So it has four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, a sim slot and the t610 octa core processor. A 10.1 inch display full hd android 10, a 7 480 milliamp hour battery and yeah. Those are our main specs let’s open this up. Oh and this costs 150 dollars and okay cool, so it does come with a cover, just a regular cover, though no keyboard, but it does support keyboards. I think otg, cable, usb c cable charging, brick 10 watts headphones manual, sim ejector tool to get out of this case. The back is plastic, which is uh, which is perfectly understandable. Okay, so first impressions display doesn’t, look too bad, so yeah i’m gon na set this up and get back to you. So, as you can see, the tablet is all set up, so this display is actually quite decent and the tablet is also very, very responsive. As you can see, bam play store tap here, search that winrider it’s, very, very fast and very responsive, so so far i’m really enjoying it. I actually like the the settings layout as well. Let’S see if you have face unlock actually all right. We do have face. No fingerprint unlock, though, which is understandable, obviously also the the vibration it’s like it’s, like it’s, a cheap vibration motor but it’s like very engaging so it’s, like very satisfying so hard to explain all right. Let’S try face unlock, oh wow, that is cool, oh my god.

It is so fast, damn all right, safe to say, feast unlock is extremely extremely fast. Um yeah, all right kind of stuttered there, but overall it’s not really lagging now. Let’S see how it is without ads all right, so no stutter at all so knife. It runs pretty good on this tablet when the rider is running at 60. Fps very smooth, no lag, no stutter. This game could not be running any better right now, so i’m very satisfied. Okay, so, as you can see right from the beginning, there’s no stutter at all, so the game is running really good. Right now, let’s check our settings all right, so let’s do hdr hdmi what about ultra hd nope, so the highest we can go is hd and frame rate highs, so i mean it’s, not 60 fps, but it’s like it’s, also um a respectable frame rate. I mean the game is running flawlessly, no, absolutely no problems whatsoever, so that is, i would say, this tablet is very good for gaming, Music, can’t, zoom Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so yeah i’m, really enjoying the speakers it’s a nice and immersive experience. They do get pretty loud, a bit of distortion, sometimes, but for the price really can’t complain, so the rear camera is 30 megapixels front. Camera is 5 megapixels rear videos, full hd front video 720p. So with that said, let’s take our first selfie let’s go outside we’re facing video on the black view, tab nine it’s good that this it’s good at this tab.

It has a bit of bezels because it’s good for like holding it while filming. If you were ever to do such a thing and front facing video on the black view, tab 9, all right – that is pretty much it. So should you buy this tablet and for a hundred and fifty dollars, i’m gon na say uh yeah, absolutely i mean it’s. Basically, a budget beast you’ve seen how it performs right, good display, good speakers. Great performance cameras are like mad, but you know cameras are never really that good on tablets anyway, so yeah. I think this is a really good buy.