You can also think of this video as a Roundup to the products that huyon has released last year, and this year there are discounts up to 30 percent off and for selected products. You will get two years instead of one year warranty, which is great by the way I have tested many of these products before. So if you need personalized recommendations from me, let me know the type of work you do your setup at home, the computer you have and also how much table space you have all right lets, take a look at the first product, which is the best product. If you think of best as the largest pen display with the highest resolution, this is the one. This is the canvas Pro 24 4K priced at US, 1 300 dollars during Black Friday, its off by 130 dollars, and they have shown in this mini key down. Kd 100.. The main thing to note about this pen display is, if you are a Mac User. You are probably going to use this with the 1080p workspace, with the sharpness of 4K you cant use. I mean you can use this with 1440p workspace, but the visuals will appear fuzzy and blur, so you want to get the advantage of 4K, so you will have to use this at 1080P and 1080p. Workspace is not going to be as productive compared to 1440p workspace. For Windows users 24 inch paired with 4K, is Great Windows.

Users dont have to worry about UI scaling, and this is just one of the few 24 inch pen displays offered by huyon. If you want something big, but you dont pay so much, you can check out their 24 inch 1440p pen displays which – which I will show you right now. So this is the canvas 24.. There are two models: the canvas 24 and canvas 24 plus. The canvas 24 Is Us 600, during Black Friday and 24 plus is 719, so its about 120 dollars more. The difference between these two is color support, so the plus model will have better colors and will look much better, and this is 23.8 inch pad with 1440p resolution again for Mac OS users, thats, not a good display and resolution combination, but for Windows users. Its great out of the three 24 inch displays. I would probably recommend you get the canvas 24 plus if you want the best value for your money, because this is 700 versus a year. This is the earlier 4K model, which is 1 100 plus dollars, so its 400 plus dollar savings 1440p resolution is still quite Sharp, but of course 4K is sharper, but font. Sorry 1440p resolution is noticeably sharper than 1080p, but it jumped from 1440p to 4K. For me, it doesnt feel as big as the jump from 1080p to 1440p and this pen display can be used at Native resolution. So you can use 1440p resolution without any scaling the visuals, such as the icons the text, the manual bars.

They are going to look slightly smaller compared to 1440p resolution on a 27 inch display, but its still very usable, even on a slightly smaller 23.8 inch display. So if you have the budget for big display, consider the canvas 24 plus, if you want the best of the canvas 24 k. Okay lets, take a look at the smaller pen displays. We have the canvas Pro 13 and canvas Pro 16, which are priced at us. 359 versus 5′, so its a difference between oh its, a difference of 200 US dollars for 13 versus 16 inch again in terms of value for money. I would say: 13 inch will provide more value for money simply because the pricing is much lower and 13 inch is still a very good size to draw on the size is slightly larger than an A4 piece of paper, so you still get a good amount of Canvas space to draw on, if you are thinking of using your pen, display as a main display, I would say, go with a larger display. If you have the budget, because a larger display is just easier on your eyes – and there is one main difference between the Pro 13 2.5 and the pro 16 2.5. Interestingly, this smaller pen display actually has a resolution of lets. Take a look has an aspect ratio of 16 by 10, so the resolution is 2560 by 1600, which is my preferred aspect: ratio 16 by 10, but the 16 inch model is just 16 by nine.

The aspect ratio is just 16.9, but 16 inches well bigger anyway. Uh to decide between all these pen displays, I would say, choose based on the features like whether there are any shortcut buttons. The warranty period color support the cable connection. As for drawing performance, most of these pen displays they have pretty similar drawing performance. So you should choose based on other features and also how much table space you have so between the Pro 13 and pro 16 um. If you have limited budget, obviously Pro 13 would be, I would say, the better choice. Both displays will have very sharp visuals thanks to the 2.5 k resolution. If you dont have so much budget for a pen display, you can go with pen tablets like those tablets without a screen. These two are on offer, so the inspired channel is a gigantic pen display sorry, its a gigantic pen tablet that is made to pair with huge monitors, monitors that are 24 inches and larger, and this inspired out here uh its a 10 hasnt. Sorry, it has a 10 by 6 inch, drawing area which is the ideal drawing area, so this pen display can actually be packed even with very large monitors as well. Just that, if you really want more space to draw on, maybe the channel would be a better choice, but, generally speaking, I recommend 10 by 6 inch cheaper as well, and if you find 143 US dollars to be quite pricey, there is the earlier model.

Lets. Take a look at the earlier model, the inspiroid Dell q620m, which is just 76 US dollars. So this is about half the price of the second generation. So this is a good one to consider if you have limited budget, and this design looks really nice as well, and these are the odd pen tablet options. Generally speaking, I would recommend you get something with a 10 by 6 inch drawing area, so things like six. Four six inch by four inch. This is too small. This is Nine Inch by five inch. This is six inch by 10 inch, so this is good yeah anyway, there are so many different models to choose from. There is also a pan tablet with keyboard on the side. This is 1′ US dollars, but this will take up more space on your table. Obviously, okay lets take a look at the other products scroll down here. Oh, the canvas Pro 13 and 16 will come with two years warranty. Does this come with two years? Warranty lets have a look. Um, anyway, do check the warranty period, so this is just one year, so its just uh Pro 24 4K, with two years warranty and uh Pro 13 and 16 2.5 k with two years warranty. They also have a 4K version of the canvas Pro 16.. This is a good option for Mac OS users, because you will be using this with the 1080p workspace with the sharpness of 4K.

If you get the Pro 24 earlier, you will also be using 1080p workspace. So since youre going to be using 1080p workspace, either way, I would say just save the money and go with the smaller Pro 16.. Unless you really need that larger size to work with – and here we have the canvas 22, this only has 1080p resolution. So if you need a larger pen display, but you dont have that much budget consider the canvas 22.. There are two models: the standard 22 and 22 plus standard 22 is for your 400 US Dollars. 22 plus is 500 US Dollars. The difference is, canvas 22 plus has brighter oh sorry its bright there and has better color support, so the visual quality is going to be noticeably better, and this happens to be, I mean more specifically, the canvas 22 plus happens to be the pen display that I Still recommend even to this state for those who are looking for a big pen display at a rather reasonable price, with excellent visual quality, even though this pen display was released last year or was it in 2020. I cant remember anyway, its still the one that I would recommend very easily today. Even today, lets take a look at the other 24 inch models, so there are three 24 inch models, remember 4K, and these two, the canvas 24 and the 24 plus. These are 2.5 k so again between the 24 and the 24, plus its just a better color support and brightness that you get with the plus model.

It is possible to use 1440p resolution native on a 23.8 inch display just that the menus, the icons the palettes are going to be slightly smaller compared to 1440p on a 27 inch display, but 1440p on 23.8 inch display is still very usable and the plus model Would be the one that I would recommend unless you really need the 4K resolution, in which case you have to spend like 400 plus US dollars more okay lets look at the other models. We have the canvas Pro 12. 13 16.. So these are the more uh budget pen displays you can choose based on your budget and also how much table space you have. If you want the high resolution go with the 2.5 k. The thing is, even though these pen tablets are using 1080p resolution. 1080P is still very usable with anti slates at this size, so you can actually save some money if you dont need uh 1440p, and the thing is. Even if you have 1440p resolution of 4K resolution on a 16 inch, you are still going to be using the 1080p workspace, so you can just get a pen display with 1080p resolution and use it at 1080p. It will save you some money, and these are all the other pen tablets for consideration. If you have a budget of less than us 100 dollars, I dont think you will be missing out if you dont have a pen display if you dont have a screen to draw on, because I mean there are many artists who still prefer to use pen tablets Because you can set the tablet on the table and draw with your back straight, so actually using pen tablets like this can be more ergonomic with a pen display.

You really have to prop up your display at certain angles. You have to set it up properly so that you can sit properly, especially if you are drawing for long periods of time, but for pen tablets like this, they are more ergonomic when it comes to drawing for long periods of time. So I think huion has some pretty good deals this year for Black Friday and now to give you my overall recommendation. If you have the budget well canvas Pro 24. If you want to have the best value for money, big pen display go for the canvas Pro 24 2.5 k, the 24 plus 24 plus, if you want something smaller, obviously its either Pro 13 or 16 2.5 k. If you have limited budget go with the 1080p models and if you want something even more affordable go with the pen tablets, the ones without the displays, I would recommend the dial to inspire doll 2 or the dial one right so before we go just want to.