This is the proper black shark, not the Hallyu version that a lot of people were calling the black shark, because this is a true successor with the latest flagship chipset in it. So it has the qualcomm snapdragon. 835. Eight gigabytes of RAM – and I had 128 gigabytes of storage – is my particular version here. So this has a bit of a bulky build to it because it apparently has an additional layer of cooling on there. They'Ve got some marketing that they put more copper in more heat transfer pipes, so it should run cooler than everything else, giving you even more frames per second, but a little spoiler here that it actually doesn't seem to make any difference at all. To me, maybe a few lifts at gaming and charging at the same time for five hours there might be a bit of a difference. It does get warm on the back, but the performance is really good. So screen on this one is an AMOLED panel, 6.' inches it's, very nice it's very bright as well, and we'll go into some detail with everything of this phone and take a look at it exactly, but first we'll start out and have a look at what we Get with the black shark so at the time of this video, unfortunately, China everywhere I checked and in the EU no one has the controller's for it. They'Re called the black shark, two pro controllers, so I left and a right hardware control that clip onto the cases you can see here from the official press info, but out of stock out of stock everywhere.

So this is really silly that we can't even get hold of it at the time of the release of the phone. So now this one, I got from trading gin gin and they included a type c adapter to USB, and we have ready here an adapter here for EU for me so right here we have a sentry tool and they did give us inside the box a TPU Case a clear one, so that's. What here has a transparent little more of a cutout but therefore the logo there. So you can see, of course, the colors coming through from the lights and on the side. It protects all the buttons and it will protect the cameras and the screen with that. So that is good, and then we have the charger it's, quite a big charger, but I'll tell you why that is and that's, because it has a maximum output. Now of 20 volts, so this is now Qualcomm's could charge for that. It'S using and the charge times are very quick. It takes around about an hour or so to charge it, which is really good, and then we have right here: cell cable, so that is a type c2 3.5 millimeter adapter and then a black short type c2. Usb cable it's. Interesting. To note, too, with the case that they put these little rubber pads on the bottom of it, I think that's the grip and also to stop it from sliding off any tables or anything which is a nice little touch.

They'Ve done this, oh and it is of course, 209 grams. Now, the thickness of it. It is nine, almost nine millimeters thick and then, where the camera bulge. It comes up to nine point. Eight, so it's, not the slimmest, all the lighters phone out there. Of course, being extra chunky with the larger battery, so let's have a look at the build of it now and a little bit of detail. So what we have not the slimmest bezels, okay top and bottom. The sides are good, but top and bottom we do have a bit of a chan bit of a top here but I'd, like the fact they have not used a notch. Here this to me is almost a little bit refreshing after all, these knotch flagship phones that I've been looking at with teardrop notches and the water drop knotch. So we do have two front firing. Loudspeakers I'll give you a sample of them later on in this review, but I wanted to mention now to me they're a little bit disappointing. They need to be punchy err, they need to be a little bit louder. You can see antenna lines here on the side. We have this green accent all around, so it's metal the whole build the frame of it on the rear. There is a little bit of plastic, which I will show you now so you can see here. We have a RGB colour logo there with black shark and this finish around it.

So this is a combination of an alloy they've used here with this plastic around here, the middle volume up and down buttons. They feel good and the buttons on the left hand, side here, sorry, the right we have a power on and in the switch for the dedicated gaming mode, which I will show you in this video too, on the bottom of the Black Shark. Here is our type C port so that little dot here, that's not actually the microphone. This is our sim tray. Now, within it as 2, nano SIM slots, no micro, SD card support and the microphone for voice calls is actually part of that front facing loudspeaker and then along the top of the phone is our secondary mic here or video and noise cancellation. I don't particularly like the location of it, and the reason is that when I was recording videos as you'll see in this video, my video samples that sometimes, if you move your hand around you, do get that scratchy kind of noise come through and then our two Rear cameras here, so the main one is a 48 megapixels sensor. It does that by a filter, pixel benning's it'll take a 12 megapixel shot. It doesn't seem to be any 48 megapixel mode that I can enable through the camera settings, and then we have a 2 times fixed optical zoom or maybe even digital, that just gets twice as close that one's just a 12 and megapixel sensor so in hand.

This phone actually does feel really quite good. It feels solid well made, and yes, as I mentioned, probably the third time now a bit chunky. I wanted to point this out here too, so this gap in the glass where we had the front facing loudspeakers. I really wish it was flush with the glass you can see already it's, picking up little bits of lint and dust from being in my pocket, not great so for the screen we don't have like a gaming screen that has a high refresh rate. Unfortunately, this is still 60 Hertz this panel, so it is 6.' inches it's an AMOLED panel from Samsung, and it has a resolution of 23 40 by 1080. The maximum brightness is about 710 Nets, which is good, so you can see it in direct sunlight it's, not the best I've seen. I think that goes to the Samsung panels. That can push then about a thousand Nets of brightness. The gamma is about 2.3. It should be 2.2, but it's not too far so it's good there, and you can see here with real world images that the screen does look very good now, if you see any vertical or horizontal banding coming through, that is just on the camera it's, something that Seems to happen whenever I record AMOLED panels or OLED panels. I sometimes get like this little flicker thing happening, but trust me that is just on camera, so overall, very good screen and, of course the blacks are super deep beam and AMOLED, and just also give you a close up off the screen here.

You can see how nice it is, I think, it's actually a bit of panel than the one in the show me me 9 and the touch response very, very quick, no problems with the input there. It detects it straight away, so let's take a look at the ROM now. The first thing that strikes you when you boat this up is wow it's ugly. I mean the icon set the theme that they have on this well Wow wow they're, trying to make it look. Gay Murray. Is this gamer e to you to me it's, very ugly, but because you can change that with themes and whatever you can probably run Nova Launcher Apex Launcher things like that? If you wanted to now, I wanted to point out. The performance of this is not like me UI, and this is joy. Ui it's slightly different, even though they do share some applications. For example, the camera app I'll bring that up really quickly. That is completely stock. Show me: okay, so it's a normal, charming camera app. I'M, using full screen gestures at the moment and there there is no real lag numbing running fortnight from a couple of games here and I haven't seen any real noticeable stutter. Maybe a couple little tiny micro stutters, but nothing like me or a 10 that is currently running notifications are all showing you're. Calving I've got a couple of ticks messages. What tech messages they're all coming through Twitter as well, will demonstrate the performance of that in just a second effect.

I'Ll. Do that right now so Twitter! This is going to load up these scrolling. You can see there's a few things that need to cash in with the images and video, but overall the scrolling is very, very fast. One thing about this phone is: the touch. Input is really really good. They claim to have apparently a 240 refresh rate. They'Re 240 Hertz the touch digitizer, but of course the screen is only 60 Hertz it's, not a hundred hit panel, which I feel for a gaming device. They should have really done so the performance is good there. It takes a little while to get used to you. Cannot use for some reason I wanted to put Google Playstore down here, for example, they won't, let you put five icons down the bottom there with it. Now you do have some kind of bloatware I'll point that out just now, so I'll go through a few things with the gallery and overall here we go into the screenshots so that when you start it out you're gon na, have it completely stuck like this? You get over 100 gigabytes free 128 gigabytes version. Now, because I hit the Chinese model a Google Play Store. I had to be installed, but once you do that you use the Google Place, installer version 3. I think it is or maybe 4, and that will install fine without any problems here. So there were two updates they came through it. I took a all.

The civil was a little bit slow, even though they weren't actually that beacons they about 111 megabytes. This one was a hundred and seventy one for some reason, a little bit slow so as expected with show me: okay, back shark, independent company sub company, whatever tell me a security level three here, so no Netflix, no Amazon, Prime and Full HD with this. Sadly, because it is a nice screen, it would be good to have that so camera2 api is level three. This is good to see, and this is our memory use so on first boot. Well, after running it for a little while you're gon na have about 5.5 gigabytes free with the eight that this has installed. Now there is a version that has 12, which is kind of crazy. Alright multitasking I've noticed that it's still even with the 8 gigabytes of RAM, it will kill things off after a while, unless you lock them, you have to lock the apps and then it will stay in memory there, which is so good. So the screen recording settings. This is probably one of the things that I know: there's apps out there on Play Store, but this at least will let you know, ok, that you can record with much better quality, well, 30 frames per second by the bit rate of 20 megabits per second, a Lot of those apps kind of level out at 10 megabits per second, so I've done a test with that, and it seems fine.

You can record the sounds with it too, and a few little options here, so the wireless performance, very good, ok, really good. This is, in fact better than the show me me 9, even though it has the same chip I'm, always evering over 300 megabits per second, which is really really quick for a mobile phone, so that is really good there. The 4G speed wise reception call quality good. No complaints there's, nothing really to talk about here, it's all going to depend on your carry the kind of speeds you're going to get there, and so we do have. If you see here when you see this CF. That, of course, is carrier frequency and you can see level 5 and level 1 and then b1. So, yes, it is dual band, dual frequency. It works well, and you get about 4 meters of accuracy that's. All I got there. Internal storage is very quickly a so sequential read of almost 800 megabytes per second and 200 writes. This is what the me 9 is getting, so it has you if it's 2.1 storage, so absolutely no bottle necks or lag here whatsoever. It'S. Very, very quick for a mobile phone, and just like all my other reviews, I wanted to show you the end to to score, but I can for some reason, I've tried to install the end to two 3d files and I've. Given it all the permissions I can of installed it I've reinstalled it.

I can't show it for some reason. So, I'm. Really sorry about that, but the Snapdragon 800 55 is going to get a score very similar to the me. 9. Ok, so speak somewhere around a three hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred and eighty thousand so very good. Very potent GPU, as you can see, and if I put that score up against, for example, another flagship Android chip, which this is the keren 980 and the Huawei p30 Pro you can see that one gets over three hundred thousand. There let's see the difference in the GPU, so it's quite a bit faster. This GPU and as I mention later, I want to show you some gaming. It is androids fastest GPU at the moment and in the phone settings. You'Ll find this so you've got controls here. For the logo on the back, ok, so the logo has just a tiny little LED here will various different LEDs to give us RGB colors. You can see it just now now kept my lights on. If I turn them off, you'll see it a little bit better, but I've noticed that it's not actually that bright. They could have increased the brightness here and then you get the side LED strips here too again, they're a little bit brighter those ones I'll give you an instruction of those too. So you can change all the colors and tweak that here. These are the settings. We'Ve got so for the logo.

You'Ve got your incoming calls for the side lights here and you're able to also tweak them. If you like, all of that kind of thing, it's a little bit gamer II, it actually looks called the side light. So just give you a quick little demo now what they look like. So this is what it looks like you actually only get either side just the green, but it does this pulsing effect, which does look pretty cool and the overall build quality, as I mentioned at the start, is very good at the phone it doesn't detract from the Build at all having these side LED lights, so we have in screen fingerprint unlocking with this phone. So it takes about a second a little bit over that it's, not quite as fast to notice as the me knowing, but I believe, it's the same exact hardware. They are using its optical, of course, and there it goes now face unlocking as well that works, it's even faster, but, of course way less secure. I demonstrate that now so tap and then look at it face matching okay. Now that failed, because I have my tripod in the way so I'll do that one more time and face it more towards me. There we go, and that is the kind of speed you normally get it's very quick unless of course, you're in low light, and it does struggle a little bit more they're, moving on to audio quality.

So there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which I'm really against, especially on a gaming focused mobile here. I think they should definitely have it. Cuz. A lot of gamers are gon na, be using headphones to get better immersion, better stereo separation. So you can hear when someone's coming, for example, on the left side of you. It just makes sense so why they drop it on this phone beats me, I don't understand what's the way will there move, but the quality when you use a 3.5 millimeter adapter. Of course, type c 23.5. It sounds good, it's, typical Xiaomi. I really have no complaints, it could be louder now the speakers as well, they could be louder for a gaming phone. I really think they do need to bolster up. So we have the two front: words firing speakers, so one here and one here. This is great having the dual speakers, especially for a gaming device. It'S just the loudness, but here is a sample now of what it sounds like to demonstrate now, the gaming mode. So if you wanted to game – and you can just flick that switch – then you don't have to do it. You can just launch a game normally, of course, so you do that it tells you they are now entered. What'S called the shark mode Wow, okay and it does this annoying kind of cutscene. It tells you the games, you have installed and it clears the memory.

So you can either accept calls reject calls whatever and here are the options for the controller. So it would be really nice to have this, but think about it very carefully. If you're going to get this phone about the controllers because they cost 89 euros. Okay, the phone is 649. I think it is I'm sorry 549, so you can be paying way over 600. Is it worth that I don't think it is. I think the me 9 has the same as that performance bidding rate left and right controller, as you can see, they're different from the black shark, one from the Black Shark, hey Leo. So here we go in fortnight I'm. Not going to show you a lot here. Just to let you know that it's limited to 30 frames per second that's, the highest frame rate setting, they will give us for some reason, even though this GPU, I think, can handle 60. So why don't they give it 60. No idea! Why they're doing that, you can see performance is really quite good. I'M gon na I'll just jump on this a little. You can see here that no real kind of lag that I can detect. It is on the ultra setting and maybe a look couple of little stutters. Just then now there is this option that you have with the okay, the built in gameshark settings. So if you swipe like that, you've got what's called master touch. Okay, when you bring up the menu now, this is using the screen pressure sensitive sensing, so you can either turn it.

You can do it on the left and the right area, so it gives you a vibration, letting you know that it senses it. I don't really see it actually adding much at all, so just get out of that. You'Ve got the areas that you can configure it to for your game, left and right, which I have done, and this game right now is shadow gun legends which of course, runs just fine. So when I press down hard, I can feel that vibration, but I don't really see what else that's, adding apart from just the haptic feedback, the vibration so Steve frames per second City. Ultra high settings looks really really good performing just as you'd expect for androids fastest GPU here. So absolutely no problems running this kind of game. This little stutter just then, but that's more to do with. I believe, Android caching and things like that. You can zoom. On of the scope and no problems, so pop G is looking very good fantastic. The screen is helping because of the saturated colors that it seems to have by default, and you can have no problems with the framerate. You can see on even this HDR sitting, so it is an HDR screen, looking good, very good, and when i zoom in here with my scope, magnification no slowdown no lag and, of course, if I had the joystick, then I could be using that for the triggers. The controls, and for aiming going at least to use the scope and then to fire.

I could use those triggers those controllers which would be nice, but it cuz it's, not out. So I can't show you that okay, I can't give you exact battery time at the moment, because I've only had the phone for a while and I keep plugging in and to pull off photos and everything like that. I keep resetting my stats. I can give you an estimate so right here the screen has been on for an hour and 12 minutes. I'Ve been gaming, downloading benchmarking and it's holding up really well it's at 88, so that's giving us you could say a screen on time. While the estimate you can see already down the bottom, says nine hours so nine hours of screen on time, I think that's gon na be definitely doable with the four thousand milliamp hour battery. Well, of course, the efficient Snapdragon 805, which is actually quite good, I'm better, like seven nanometer, does of course help out there. So I think full on gaming, probably about six hours that you can expect with this, but this will be, I think, for everyone. Definitely heavy users you're gon na make it through a full day which is really good so on to the camera. Now I'll be whither as against me this week tomorrow and the next few days forecast for bad, where the storms it's raining at the moment and you can see front facing camera – does not have any electronic image stabilization.

This 20 megapixel camera is, I think, the same sensor used in the me 9 and the audio quality could also be improved too. So hopefully, with a firmware update, they could add electronic image stabilization to this camera, so not the best weather to show you what the cameras can do on this phone, but they will be similar to something like, I believe, the redmi note 7. But here we have no electronic image stabilization with 4k video. It seems to work on 1080p. Only. I don't know why this is it's got the same chipset as a course for me, 9. Perhaps they haven't enabled it because they want people to find any 9 or better cameras. Now there is no way to swap over now to the 2 times zoom camera, not with the application here: Music, Music, Music. Okay, now to answer my question that I've been asking: is it worthwhile going from this phone, which is bigger, has more battery capacity better battery life, but it costs the additional 100 euros more with worse cameras than the me9 and no completely? No? No! No! No! I would say: save your money unless, of course, you must have the Bluetooth controllers for this phone, that gon na cost you an additional 89 euros. So when you add that up you're paying over 600 euros for a phone that has exact same performance as the me9 III think it's worth it at all, the marketing hype behind this, of course, that it's got the fastest screen blah blah blah blah blah.

I see no difference with gaming, okay, it's just marketing to me get yourself one of these, I would say a Bluetooth controller. There are ones like this one that can hold your phone, and this is actually a lot more comfortable than the gameshark controllers. I don't have the gameshark controllers because for some stupid reason they haven't been released at the same time as the phone they're out of stock everywhere. I don't know when they're gon na be in stock and I have tested them on the black shop one and yeah. They do add a little bit more, but they're way more uncomfortable than saying, of course, using one of these. So I will start out and just give a very quick recap that we have a very nice screen. That, I think, is a better screen than me known, but again not worth the extra money front facing Jew. Loudspeaker is good, but not actually as loud as they should be no NFC on this one NFC on this one. We have no wide angle camera the front facing camera, looks to be about the same we're missing out on the stabilization with the video 4k video, at least, which is really disappointing, typical Xiaomi. But the notifications come through on this one. It is a very good build to it. Okay, we have the nice gamer LEDs on the side and all that, if you really into it it is not a bad phone. It oh it's just I don't believe that it's worth the extra hundred euros, not at all.

Ok, so that is my review there of the black Shack. I hope you liked it.