. I talked about the battery, which is really good. You’Re gon na get about three days standby time um, if you’re, using it every single moment of the day, it’s. Obviously you’re gon na get like one day out of the two days out of it. But if you use it sparingly, you’ll get you get a week if you use it every once in a while. Now it does have this folding kickstand, which you can fold like this, and you can get a nice viewing experience right there. You could also get creative and find different ways to even um keep it up, but the clutch one is just putting it as a triangle like that, so it’s a pretty cool viewing experience with the folding case as well, but um. This thing does have a headphone jack in it, the buttons you know they do rattle with the case only that they won’t rattle. But let me know what you guys think about this tablet. I this is the blackvue, a nine um. They just released the a10, so they’re releasing new products at them right. They even have the a eight tab – a8 as well, so um i’m gon na get right back with you, i’m also gon na show up in the comments section i’m gon na meet you guys. There, so let me know what you think about these blackvue a9: the tab a9 from blackvue, but i’ve been using it for about three weeks now and if you don’t have any other tablet.

I could definitely recommend this thing, but if you’re looking for a tablet with like 4g or something like that with lte, this one won’t have lte but it’s going to give you outstanding battery pretty good, sound quality, a great user experience with the um. You know how everything flows and the performance of it and the cameras are just decent. So, overall, i guess i could recommend it but um if you’re looking for that mobile connection, you’re not going to get that with this tablet. So i just want to kind of put that out there, but this is my reviews, in the black view, a tab a9 but i’m going to get right back with you, i’m going to show up in the comment section.