This credit will start around january, sorry july, sorry, july, to september okay, now let’s check it out how it’s look like and what we can gain from ocean mode a lot, but i want to know about it. Okay, first one, everyone will start from first place, that’s. What they plan, especially everyone, start from start event, your top player top one cp player. You just start play this game. You will start the same point: that’s the reason to make ocean mode and yep in this mode. You don’t, you cannot top up to increase your cp. Okay, you can top up to increase cp line, other content. You need to farm active and get loot from master and next question what we can gain from this mode. Okay, this mode at first they have four. Okay, they have four so on. Okay, uh this zone will record a request: different cp, okay, its zone will record different cp uh example. Here you will see a pvp icon here, just mean other player can attack me. Okay and rexone. Other player can attack me and hear a rack, so another player can attack me and this white zone; okay, uh peaceful zone, this one for this one. We request uh ship, two one, two, two, this one, two three, this one, two four and this one to find. Okay, for me, i already unlocked all zone in here. You will see some iceland, okay, some iceland, here, okay, some iceland, here, okay, what we can gain from this one first one you will see.

I just show you fishing edging mode, okay and fishing new system mode. What we can gain yeah, we can gain uh some useful material here. You will see okay, this one and we can increase cp this one uh pilot iceland ticket okay, pirate iceland to get it’s very useful uh this one and hand material for ocean mode. That’S me now we can use for outside wall or normal mode. This one very useful for normal mode. Okay, you can add chain five and you will receive around 10 ticket and after you have enough ticket, you can come to here. Okay for this zone, you need uh ship 23, okay, ship q3. You can check my old video how to upgrade it for that we need to wake a wheel after delete ocean mode. Okay, it’s gon na took another uh two to six weeks. To lead. This zone depend on global server here from here from here, you will receive the same item, okay, disable item and this one can use for normal mode. This one also can use for normal mode can increase your cp to enter. We need around 10 ticket. Okay, i think ticket can drop from monster and you can add change from fishing mode. Okay, let’s check it out how much we can gain this. One uh make difficult at level 30. Okay, our requests are 27 kcp and this mode you can enter with your walker. Your worker is coming from your ship for me i can add up to seven walker now.

I still need to add one more. Okay keep moving, therefore, didn’t. Let you walker attack and uh. You stay behind vocal and keep attack or dps them, it’s more better, with rank class for this mode, because if you have low cp, you need to keep improve cp to enter orange, color or red color. You also need good dps. When you fight boss, you have limit time around 3 minutes. That means you also need a good dps for your main character and korean server coming soon and yeah trim it coming soon for walker all right, craig, okay, that’s, not very cool there’s, no problem. We have different cpu, this one’s gon na fast mode. Okay, normally i can gain around 20 to uh 20 plus i turn into 20 plus okay somewhere they can, if you etching, full fishing mode. Okay at 30 to 50 depends on your ing. Okay, now let’s check it out. I’M. Sorry, okay, let’s! Go aside from here. How much we gain from this pirate, iceland mode? Okay! Normally i have 60 ticket right this one one run 10 ticket that’s mean i can run another fight run. How much i can gain and it’s easy to farm civilians or not because a lot of they keep asking okay now let’s check how much i gained this one: 4 billion okay, every ticket, every 10 ticket i gained four billion and that’s me. I can gain another 20 billion from 50 ticket.

Okay hope you guys understand how easy to farm saver in future. Okay, let’s seal this thing, another one billion it’s, one other actual material. For this gem. We can offer to uh aquas jack joe that’s, going to use it in future from cam mode. Okay. Here we can offer to one, but this will need a lot. 15K 15k only increase line uh 10 to 20, okay, it’s gon na need a lot great fun. Guys see you guys in next video hope. Just really can help you guys a little bit to understand more about in ocean and our pilot, iceland mode in future.