If anything in 2020 we're actually seeing a lot more gaming orientated focused models. We'Ve got two releases from Black Shark. They have the black Shack. Three then, the black shark, three Pro, which I also happen to have that'll, be in another video. Now this particular model is the local release, it's going to be released here in Europe, and I have the European version that was sent out to me from Black Shark. In exchange for this video, but all might the opinions expressed in this review under set my own, of course, and they are not approving this video before it is published, or am I being paid for this now? This model is the eight gigabyte version. This has 128 gigabytes of UF, s3 storage and, of course, that 90 Hertz screen Full HD it's an AMOLED panel and screen fingerprint reader. The specs go on. You can find them. I listed right here now on the screen and also timecode. So this is an in depth: detailed review I'm going to cover pretty much everything you need to know before considering buying this phone right here. So let's have a look first at what we get in the box, so the charger this one is 65 watts and it will charge the phone fully from about 1 right up to a hundred in around 41 minutes, which is very quick, it's, dual charging so there's Two separate batteries in there that's how it can do the 65 watt charging.

We get a type C 2, USB cable, so the magnetic cable that you can use to charge it and clip onto the rear, doesn't actually come in the box, set that you have to buy that as a separate accessory. We also get a case here and this case does the job it's great to have it included, and most manufacturers are now including cases which is great. So the build of the phone is solid, it's, a combination of both glass and metal, and I actually do like it. A lot of people may say: well, you know it's a little bit over the top, so the S logo here with the black shark. This is where we do have some RGB lighting in here, which I'll show you later on there's, also a couple of strips here that you can see on the back of this one. Now this is a heavy phone. It does weigh 223 grams. According to my scales – and it is about 11 millimeters thick and even pointone, if you include the camera, if you don't include the camera, then it's about ten point: five millimeters next to the black shark, three pro, which will be reviewed in channel two by the way. So make sure you later check back for that one. You can see that it is quite a bit smaller, because this one is a mammoth of a phone that says 7.1 inches that almost 260 grams even heavier, but both have a very good build to them.

The six point six seven inch screen is what we have on the Black Shark three. Now, when you look at the screen here that, yes, we do have an N screen fingerprint reader and it is performing I'll just show you now the icon there quite well. For me, it unlocks it's, not the fastest. I have seen, but overall I am not actually bothered by it at all, because it used to be that the capacitive always on rear fingerprint readers to me were just so much better. But this one is actually working quite good. I'D, say it's about nine times. Out of ten – and you can see that was even slower than so – it's not the fastest, as mentioned now, the bezels top and bottom guess they're there. But at least we do not have number one. A curved screen number two, no cutouts for the front facing camera and number three, no notch on this – and I do like this: it is a 90 Hertz screen, so four ports down the bottom. We have a type C port. This is USB to spec. Sadly, and as is typical with show me that no video out support here and it's a little bit painful, passing huge files over USB to speeds, but hopefully in the future, they will be able to give us a USB 3.1 with their next up and coming flagships. Maybe next year, so there are dual front facing loudspeakers as well.

With this one, there will be a sample the buttons on the lift up the top there. They are made out of metal good feel to them and we do have a SIM tray that takes dual nano SIM, so don't make your SD card support, no expandable storage, but at least at the top we do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which I think All gaming phones really do need to have now the quality out of this one, I think, is almost well one of the best I have heard it is very, very good here I do like the analog output from Xiaomi and then our power button. So this one also made out of metal now the position of it. I find it should be a little bit lower, that's, just me being a little bit picky. Maybe but when I go to press it, I find that often I have to shuffle my thumb up and then press it when you're holding it left handed with my sorry right handed, and I also noticed too, that the switch is in a kind of an awkward Position but that's when you're using it landscape, so you can flick that over then go into the game space. The game shock mode, which is their dedicated gaming hub in the display settings right here. We'Ve got our refresh rate, so you've got your standard 60, which it comes with out of the box or, of course, the high.

Now I do recommend actually running high, but right now on camera, I've noticed that I get a little bit of banding. If I've got it on high there, even with this right here, which is the hardware DC dimming enabled so we've got that anti flicker mode, which is on we've, got the DSP display, enhancement and super cinema modes. You'Ve got the video HDR mode as well, so this display has a maximum brightness of around about 810 Mnet's that I have measured and it does support HDR 10 plus. So it is a very good. Despite to me, however, I've noticed in direct sunlight, even with that 800 nits of brightness plus it still can be a little bit hard to make out now real world images that I'm, showing you right now look really good great, no problems especially indoors. Now, if you, the Sun, has mentioned it – maybe not so great there, but the touch sensing on this has a 270 Hertz rate and it is very responsive to touch. It is really really good here. Each detection, as well notice seems to be very good. Full screen gestures is what I'm running at the moment. And yes, when you do swipe from the sides, sometimes your finger kind of digs into the pre applied screen particular that's on there. You could get rid of it then, and it would be a little bit more comfortable and there is 2.5 deglass on the very edges around the screen, of course, and the Gamo comes out to be somewhere around 2.

3 to 2.4. But overall it is a very good panel on your course can customize the screen, scaling font size and the white balance like most phones nowadays. So this phone right now I've got it running at 90 Hertz. It is running Android, 10 and we're on joy, UI. So joy, you, I is a customised version of me – you, I purposely built and customized, for okay, black shark and for the black shark team, and I found that the team is doing a very good job here with the optimization, because this is very good. This is better performance than I think me, y11. It does tends to be working a lot better when you swap over between apps as well, and I notice the animations a lot smoother. This is including at 90 Hertz, I think, smoother than what I tested out with the meat and the meat M Pro here now we do have apps draw. If you wanted that setting and then I don't normally show that but I'm starting to show it now. I'M. Toby cuz people have been asking under settings here. That is where you would change it all sorts of different options, but I won't go into all of that. So I do have my memory status they're enabled to show that launcher override if you wanted to. So if you installed Nova Launcher, go ahead and then select that one as the default, so those gestures, fullscreen gestures, are working.

Well, all our performance very good, so let's jump into a few other things like what about the bloat, where we have when you first get it. Okay, you're gon na see a few bloat is apps now lighting effect here. This is all to do with the RGB lights, on the rear of the phone that's, the East logo and two other tiny little strips. You can customize that use it for notifications. It is actually rather handy to see that you've got a missed text message or call or something come through. You'Ve probably seen the black shark here has been flashing away with that green logo. There that's, because they have a text message so free space on it. You get about 103 to 4 gigabytes, 128 gigabyte version and GPS. We do have dual frequency GPS on this one and it is working as expected for a Qualcomm powered device. We'Re gon na get accuracy of 3 meters, nothing better than that very good average signal strength and it's working well, and that was just me testing out the carrier frequencies. There now internal storage here, because I have the 128 gigabyte version – it's UF s3 – and these speeds are actually a little bit low. The random reads and writes for UF s3. Ok but that's because, as I've just got the smaller size, storage here but that's, not to say this is bad. This is still fast and not going to bottleneck a phone like this with the speed here now wireless.

It is good and it is also bad we're. Not bad but average, okay, so right here, their maximum speed average. That is excellent. This is on 5g wireless band, of course, and what about the range and the performance at such ranges? So here, okay, 96 kilobits megabits, sorry per second on average, far away to sing strength by their yeah that you might think there's. Actually, okay, but I was getting with the read me: K, 30 Pro 300 in something right here three times faster than this. So I think at ranged the wireless on this one is just a little bit slower than it should be. Hopefully, some optimization with the firmware updates and things will come through to correct that and make it a bit faster, not to say it's, bad but it's. You know it just could be faster there, so here we have the Widevine level one sir. This is good because I'm on the global ROM here they really did need to have this and they do which is great and we do have camera2 api level. 3 support. So this jargon means that Google cam reports so G cam, they're gon na work on this phone and look for them to to improve on the camera quality. Each bench v score very good, and here we have ludicrous mode so ludicrous mode as this little funny chicken thing that comes up I'll show you later on how to get into all of us and do that with the gaming mode.

Just after this, and what it is is to really boost the performance, it just gives you a little bit a warning there that your phone's going to get hot and it's gon na kill your battery life well go through it burn through it. A lot faster that gave me an an to to score of this one so 560 mm, and if you turned it off and run it normally well, you're gon na get only a few thousand points less, so it really it doesn't make that much sense to bother With it now, what about battery life it's very important, so first up ninety Hertz: this is not the default refresh rate by the way you get 12 hours and 28 minutes at my fixed 200 NIT screen brightness all devices now that I'm testing – and this is pretty Good result and very good actually for 90 Hertz, alright, so it's a fixed looping benchmark and if you chop that refresh rate down to 60 Hertz, you of course do save on battery and that will give us an additional few hours of screen on time. But really I don't think it's actually worth it just run. The 90 Hertz you're still gon na get at least a full heavy day out of this, and even two days for most people with this phone. So that is great now on to the gaming, but before I just wanted to show you this, that we do have a security patch level here of February, alright, so it's out by a couple of months, but that'll probably be updated soon with the firmware date.

So I flip the switch here and you'll see that it then launches into our shark space, which is their dedicated now gaming hub now this is handy to have. We don't have the triggers remember with this particular model. If you want the gaming triggers at the top, then you need to get this one, which of course, is the pro model it has. The pop out mechanical triggers is really quite cool to have that the addition, if you're, really serious about your gaming, you can customize those triggers there without one, but we've got this nice menu, so your games will be automatically added or you can add whatever you want In that there yourself and I'll show you that these options are here so you've got when you launch it option to reject calls clear the memory and it will even tweak the touch response. Accidental touches, you get the idea, just things to really tweak things down: game assistant there's a lot of different things in here now. What I have enabled, which I quite like, is a frames per second monitor here, so we can actually monitor and see what the frame rate is the whole time a game voice, optimization as well as in here there's all sorts of settings that are very handy to Gamers, if you're really serious about being competitive and playing Punkie with e teens and Call of Duty, etc. You know you want to get right up there and be one of the best out there.

Then there are lots and lots of options. Now, if you tap here, you will go over to okay. I need the permissions here just to show you there Arsenal what they call their accessories. Okay, so you've got a cooling fan you're going to mechanical keyboard. Even you can get for this thing and then the gamepad so that's really quite a lot in terms of accessories and, of course, more money to throw it. It depends how much you really want to spend just before you jump into some actual gameplay. If you swipe from the top corners here, you get this additional menu, so you've got per game settings here, and this is to do with well, your anti interruption service, so you don't have any calls coming through. You can block them off messages when you're gaming and there's more settings to go into. I won't cover exactly everything here, but we've got the game studio for each game. As I mentioned so here you can set some lighting options: the haptic feedback vibration. Now the vibration motor and this one is very strong, it's great. I do like it very good network settings there. Okay, so you can prefer like if you're on data, so I would set this to 4G here and there's. Actually, a toggle in the firmware too turn off the 5g that it's not looking for it, because I don't have 5g in my zone. My area, audio settings touch sensitivity. Settings for each game remember display, so you can override the frequency there or set which one you want for the game that supports it if it doesn't so pub cheese earning a support 60, this particular version and in performance.

Okay. So here it's telling us so we've got CPU and GPU there and the heat that's telling us either heat and affect on the battery right right now, it's in the balance Mon. So if you can tweak this up to the top mode, I'll just scroll that up it's telling us we're going into our ludicrous mode with that rooster there it's getting hot and it's, told us, ok, everything's in the red right here so yeah it does get quite Warm I've noticed, and that is to be expected. This is passively cooled as well, so this is other little tweaks in there. If you decide that, no, I want battery life, then you scale it down a little bit okay. So this is just controlling the CPU and GPU governor's from say a high performance governor to a more power efficient one that's, not clocking, those clocks up so high. So this game is on the extreme framerate seating options. So that is the 60 that we can get with the current global release version of it. So I hope that a patch is going to come out soon. To finally give us 90 frames per second, and even 120. 144 would be great for this particular title here. So it's just a constant, smooth, 60 frames per second or 59. Now the audio very immerser. These are great stereo loudspeakers here and frontwards firing as well. They do add to the game: enjoyment the immersion you get with this title, so the 90 hoops the 90 frames per second support is all gon na, be down to the game developers supporting this and, of course, two black sharks.

So let's have a look at a title that should actually run at 90 frames per second, with the 90 houet refresh rate now their little widget at the top here this can be dragged around wherever you want it and i'm just keeping that up here. Of course, just to show you the thermals, and you can see that this is just a solid 90 frames per second the whole time, and it does make the game quite a bit more enjoyable, actually being just that much smoother while I'm getting shot and yeah. The speakers on this are very very good, even a new title here, like shadow gun wargames, this one is running at 60 frames per second max, only so no 90 frames per second option. Now on the ultra high setting. I have found that it will frag them. That'S good, it will run a steady 60 frames per second, the whole time now, looking at the thermals I've seen the battery temperature get up to. As you can see, my little gauge widget right here, get up to about ' degrees maximum. The back of it is quite warm, so let's have a look at just how warm it's getting now all that I have been gaming for approximately 40 minutes, so the internal battery temperature reports, the widget that I have about thirty eight two point: nine degrees on the Battery and this thermal probe here is saying around about thirty seven, so yeah it's gon na get hot and while warm to the touch when gaming for extended periods and let's have a look at this screen now so just finished up a game, and that is about Thirty, four or so maximum there so yeah as mentioned it is going to get warm, but the thermals are actually quite good, very good, in fact, probably better than a lot of the other phones out there flagship ones that aren't gaming phones, it is so we do Have two front bits firing speakers, which is good means you cannot really block them when you're playing games and landscape and they are now but not the loudest.

I have heard now. The other thing is the 3.5 millimeter headphone output. Quality to me sounds excellent. Really good and voice call quality, no problems, so here is a sample from those dual stereo front facing loudspeakers Music Applause. Music Applause now over to our camera, let's take a look at its performance, so I believe that the cameras do need a lot of optimization and you'll see why, when I show you the samples, so we've got this right here, the ultra wide. If you tap that that goes over to the 13 megapixel camera, the main sensor is that sixty four megapixel imx6, eight six from Sony portrait mode, night mode, 64, megapixel mode and the pro mode right here so Pro Mode. We have ISO that goes right up to 3200 you've got your focus control there shutter eight white balance, and we do have this if you tap on the 256. This is the 256 and megapixel mode, which is cropping an image all in two. Actually various different photos to create this, and really you gain nothing. It has a very slow, shutter and very long processing about 15 seconds. So, yes, if you crop right in okay, you can do it, but look at the details here. Not so great. It looks a little bit blurred it's, not brilliant 3 digit almost like this is 4k 30 frames per second and like all of the video modes, the audio bitrate is just 90 kilobits per second, which is like a standard for Xiaomi there, and no electronic image stabilization With this one is a little bit disappointing, I must say, because if they had it, then we could have some nice smooth footage.

As you see as I walk ahead, it does shake around all over the place. Now there is also ultra white video, but yes, you guessed it no electronic image stabilization now on any video here, so we can fit more in the shot and it doesn't look too bad the quality, but it just shakes around all over the place without a gimbal. So for the front facing camera here we do not have any electronic image stabilization. This was like the previous black shark models that I also reviewed in the channel so going up the stairs here you can see it does shake around all over the place: Music. Applause. Music, Music Music. So we have a great gaming focused phone here very good, build quality, excellent battery life. I mean it did perform very well, even at 90 Hertz, which was a bit of surprised because a lot of phones, 90 Hertz – really kills that battery, but not really so much with this particular one here. The AMOLED screen does help so out of the box by default, it's, actually 60 Hertz, which was interesting. I thought they would have just gone by the default 90. I mean, after all, it's the spec that you're paying for so you know you just change that over it's, not a problem and the trade off of the battery life. I think it's worth it, but if you are in a day, for example, you know they're gon na be all it's gon na be a long day, and I know that I won't be able to charge my phone until I get home.

Then of course just run. It at 60 Hertz now the camera quality. That is one area to me that black shark have clearly overlooked, maybe to them it's. Well, it's a gaming phone games don't really care too much about selfies and video quality, but it's not actually too hard for them at all. In fact, it's just software for them to add electronic image stabilisation to 4k. In fact, all video and the front facing camera and also improve that audio quality would be great optimisation to me for the night mode in other portrait, shots and things like that do need a bit of optimization as well as the ultra wide, but at least okay. We do have a good set of cameras on this that do have potential and if you find yourself a good gkm port. After all, we do have camera API to support here level. Three that's maximum, so we'll be able to get hopefully better quality using G cam. I haven't actually checked that one out just yet, because I tend to review devices out of the box, so good battery life good build. All of that. It is a good phone worth considering if you're into gaming, but for the camera. If you must have a really good camera as well, then hold off wait and see if perhaps black shark are gon na release a patch that will at least improve that camera quality there before taking the plunge and pulling the trigger on the black shark 3.

Now, the pro model, this is currently being tested out and I'm reviewing it at the moment, so there will be a dedicated, separate review for this one. This, of course, is much larger, but it does have the capacitive Hardware triggers on this and actually a better screen too as well. So do subscribe check out the review of this one when I published that one so make sure you don't miss it.