9.. Personally, i didn’t even know that blackvue makes tablets, but here we are. This tablet is also using the same octa, core cpu and four gigs of ram as we’ve seen on the older cube, iplayer 20 and the teclas p20, and for those of you that, like benchmark scores, this gets an antutu benchmark score of just under two hundred thousand And the score like that, you already know that you’re not looking at the powerhouse but still you’re, looking at the tablet, that’s powerful enough for day to day usage, okay, so starting with a very quick unboxing, the tablet comes in a decent looking box on the back Of the box, so you can see some of the tablets of the specifications and inside the box, you’re, obviously going to find the tablet itself. There is also a cover for the tablet. This is somewhat similar to something that you’d buy for an ipad. However, it doesn’t exactly have the same functionality, so you can kind of use this as a stand. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t, so it doesn’t work as good as the one that you’d buy for an ipad that’s for sure, but at least it will protect your tablet. Aside from that you’re going to find the power adapter, you have some headphones in there. So yes, the tablet does have a 3.5 mil audio jack at the top here, so you can use those some headphones. There is a usbc cable and an otg cable you’re, also going to find a sim card tray ejection tool.

So this tablet can also take an sd card and a sim card. It can actually take two sim cards depending how you are using that, of course, so this also has 4g connectivity and in a way this is like a massive phone, because you can make phone calls with it. You can receive text messages and so on. So everything that you do the phone you can basically do this big tablet on the front of the tablet. We have a 10.1 inches ips panel that has a 1080p resolution for a budget friendly tablet. I feel the screen looks great um. The colors are nice and vivid the view. Knuckles are really good, so you can see the screen, no matter how you look at it and if you use the tablet indoors, the screen is bright enough, so it does look great. However, if you do take the tablet outside then it’s bright out, you’re gon na have trouble seeing the screen. So not the brightest screen out there and, as i said, if you’re using it indoors, is great, not so great. If you are using it outdoors, the tablet’s body is made out of metal well, mostly made out of metal. We have some plastic at the top here, but i have to say that the tablet doesn’t feel cheap at all. I tried that all the cube i play 20 and that one is made out of plastic and it does feel pretty cheap.

Well. This one feels much more expensive than what it is on the back there. We also have a camera that can record the maximum resolution of 1080p. We have another camera on the front that you basically use for video calls, but the maximum resolution for the front facing camera is 720p. This is a quick recording that i’ve done with a front facing camera in 720p. This is a quick recording with the front facing camera on the black blackvue tab 9 tablet. The maximum recording resolution for the front facing camera on this tablet is 720p and, of course, that is the resolution that we are currently using. Moving back to the tablet, on the left hand, side: here we have the power button, we have the volume keys the holes for a microphone, probably we have the usbc charging port and at the bottom we have holes for two speakers. So the tablet does have two speakers, the speakers sound decent enough, but definitely not the best speakers that i’ve ever heard them on a tablet, and i guess this is a quick example. So you can hear how those speakers, Music, Applause, Music, sound, Music and going back to our tablet. Once again in between those two speakers, we have a connector for a keyboard. Unfortunately, i haven’t got the keyboard for it, so i wasn’t able to test out the keyboard. Even though the tablet isn’t that thick inside it, we have a 7408 milliamp hour battery now the battery life isn’t amazing, i was able to get about five hours of screen time.

You can probably extend that to about six, maybe seven hours of screen time if you lower the screen’s brightness. Personally, i used it at the maximum brightness, so not the best battery life that i’ve ever seen on a tablet and charging this from zero to 100 takes about three and a half hours. So pretty long charging time using the tab. 9 is also pretty pleasant and much better than i was expecting. This actually works better than the other tablet. I’Ve tried that had the same processor and ram i’m, not going to mention the brand name of the other one, but this one doesn’t seem to work better. So, switching between screens opening apps closing apps, even the split screen function, works really well and, as i said, for a budget friendly tablet that you’d use for day to day tasks like email, reading, articles on chrome, facebook and stuff, like that, this does exceptionally well. I was even able to play some games on it now. This is not a gaming tablet by any means, but you can still play some games on it. I mean you’re still gon na be able to play games like call of duty, but the tablet isn’t exactly designed for that. But, yes, you can do pretty much anything. We did that you do any other more expensive tablet. I was a bit disappointed to see that the tablet doesn’t have a gps unit inside or if it does, it, doesn’t work on properly.

Of course, if you’re connected to a wi fi network, it will find your location based on that wi fi network, and if there is no wi fi network com available, it will look for location based on on your wireless provider. But the location is not going to be as accurate as if you would have a gps unit inside it as for sensors. Well, we don’t really have that many sensors available so to quickly conclude this video, i can’t, really say anything bad about the blackvue tab 9, because for its price, this is a pretty decent tablet. The screen looks really good. The tablet performs really well for most applications and games that you’re gon na use on it. The build quality is really good and actually better than a lot of budget friendly tablets that i’ve seen, but this is still nothing special it’s just another average budget friendly tablet, but overall it is a decent average budget friendly tablet.