I’Ve been enjoying my experience with these two tablets, the a7 and the tab. Nine, so i figured it would be. It would be unfair for me to not share my experience with you, so i wanted to go ahead and share my experiences with these two tablets. You know actually share it to the channel and let you guys know how i’ve been enjoying these two tablets and they’re. Both really good value, but let’s just jump into it Music, but by the way, if you’re new to the crew do me a favor hit both the like and the subscribe button, as well as the bell icon. I truly appreciate you for taking care of that. For me for doing that as well, but just let’s just jump into the comparison video, but if you’re new to the crew, so the black view is a newer tablet. It just recently came out and we did actually did get the android 11 on the tab. A7. After about seven months of having this tablet out, so both of these tablets are really good value 170 dollars for the ace, the tab, a7 and 150 dollars. If, depending where you get it, i’ll leave the cheapest link for both of these as well down below 150. For the black view, as well, but they’re both rocking some really good, powerful chipsets, so we do have the snapdragon 662 on the tab. A7 it’s gon na be coupled with three gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of internal storage.

So on the tab, the eight the a9 we’re actually getting the tab, nine we’re actually getting the tiger uno stock, 76, uh, 610, so it’s, definitely gon na be a pretty decent processor as well. We’Re gon na get four gigabytes of ram, coupled with on a couple with 64 gigabytes of ram on this model as well, so let’s just jump into it. Overall, the bodies of these are really nice as well. We do get pogo pins, so you can put a bluetooth attachment on the tab, uh, the the the 9, the tab 9, and also we do have some dual speakers. We have quad speakers on the. What i really like about the tab a7 is that we do have quad speakers on this one. So we just have those those dual speakers on the bottom of this one with that pogo pin for the keyboard attachment, which is going to be pretty cool as well. So we we do have headphone jacks on these. Both of these devices do have headphone, jacks and they’re, going to be really good for gaming they’re going to be really good battery life, so let’s just get into the battery life. On the you know, i’m saying on the black view, we do have a 7 000 milliamp hour battery it’s it’s it’s 7480 on the tab, the a dime, the tab, nine, so it’s from my experience, i’ve gotten over three days, depending on how much you know how Much i use it depending on the amount of time i use it in a single.

You know, setting or you know, session or anything like that, but on the a7 we’re, actually getting a 7040 so slightly bigger. On the you know, the 9, the tab 9 versus the a7, so there’s, some things that are better about the a7 and there’s, also some things that are better about the the the tab 9 that i want to get into. But overall the displays are going to be pretty cool. We do have that tap to wake on both of these devices. They’Re really good, as far as the feel in the hand, and we do get facial recognition on both of these devices as well, which works pretty snappy on both of these devices, so the tab a9. The timeline has that power button at the top. It has that, on the top, with the volume rocker at the top and we’re, also on the on the a7 it’s, actually you’re, getting the power button on the the right side and you’re also getting the volume rocker beneath it as well. So there’s different placement. As you can see here, but the screen is definitely going to be bigger on the tab. A7 at the 10.4 inch and we’re getting the 10 point inch on the table, there’s a big substantial weight difference with these two tablets. So i just want to kind of throw that out there we’re getting a larger weight, a larger bulk overall, i could feel the weight is heavier right here on the tab.

9. A lot heavier, so i just want to kind of throw that out there if you’re not used to heavier devices. This is 570 grams of weight, so it’s going to be pretty you’re, definitely going to want to hold it with two hands. Most of the time where your wrists will get a little bit sore when you’re holding it, so i just want to kind of throw that out there that this is a lot it’s 570 versus the 476, so 100, more grams of weight based on both of these Devices, but you are getting that facial recognition, it didn’t just unlock both of these displays do get plenty bright as well. They both pack a really good display. Now i did notice that, as far as the internet connection that we did have a stronger wi, fi connection on the black view, which was surprising five gigahertz on both of these devices, we do have headphone jacks located at the on the bottom. We have it on the a7 and on the side right here on the right hand, side at the top it’s right here we have it on the black view. So when it comes to gaming i’m really impressed with both of these tablets, though so it’s going to be pretty much decently 2000 by 1200 on the a7, so 12 1200 by 2000 versus the 1920 by 12, 000. 200 pixels 222 pixels per inch on both of These devices, when it comes to the displays as well, and we both are getting some similar sensors.

This one does have gyroscope accelerometer. The proximity sensor light sensor, whereas this won’t have the light sensor, accelerometer and gravity sensor, so you’ll still be able to gain well on both these devices. This one does have that extra gigabyte of ram coupled in the bundle – and we do have three gigabytes on this. One so pretty decent as far as that, but the as far as the displays they both look pretty much similar. The the snapdragon 662 on the samsung one is gon na be powered with a two gigahertz processor 11 nanometer in the bundle, whereas the tab, nine we’re. Actually, getting the be you know, i’m saying it’s gon na it’s gon na have that that yuno stock tiger processing chip that i was talking about earlier 12 nanometer processor, clocked in at 1.8 gigahertz on there with the 40 gigabytes of ram or molly g52 mp2. As far as the gpu when it comes to the graphics, so i was really impressed with both of these tablets. They both were able to run extremely good gaming on here and as far as the overall cameras, you know we are getting the 50 megapixel on the tab. 9 versus the you know the 8 megapixel on the tab a7. So i just kind of want to throw that out there, but they’re not going to be really that big of a difference when it comes to the cameras. So you know, let me just take a quick picture and see which one comes out better in this type of lighting on both of these, and it looks like just looking at both of these cameras.

It looks a little bit bad. It looks a lot better on the the a7 so less grainy on on the a7. So i i kind of like the camera better on the tab. A7, but overall you’re gon na get really good battery, really good performance really good, build quality. These are really solid. In the hand, all metal design on the back, you actually get a top portion right here, which has some plastic to it and the same deal with this. When you get a little bit of plastic to it, so they’re both really zippy. They both do work on wi fi. They also deliver on performance on hotspot as far as the internet connection as well very slim and you get those white bezels on the black view as well, but on the tab. A7 you’re getting those black bezels, so it’s kind of you know cool how they did that it’s like um. So i i definitely like both of these displays there’s, not really a big difference overall, when it when it comes to the 10.1 to the 10.4 inch. But overall you’re getting 10 watts fast charging on the black view versus that 15 watts fast charging, so it’s not really fast. Charging on the black view, it’s kind of a slow charge, but overall the battery lasts really good on both of these the tablets and they both gained really well. The performance is really good, but we are getting that android 11 versus the um android 10.

On the black view, and as far as the overall settings in both of these devices, we do have that android 11 uh one android 11, one ui 3.1 on here. So it definitely has some really cool features. When i go into the tablet, you can check and see this software, and it does give you that android 3.1 android 11 software on on this tablet. So i definitely think that’s pretty cool that they do provide that one here. This tablet, i’m, not sure they do have an update, app that you can update this device on and they do have like a update app like i said before. So, if you wanted to go in there, you could check for updates pretty you know frequently. It says right here go to system and it says the system update we can check for updates on here. We definitely could check for updates so it’s, not here yet we don’t have any more. You know up to date, uh there’s, nothing there’s, nothing coming in that’s making this the tablet more up to date. At this point, but it’s pretty good it’s got the you know i’m saying the 64 gigabytes of ram four gigabytes of ram 1200 by 1920. On this guy, android 10 is on here so, like i said before, you are getting android 10 on here with the november 2020 patch. So i just want to let you guys know my experience. It wouldn’t be fair.

If i didn’t share my experience with these tablets. I’Ve been enjoying them really been enjoying both of these tablets, so i just wanted to share my experience and let you guys know which one is the better deal, but the wi fi connection is a little bit stronger on the black view on slightly smaller displays heavier On the black view, you, you do have a great performance on both of these tablets. The camera is better. On the a7, the battery is a little bit better on the black view and um. You know you’re getting better software on the tab, a7 versus the tab. 9., so i just want to throw that out. There you’re also getting better speakers as well on the on the tab, a7 versus the black view, with just the dual speakers versus those quad speakers and um. As far as the software they’re, both really good they’re, both really good. I really can’t stress how good the black view software is. It definitely surprised me and then the performance on there as well with that you know insta illuminated display on there and white bezels, and you know it does have a 4g. It does say that you get that, but i only got the edge connection. This is the wi fi only version, so you can use these on hotspot on the go and if you throw a sim on here, you will be able to take phone calls, but you won’t be able to really use data in the us.

But thank you guys for checking this video out. I appreciate you 100. You guys are the real ones uh for staying locked in with me, but i’m gon na get right back with you, i’m gon na show up in the comment section. So i appreciate you guys for showing your support and appreciation and why i’ve been out with me over the last 10, 12 minutes but i’m going to get right back with you, i’m going to show up in the comment section and we’ll chop it up there.