Stay with me to find out more Adam from FamilyPopTV After the success of Blackview TAB 8. Couple of months ago now we are up with the Blackview TAB. 9.. This budget friendly tablet comes with a 10.1 inch. Ips display and 1200×1920 pixels resolution, which gives around 224 pixels per inch. The screen is superbright. The colours are excellent and everything on this screen, whether its videos photos or games whatever it is it just look really nice.. This screen is a nice media machine. I mean if you watch a loads of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, the lack of Googles, Widevine L3 certification excludes the TAB 9 from watching in the highest possible quality, as only more expensive devices have that capability at the moment.. The display is nice and the bezels are thin, not too thin, because you holding your tablet, you do need some place to put your thumbs down and actually hold the thing. So its got just the right amount of thickness to hold that bezel and not the touch screen. Its just the overall, a really nice design. The screen suitable to use with the stylus pens which in some cases may be better and more precise than using the finger. So it may be one of the best accessorys to use with the tablet. The TAB, 9s predecessor, the 2020s TAB 8, was built with excellent quality and is known for its durable structure.. Now the TAB 9 tablet is more durable and takes it to another level.

Thanks to the superb craftsmanship and a unibody design made out of aluminium. With the TAB 9, You can choose between the colors gold and gray, which is simple and tidy.. The manufacturers brand name is affixed in the middle.. There is a USB C port in the frame of the tablet where you could plug the charger. Theres, the port, to plug an external keyboard which is not included, but it could be magnetically attached, here., The good thing, its just 8.9mm in thickness. So you can imagine how comfortable it is to hold., According to Blackview theyve, been able to make the TAB 9 sturdy and durable without adding much to its cost, despite using high quality aluminum seen very often on high end devices, which are way more expensive.. So if you are looking for a long term use tablet, this robust material tablet would be a great option to consider.. The TAB. 9 gives a pretty good sound quality from the stereo speakers.. Another good thing is Blackview has adds an additional protection by bundling the tablet. With a dedicated synthetic leather case for free. This case, to give full protection for the tablet could be used as a stand as well.. This is the android tablet, so you may have some partially unoptimised weirdly vertical, not quite right, apps, Which is a part of Android experience.. The Blackview TAB 9 runs on Android 10, but with a new coating from Blackview known as Doke OSP 01.

. Under the hood, the TAB 9 boasts an octa core chipset with 4G RAM.. Tab 9 offers enhanced graphics and performance. Thanks to the integrated GPU.. Primary storage is 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM in capacity which in case, if you find it not enough, it can be expanded up to 128GB using an external microSD cards. Thats a loads, I would say its enough for demanding users or gamers, considering its a budget friendly tablet.. I expect nothing less from the Blackview product.. You can also make calls with the Blackview TAB9, with a full battery charge for up to even 30 hours at a time.. If you do without a memory expansion, two nano SIM cards can be inserted into the tablet.. The second to the fourth generation of cellular networks are used for radio communications and LTE. Band 20 is also on board. WLAN and Bluetooth are, of course, also included. As mentioned earlier. You can pair the external bluetooth accessories with the TAB. 9.. The camera, A single sensor and a LED flash find their place in a small camera element. The rear, Sony IMX258 camera offers a 13 megapixels, which is pretty good. In my opinion, the back camera doesnt have to be a massive amount of megapixels, because this is a tablet camera, but this Sony, camera used in this tablet is definitely functional And in fact the camera you would use most often in the tablet is probably the front Facing camera, which is up here in the middle of landscape mode, which I love because most of the time youre using the tablet like this Blackview, knows this and puts the webcam in the better place.

Unlike the iPad Blackview, TAB 9 has a decent 7480mAh battery for a tablet standard.. It provides 6 hours of video time 6 hours of non stop gaming. Around 7.5 hours of web browsing 38 hours of music or 30 hours of phone calls.. This means the battery will deliver for all your needs on the go without the the necessity of being recharged quite often.. The charging time will vary depending on remaining battery life.. If you are charging from 0, this should take approximately 4 hours and around 4hrs 45mins. When you use the tablet, while charging thats not too bad, considering other budget tablets, charging time may be around 5 to 6 hours.. Im happy with this. Let me know what you think in the comments. Below. Quick note. You may not be able to turn on your tablet for a first few minutes if the battery was fully drained. Conclusion Theres a growing demand for tablets for remote working and education during the pandemic crisis. For someone looking for a wallet friendly tablet, the Blackview TAB 9. Should be one of the best choices., The TAB. 9 tablet is a very cool gadget. You can find everything you need for this money to comfortably use all the modern chips and features of the world of Android devices.. This is a typical tablet that allows you to comfortably do your work as well as easily launch any applications and games. A couple of weeks ago, Blackview has released its new flagship tablet called TAB 10.

. Since its release, the price of it’s predecessor, the TAB 9 has dropped significantly, which makes it a really attractive, buy Guys that’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed that video and found it pretty informtaive.