Now this one. What is different is it. Has a 2k screen a larger screen: it is 7.1 inches, it's, still 90 Hertz, and we also have a larger battery, which is 5000 million hours and hardware mechanical triggers. So is the pro version, a better model, well that's. What I'm here to find out in this? In depth review by the way this unit was provided, it's a loan unit from training, Chen Jien, so let's take a look first at what we get within the box right here. So we've got a type CD, USB cable, a 65 watt charger. So this is the same as the black shark 3 – the non pro version. Now it will charge this phone in 55 minutes in my testing more on that later on in this particular in depth, review we're got a TPU case here now. This does have cutouts for our triggers and all the buttons, and it is all very good quality here, it's great, to see this included. In the case, there is a symmetry tool as well and a QuickStart guide and other material, but that's all in Chinese. Oh – and we do get this right here – some black shark stickers. So this is a large phone as expected, 7.1 inches. Now that is probably going to be ideal for people who are coming from. Maybe the me max series or say the mate 20x that's, the larger phones, of course there. But it is really really quite heavy 260 grams versus of 223.

We have with the smaller black shark 3, but this is a six point. Seven inch screen, of course, versus that seven point one, so the build of it very nice middle frame around the outside. We have a metal volume up and down buttons here. On the left hand, side above it as the cemetery tool takes to nano Sims down the bottom, we have sadly, to stay type c, USB to spec. Okay. Now this does not support video out which to me is a big error with a gaming phone. It should have video out, so you can play it like a console plug it into a TV then, and then, on the right hand, side we've got our power button. Now this power button to me is in the wrong location and I'll. Show you why? Because when you first pick up the phone you've got to grab it and you go to place your thumb there and where is the button? The button is a good 2 centimeters above that, and it is really quite awkward. I just think the design team didn't really think this one through now. Maybe the batteries in the way, maybe there's the PCB in the way, maybe it's because of the trigger buttons there as well. Why they couldn't do this, but to me it's, just kind of slightly annoying now those triggers on the top there they're in when you're, not using them when you're, not in the gamer mode, and I do find them to be really quite cool well when you enable Them they pop out there's like a little bit of a noisy r2 with the motors that pop them up and then you've got physical click in buttons.

Hardware buttons, not those horrible capacitive touch I mean competitive touch, is good behind. We, of course, just so much better. There so my complaint really with the build it's just that power, button, location and then right at the top. Yes, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, very good quality out of this one, no complaints there and when we have a look at the front of the screen. So it does have yes bezels top and bottom, so 20 megapixel front facing camera, but we do have a dual loudspeakers front, firing ones now looking at the back here. So this is very similar to the black shock 3 Pro that I reviewed by the way check out the review this one in the channel. It just is in a different color, and we have a blue accent right here, so the silver they've gone with is very, very prone to fingerprints. Okay, you're gon na pick up a lot with this and in the middle along the back here. Middle strip grab us 5, the magnetic Pogo port charging connector. So the cable is not included in the box it's, an extra that we have to pay extra for, of course, and then our cameras on the back here. So this glass is a little bit excessively large. I think the triangular form of it, but it does have a 16 megapixel Samsung gw1 sensor in there 13 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel camera for our depth. Information for portrait shots overall the build quality.

I really do like it. I think it is solid. There isn't absolutely no sharp edges flaws or anything and fitting off the price tag. Now the key feature of this phone is its displays, so 7.1 inches it's a very nice display. This is 2k, so the resolution is 1440 by 31 20. It is a Super AMOLED panel and it has a maximum bonus of with my measurements here. Around 800 nits of brightness, which is very good, making it out in direct sunlight, is, I would say, average it's, not exactly the best but it's. Definitely not the worst. I'Ve seen and you can still send a text message, make out what you're typing at least and that's the main thing there with that now touch sensitivity very very good with this particular panel I'm using full screen gestures, no problems with it at all and we're. Looking at real world images, you can see that they do look very good. No issues were blacks, so blacks, I'm – not seeing you funny green 10, I'm, not seeing any and even low brightness blacks, either with this panel, which is good, it has a refresh rate of 90 hits or 60 Hertz. You can select it through the settings which I will show you shortly, but I just wanted to point out that the gamma is almost spot on. It is about 2.3, here closer towards 2.2, which is good and what the display we do have a few options here.

So we've got this MMO, which I find to be way to over saturate it's, just over the top colors punchiness natural mode or true vu view mode here, and you can adjust the coolness warmness of the display to what you prefer there. So that's all pretty straightforward. It now edge detection. I find to be good and with this full screen gestures, it is running really well iq moded, as well as there refresh rates out of the box it's going to be on 60, but I keep it on 90 for this review and same goes with a resolution. So it will be on there intelligent resolution, which will be switching between 1080p and 2k, but I'm gon na force it onto 2k again for the entirety of this particular review here, and we do have highway DC, dimming so I'm going to keep this on because it Stops any flicker when I'm recording with my camera and that low brightness says you should not see any flicker with this screen. It is a high quality panel. It just tends to be, I think, out of the box just a little bit over the top with a cause and saturation. I wanted to put this in here as well, because I know a lot of people gon na go hey Chris. I want a comparison in dips between the black track 3 and the black track 3. Pro it's not worth it. Ok, it's not worth me going to that effort all that effort for really minor differences, so this one on the black Shack.

3, Pro slightly now two speakers, the cameras are exactly the same: thermals pretty much exactly the same to performance, the same better life better on the black track. 3 screen: ok, yeah slightly sharper 2k resolution. You get on this one, the black eye 3. Is it actually worth the extra is not really hard? We'Re gaming triggers yeah, okay, the highway gaming triggers. If you play a lot of, for example, pub G or Call of Duty yeah it's nice to have, but I don't think it's actually worth the extra. I would go with this one here: the blackjack three so that's. What you're looking at is the off screen display, which is the always on display. Now this will shift around you can customize it. You can change it. If you want, it will show you notifications too. So it shifts around to stop any screen burn, but maybe you know if you come back and look at this in three years time it could actually cause a bit, especially where the fingerprint reader has been an AMOLED panel. Now this also does move a few pixels out so it's not always going to be in the exact same position so show you the unlocking speeds I have found them to be very average, a little on the slow side compared to other phones that I have reviewed. Like the X 50, Pro 5g or the X 2 Pro or the highway P 30 Pro, they have super fast and screen fingerprint readers.

This one does lags behind it. A little bit now runs joy. Ui live enjoy the UI 11 is me UI, 11. Basically, from Xiaomi but just tweaked for black shark now, because I've got the 12 gigabytes of RAM I've forced also 90 Hertz, and i have force 2 k. This thing is just very, very smooth and fast and my typical mon, the animations do they have any frame dips. No, they don't seem to have any lags that. I think the team really are doing a much better job with this phone. Well, the black shark guy is the Jui. I think they doing a better job than me away in terms of optimization they've. Just got it down a little bit now. Ram management is a little aggressive now full screen gestures, they're working good, and I notice that it will kill things off quite quickly. What about YouTube that's been sitting there now for 30 minutes. No, of course, not even with 12 gigabytes of RAM. It wants to kill it off to save us battery life. I think that is just wrong. It'S, just too aggressive there, so I'll go back into gallery because I want to run through some things here. So when you first get it this being the Chinese one version there's a lot of bloatware on here. Ok connect. Have all these Chinese apps Google Play Store so just run the Google installer version 3, google. It move the apk file on your phone and go through and get it to install Google Framework, Google services and the Play Store and everything else.

So we do have on first vote to 231 gigabytes free on the 256 gigabyte version and it has a security patch level of yeah last year. I don't know why, but this is bad November – Oh November 2019, okay and that's, just to speak of the phone that I am on. The latest uh firmware update here as well. I can see joy UI, yes, there's some Chinese in there being the Chinese ROM. So camera2 api support level 3, very good that's. What we want – and I expected this being a Chinese phone so wide vine, little cert level, 3, okay, so standard definition for Netflix Amazon, Prime video yeah, not great, and what about the wireless speed? So very good. No problem see it's not the fastest I've seen, especially when you're only got like one or two bars of signal. Strength on five gigahertz wireless. By the way here, I've noticed that the readme K 30 Pro was much quicker that can get about 360 megabits per second. In fact, the fastest I have ever seen with low signal string speeds, and here we have GPS, okay, so very good, typical Qualcomm. We cannot get better than three meters with them due to some law restriction. If you've got a mediatek chip, then you can get actually one meter of accuracy. So here we have an 2 2, so it is good, very good. This is a great score as expected, and what about battery life so first they forced the 2k resolution and then 90 Hertz, so 8 hours and 2 minutes ouch.

This is not good. This is a lot worse than a blackjack 3 Pro. This is about 20, worse or so 30, because of that screen resolution larger screen has more, of course, pixels to illuminate light up larger area, more backlight, so it's gon na burn through the battery faster, even at 60 Hertz and the just 1080p resolution well install kind Of poor isn't it 11 hours and 52 minutes not really the greatest there now a battery charging time, so it will go from 2 to 59 in just 21 minutes and in 30 minutes you get 70 percent battery life from 2. That is really quick for a five thousand milliamp hour battery very, very good and fully charged. You can see us here. 55 minutes is the time it takes to fully charge it. The black shark 3 will take about 41 or 42 minutes to fully charge onto audio. Now so they do sound very similar, the loudspeakers, but to me the black shack 3 Pro is a fraction louder now 3.5 minute output on both of them is excellent and it's exactly the same on the back track. 3 Pro here, voice quality for calls. The same very good, no problem, so let's he'll, listen now to the dual front, facing loudspeakers on this Applause on to gaming, but old fishery, the game space, so that's, our exclusive gaming hub. This is it right here now you can add games manually, a lot of them you will have to do, and this you can see is where the games are listed.

You'Ve got various different settings up the top here now most of these up here game settings as well that you can actually trigger win in the game so that's when you flick the switch at the top to get into this I'll just go back here into critical Ops now this game, it is very good because it's going to run at 90 frames per second a lot of other games. Don'T is we're gon na be down to the developers if they support the 90 frames per sec in the game. So we've got settings in here for just basically not being interrupted, so no calls coming through. You can change that now. The monitor is your FPS monitor, which will also give us temperatures as well clear. The RAM master controls the interesting one here for the touch controls. They can configure with appreciative pressure, sensitive touch, voice, control ones as well, a master trigger so that's. What I'm using right here the triggers have popped up at the top and assistant overlays. You can configure that wherever you want so with this game here critical ops, I want it for the trigger so that's a on the left and then for reload is be when touching that and then, if you go back so swapping from the corners you've got all These different settings here, so this is where you can configure their performance for each game, so this will save it per game. Okay, so I got the set to the absolute maximum, which is a ludicrous mode to booster performance.

You'Ve got a display, refresh rate controls, touch there again, audio network pretty straightforward here and using those triggers I'll show you what it is like, but you can see just tapping this and hardware. Click in nice feeling triggers for the reload as well. They'Re, really really good. So you can move around on the screen, shoot at targets just so much easier than having to use the on screen touch buttons, but let's have a look at some gameplay here of critical ops. So this map here is just one of the ones up against the bots here so using the triggers very easy oops going for a groin shot here, that's, not very good, but it does make it a lot easier. Just tapping the triggers and you see reloading just a tap the trigger there, so this does work really well now. What go into a lot of gameplay do check the black Shack 3. If you want to see some more gameplay, but one running at 90 frames per. Second, the whole time supporting a higher refresh rate. Other games, like pub G, also really good and those triggers they do add quite a lot, but does it make it worth the extra going for this phone just because of the triggers really? I don't think it is and the better life, as I pointed out, it's not as good as the black shark 3. Now on to our cameras, so I find that the cameras do need.

I think, a lot of optimization firmware updates. Hopefully, when they do release them can improve our camera quality. So this is the pro mode that you can actually take a 256 megapixel photo and I don't find it to be really that good you're not gaining that much I mean you can crop a little bit more into the image, but the quality seems quite blurred, as You can see from the example I'm just showing you now. It also does take a long time with the processing here, as you can see about 15 seconds and then 64 megapixel Mouse we've got night mode here, portrait photo and the ultra wide. Is there too that can be selected that's the standard lens and video goes up to 4k 60 frames per second with this particular one now I'll just go quickly back to that pro mode to show you and that we also have settings here for the white balance. Focus shutter rate and the exposure now the shadow rate goes up to 32 seconds and our ISO up to 3200. There now those samples, so we can shoot ultra wide video, but it doesn't have any electronic image stabilization. None of the video does sadly, with this phone on the current firmware. The main 64 megapixel sensor can take 4k up to 60 frames per second. This sample right here is 30 frames per second, I don't find the focus to be bad at all. I think it's quite good, no problems with it, which is great but yeah.

The lack of electronic image. Stabilization means this is not really a phone for taking video with its current state. You'Re gon na need to use a gimbal. Now the audio quality is well, the bitrate is a little bit low. I hope that black shark won't show me can improve the bitrate and add that electronic image stabilization. So yes, of course, facing camera does not have any electronic image stabilization, even though it does have quite a crop to it. Now the 1080p quality we get here, that's maximum resolution you can record with the front facing camera is very good. Now show me there's tends to actually be quite good at 1080p videos. I mean it does look a lot better than other manufacturers. I have been testing out, for example like real me: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. Now let me talk a little bit about the thermals to with gaming. I'Ve noticed that if you're gon na game for a solid hour, or so just like the smaller black shark 3, that it will get up to about ' degrees according to their widget, the battery temperatures surface temps on this will be up to around 43. The longer you play the hotter will get, and this is normal. This is a powerful chipset that has endless and it's passively cooled. There'S no fan in this particular model here now there is an attachment fan you can get for this. You can also get a mechanical keyboard and the gaming pad, and all that but it's, going to cost you extra and unfortunately, we don't have their magnetic charging cable either in the box.

That is again another extra. So if they can optimize those cameras just to improve the performance of them low light, selfies video quality especially lacks any form of stabilization. So really the cameras on this one aren't great and overlooked in its current firmware state, so look for improvements with firmware updates coming through, hopefully from black shark. But to me this is the one to go for it's the black Shack 3, not the 3 Pro, because the 3 Pro we lose a lot in terms of battery life because of the 2k screen. The mechanical pop up triggers are really cool they're great to use. They are very nice. Ok gaming. If you play a lot of pub G, you play a lot of Call of Duty, you're going to make full use of them, and it gives you an advantage over touch because it's just so much quicker and easier to use there, but it's just not worth it. I don't think, and then the bulkier sighs I love my larger phones, but at seven point one inches and 260 grams and then 11 millimeters. This is just a little too bulky for a daily carry. I feel for most people there. So, thank you so much for watching this review. Please check out the review of the black shack 3. I go into a little bit more gaming. There a little bit more in the gaming settings, the the sharp space mode there too, as well, if you're interested in seeing now – and I didn't want to repeat it all in this video to be a bit of a broken record.