We will check the features. We will check everything, but before that this is a review unit. They have given it to me for free. They didnt pay me for this video and what you are watching is what they are watching. I mean they didnt have any chance to watch this video ahead of you. Actually, this is a new tablet from blackvue and even before it was released. I have heard about this one from some of my friends and i have reached out to this brand and asked for a tablet. They were kind enough. They have sent me a review unit, and here goes my honest opinion. I dont know whether they will like it or not, but im here to share my honest opinion lets see what transpires through this review video, but at the beginning we have to start from unboxing and before that, if you end up liking this video, then please dont, Forget to click on the like button and dont forget to subscribe share the love lets start from unboxing, okay, after opening the box after opening the lid. The first thing you will notice is the tablet and they have a paper where it says: 10.36. Full hd, plus ips full angle, display 8 gigabyte of ram 128 gigabyte of rom 6580 mah battery front camera 8 megapixel rear camera 13 megapixel wow. They have provided a case protective case with this tablet. Yeah thats cool lets put the tablet aside.

Lets see what else we have. I usb a2 usbc charging cable wow. They have a usb c to usb a dongle, a black view, charger user manual and a sim ejector tool. As i have mentioned earlier, this one can be used as a phone. You can insert a sim card not only to use 4g connectivity, but also to make phone calls and receive phone calls. Well lets put all these aside and lets check. How is the tablet? Okay here goes. The black view, tab 11 in hand. It feels good in hand, it doesnt feel that premium and we have to understand that its not a premium product but overall yeah. It feels good at the bottom. There is this stereo speakers yeah. This one comes with stereo, speaker setup. It seems like there are two microphones at the bottom and there is a connection port interesting enough. There is nothing at the bottom. Sim tray is on the right side. This is a hybrid sim tray. You can use a sim card and a microsd card usb c port power button and volume rockers are on the top wow yeah, the total thing, the total design it seems a bit new and there is a 3.5 millimeter port on the top right corner. Thats great im, actually more interested in the performance, lets check the display performance and speaker performance, and then we will talk about sock Music for a place that they never find im afraid i wake up when i die, and it is too late to climb any mountains.

Applause, sorry, when its over Music Applause, its Music Applause, display settings, almost all the necessary and usual features, are there adaptive brightness screen, timeout eye comfort, dirt theme, wow, the dark theme works perfectly fine. Okay, this one doesnt go beyond 60hz refresh rate. You cannot even ask for too much when you are not paying too much. I think 60hz is okay. Another thing i must mention about this display is this: one comes with whitevine l1 certification, thats, really a nice thing. Okay, as ive been talking about soc, this one comes with a unique soc, and the processor of this tablet is not like a very powerful. There are six efficiency cores and two performance scores. I have already tried geekbench 5 and the result is okay, its not too much and its not that bad 381 single core score. 1287 multicore score. There is no fingerprint sensor, but there is face unlock option. This face unlock option works fast when it works, but its not that smooth. I really had better expectation, maybe im expecting too much from a budget device. Now the question is: can we play games? How long does it take to load games? Okay, im gon na play shadow fight 3 for a while lets see how it performs Music. Well, if you want to play pubg call of duty, then you have to sacrifice a lot of graphics and if you want to play for a long time, then maybe after hours, you will see a bit of a thermal throttling, but usually it doesnt have any type Of thermal throttling im pretty happy with the performance, but definitely im, not gon na recommend this type of pads or tablets for gaming.

These are actually for day to day use and occasional gaming Music call reception, call quality network reception, network quality network speed. Everything is good. I didnt find anything to complain about, but network speed could have been a bit better. One thing i really like about this tablet is this: one comes with top android, i mean chinese brands. All the chinese brands have their own scheme, so i really enjoy using this one ui, i mean user interface user experience. Everything is really great, even if this one comes with the front camera and the rear camera im, not gon na talk about camera performance. Yes, if you want to take photos, you can take photos, but those photos are no way comparable to other smartphone photos. I mean i have xiaomi mi pad 5 and even me, pet camera isnt that good. So i think talking about camera performance would be waste of time. Okay, we have talked about the features we have checked its performance and before the verdict i wan na mention four other things. Maybe i have mentioned this earlier number one stock android, yes, its pretty difficult to find stock android from any chinese brands number two. This is no way a gaming tablet. So if you are thinking about to buy a tablet to do some hardcore gaming, then this isnt for you number three battery life. This one offers better battery life than xiaomi mi pad 5 that one have a huge humongous battery, but this one with a smaller battery size offers longer screen on time number four.

This one is really affordable and this one comes with its own free protective case. Thats really cool thats, a good touch and all the accessories, even a dongle is added inside the box. So considering the price, this one offers better value for money than many other tablets available in the market. If you wan na get something entry level, then definitely within its price range. This one is one of the best, but if you wan na get something premium then i cannot recommend it to you.