This is a review unit from the company and the official retail price is us 150 dollars, but its regularly discounted to 110 or 120 dollars. So i agreed to review this because i wanted to see what kind of performance you can get out of a budget tablet like this. This tablet comes with the unisoc cpu t310, three gigs of ram and 32 gigs of emsc internal storage. The main selling point for this tablet to me is actually the dual sim card tray. This tray can take two nano sim cards, one here and one here, or one nano sim and one micro sd card right. Let me give you the bottom line up front. The performance for this tablet is actually quite decent for the price. The cpu is certainly not as powerful or fast compared to other more expensive tablets. So this tablet is mostly for web browsing social media watching videos. The limitation here would be gaming. There is only three gigs of ram, so when you are switching between tabs, sometimes the apps may reload, or sometimes the web pages may reload its a minor inconvenience and 32 gigs of internal storage is actually not much, but they have the micro sd card slot. This 8 inch display is just 800 by 1280, so this is not a full hd display. There is going to be slight pixelation, but for the pricing i really cannot complain too much. Battery life is incredible. You can get 12 to 15 hours depending on the brightness and the apps you use so thats.

The bottom line and now lets take a more detailed look at this tablet. So this 8 inch tablet is very compact and very portable, its also quite comfortable to hold in one hand with the rounded edges, and it has rounded corners as well. The bezels are quite thin on these two sides: thicker at the top and bottom. The off center camera is located here. There is simple, 2d phase unlock its, not the most secured, but it works slightly faster compared to pin unlock. The resolution is 1280 by 800. So there is going to be slight pixelation. At least the text is big and comfortable enough to read. Colors on this display look alright to me its probably not 100 srgb. The contrast is all right. I guess could be better being angles, not that great. So you are going to get the best visuals only when you look at it directly and this by the way is a laminated display. So there is no gap between the surface and the lcd beneath the brightness is good, but there is no auto brightness. The display looks alright to me for the price, its very reflective, though probably because of the screen protector that is already applied on the display. This tablet is available in three colors and this one is peach gold which looks a bit pinkish. There is macaron blue and truffle gray thats, the 5 megapixel camera there. The power and volume buttons are on the right side.

At the top, we have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, the sim card tray usb c charging port. There are two sets of speakers down here and the audio quality is alright. They are loud enough, but the quality certainly is not as good compared to more powerful speakers due to the plastic material thats used to make the back the build quality fuse plastic, but thats not surprising. Given the price point, there is no flex. The build quality is still solid and given the price point, this is a tablet i would just throw in my bag. I am not going to get a flip cover im, not going to be too bothered by any scratches on the front or the back or any dents on the sides, so thats the good thing about budget tablets with more expensive tablets. I would be really careful not to get any scratches or dents on the side. I would buy screen protectors, sometimes or get a flip cover just to protect the tablet, but for this, which is just around us, 110 to 150 us dollars, it looks like it can. Take a lot of abuse having the charging port at the top is a bit weird, but at least you can rotate the tablet and the rotation is quite fast, since you can use your sim card on this tablet, you can install phone specific apps such as whatsapp And you can take phone calls. This speaker here at the top, is only for phone calls when you are playing videos or gaming.

There is no audio here. You can use this tablet as a phone if you want to – and this is how big it is – and this is the audio quality you can expect from the microphone on the tablet. Lets take a look at the web loading speed and just for comparison purposes. I have another tablet here: this is the huawei mate pad pro 10.8, which is several times more expensive compared to the blackvue tab. 6.. I have also compared this with the m1 ipad pro and the samsung tab, s7 plus and the web loading speed for those expensive tablets is going to be the same as what you see here so lets maybe tap on this story here. So the speed seems to be quite similar. Yes, um. The speed definitely is quite similar Music. Actually, i dont really see any difference between the loading speed. So even though the processor and the ram is lagging here, but the web browsing experience is actually pretty good. One thing that affects web browsing experience is when you are scrolling really slowly. There seems to be this starter im, not sure if i can capture it with my camera anyway, when you scroll slightly faster, the stutter is gone. There is less visible stutter when you are scrolling very slowly in landscape orientation. The company also listed grayskill mode as a selling point, which is easier for your eyes. When it comes to reading, you can game in gray skill as well, although im not sure why you want to do that, let me just switch back to the color.

This is ganshin impact, and this game is quite taxing on the processor, so the frame rate is not able to keep up, so the gaming performance is not that smooth and also the colors here, not as vibrant, compared to other tablets. I have tested engine impact, took up 15 gigs of storage, and i had to delete other apps to make space for this and speaking of other apps. There is minimal bloatware included and its mostly games, and there are only four which doesnt take up much space anyway, when watching youtube videos. The resolution is limited to 720p. The visuals look alright to me just that the audio is only coming out from the side, so there is no true audio effect. There are small black parts at the top and bottom, but with this youtube app, you can zoom in to feel the display, and this os that youre looking at is called doc. Os version 2 d, o k e, which is based on android 11., im, not sure how many os updates youre going to get with this tablet, though this os has very limited features. So if you want all the usual android features that you get with other tablets other brands, hopefully you can find an app for those features from the google play store because there is google play store on this tablet. All right to conclude as a budget tablet, the performance seems quite decent. The only limitation here is when it comes to gaming.

The other limitation is the quality of the display. The colors look fine for a tablet at this price point. If you want a better looking display with more vibrant colors, better viewing angles then be prepared to spend more money. The main selling point for me with this tablet. Besides, the affordability is the dual sim country, a lot of companies like to charge a huge premium so that you can use your sim card, but not with blackvue and thats great. So if you guys are interested in getting an affordable, android tablet such as the blackvue tab 6 check out the links that i have for you in the video description below thanks for watching.