So stick with us till the end malware and viruses are still on the rise. According to verizon’s data breach investigations, most breaches result from hacking, malware infections and phishing attacks to be secure. You need to protect yourself against these and related threats. The best way to do this is by using a paid antivirus security suite premium. Antivirus suites give you complete protection as well as advanced security, enhancing features like vpn file, shredder, firewall, parental control, anti phishing, anti fraud, safe banking, among others. Also, most premium programs offer cross platform protection, meaning you can cover all your devices, including windows, mac, smartphone and tablets. With a single subscription in this in depth, bitdefender total security review. We will cover its features, protection and performance capabilities, user interface, pricing structure, compatibility and more let’s get started, but first we will take a quick look at the pros and cons of this product and give you our overall verdict. The pros include award winning anti virus protection against malware viruses and other online threats. A wide array of features focused on privacy, optimization and security, minimal performance impact on your system, while carrying out its operations, compatibility with all major operating systems such as windows, macos, android and ios devices, multi device subscription plans. A single bit defender subscription can support 10 to 15 devices. This gives you excellent value for your money and an intuitive user interface. There are some cons as well such as limited functionality for ios ios users only get web protection, and some privacy features fewer features for mac in comparison with windows, limited vpn of up to 200 megabytes bandwidth per device per day.

This data limit is not enough for heavy internet usage overall bitdefender total security is an excellent antivirus suite. It boasts an impressive list of features: it’s, versatile and also user friendly. Its malware defenses are rock solid and it doesn’t impact your system performance. This has been proven over and over again in independent lab tests and evaluations. Bitdefender total security also gives you great value for your money, it’s cross platform and compatible with windows, macs, android and ios devices. Besides, you can protect all the devices in your home with a single subscription. During the past few months, the cyberlab team has reviewed ranked and rated 30 plus premium antivirus suites from the biggest names in cyber security. We did this, so you can confidently choose the best. Antivirus software to protect yourself and your family. Currently our number one pick for the best antivirus product is norton 360 deluxe bitdefender. Total security takes a second position, while mcafee total protection ranks. Third, on our list, we have added official links to all of these products in the description box down below you can get a special 70 discount on norton and a cool 50 off on bitdefender and mcafee. So don’t forget to check out these links, but before we begin, we ask for a small favor, a lot of time and effort went into creating this video. If you like this video, please press the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to see more amazing videos from us which antivirus do you use or plan to use, let us know in the comments down below we will reply to your comment now back to the review.

Let’S cover bitdefender total security in detail, starting with features bitdefender total security is a cross platform, anti virus security suite that offers more than antivirus protection. It packs a slew of excellent features and functionalities. Most of the features and extras are offered for the windows and android platform. Essential cutting edge security and privacy features are offered across all the supported platforms. Bitdefender’S features can be divided into three categories, including protection, privacy and utility features. Protection features are tailored to protect you against online security threats and vulnerabilities. Bitdefender boasts a powerful antivirus engine. It uses an improved powerful antivirus engine to provide real time. Protection against malware versus zero day exploits worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware and other online threats. Besides real time, protection against threats, bitdefender total security uses a behavioral detection technique effective against suspicious activities, its advanced threat, defense technology monitors, your active apps and proactively blocks suspicious activities to prevent unforeseen infections. Another key bit defender feature is online threat prevention. It incorporates bitdefender cloud based technology to prevent attacks before they begin. It is beneficial when you are browsing the internet depending on the implementation. This feature can help you block suspicious and malware laden websites. You also get anti phishing and anti fraud functionalities that protect you against online scams and web attacks. Bitdefender’S improved vulnerability. Scanner helps check whether you have outdated system settings and software that need to be updated. The security can check for missing windows security, patches, essential updates security, holes, wi fi networks and inform you on the best course of action.

Next we have the privacy firewall, which adds a robust layer of network protection that ensures no unauthorized incoming or outgoing internet traffic. The firewall also shields you from network port scans, and you can also tweak various settings. This firewall ensures your personal information stays safe for malicious actors. Bitdefender also uses a multi layered ransomware protection approach which protects you against ransomware attacks. Anti spam is another cool feature from bitdefender its powerful email filters, protect you against attacks and threats via email, anti spam uses cloud protection to scan suspicious email attachments and blocks them. Now we will discuss bitdefender’s privacy features which help safeguard your private information against various online threats using the bitdefender safepay functionality. You can now enjoy safe online banking without the fear of online attacks. Safepay provides you a secure browser that allows you to bank and shop safely. Safe pay protects you against online fraud, phishing key logging and can autofill your credit card details. Bitdefender also boasts a secure vpn to protect you against prying eyes and secure your online traffic. It does this by encrypting your online traffic and tunneling it through a secure server. The server assigns you a virtual ip address that replaces your actual ip address. However, this vpn offers 200 megabytes of bandwidth per day per device. This is not enough for daily internet surfing and usage for unlimited vpn bandwidth. You will need to upgrade to the premium vpn tier another cool privacy feature is the password manager.

It provides you with a wallet, a secure cyber vault, where you can store your passwords and sensitive information, such as credit card information. Besides storage, the password manager can recommend secure, passwords and auto fill the secure information in online forms. File. Shredder is another privacy oriented tool that permanently deletes files from your hard drives. This is the best way to delete files securely. That leaves no traces in your hard drive. Bitdefender also ensures webcam and microphone protection. It lets. You know when apps or services want to access your microphone or webcam. Additionally, you can block the apps or set bitdefender to do the work. For you. This feature is essential against microphone and webcam leaks that can compromise your privacy other than antivirus protection. You can also provide a safe online environment to your children through bitdefenders parental controls. Moreover, you can keep tabs on them limit their screen time, block websites and apps schedule restrictions and safeguard them from inappropriate online content. Bitdefender will also send you reports if your kids try to access the restricted services. Another prominent feature in the privacy category is anti theft. You can stop worrying if you misplace your windows, laptop and android devices, with this bitdefender feature in the unfortunate event that you don’t, remember where you placed your device or it has been stolen. Bitdefender got your back. Utilizing your device’s gps and network triangulation bitdefender can locate your device. You can remotely track your devices on the bitdefender central account and also lock them wipe sensitive data or make them sound an alarm.

Next, we will take a look at bitdefender’s utility features aimed at improving your system’s performance. These features enable the antivirus program to deliver security and protection without compromising performance. One click optimizer is bitdefender’s, effective, cleaner that helps you eliminate junk and temporary unused files. You can run a disk registry and privacy scan and do the necessary cleanup cleaning your devices helps them run smoothly and efficiently. The profiles feature is another great offering from bitdefender the total security suite offers various profiles that you can use as your daily drivers. These profiles, namely game movie, battery public wi, fi and work, let bitdefender know when to use the system heavily or release the required resources. For instance, if you are gaming, bitdefender will detect the load and switch to game mode. Subsequently, bitdefender will adjust visual settings temporarily. Halt pop ups and even pause unimportant background processes, so that’s the end of bitdefender’s long, robust feature list overall bitdefender gets a full 5 out of 5 marks for features. Now we will see how bitdefender total security fares in terms of anti malware protection, bitdefender, total security packs, an efficient, anti malware and antivirus engine. Also it’s multi, layered approach against various threats ensures unbeatable protection. Bitdefender also relies on cyber threat intelligence technologies to stop attacks even before they can happen. This tech enables bitdefender to analyze, malware and botnet related urls block, sophisticated exploits identify suspicious network level activities and even stop brute force attacks using a combination of other security and privacy features.

Bitdefender can smartly give you the recommended protection to analyze bitdefender protection capabilities. We will look at results from the av test, independent lab. This independent lab assesses and evaluates anti virus security suites based on the criteria which simulate a real world scenario. Av test. Real world testing involves protection against malware infections, such as viruses, worms, trojan horses and zero day malware attacks. It also tests for the detection of widespread and prevalent malware av tests, subjected bitdefender to various samples in which it got 100 in both detection and protection capabilities. Bitdefender. Also scooped the overall protection score of six out of six. This shows that bitdefender offers exceptional protection against online malware and other threats again bitdefender bags all the available five points in this category. We will now evaluate bitdefender’s system performance capability. Bitdefender keeps your devices safe without compromising on performance using the photon technology. Bitdefender total security adapts to your system to improve speed and performance. Depending on your software and hardware setup bitdefender can save computing resources while doing scans. Additionally, most times, you will notice a virtually zero impact on your system performance when heavy scanning is a necessity. Bitdefender takes it to the cloud while maintaining your privacy, hence bitdefender doesn’t impact your resources, nor affect your system’s speed and performance. In the recent av test evaluations, bitdefender total security got a perfect 6 out of 6 scores. It was tested in various situations when it might affect performance such as file operations, browsing installing apps and downloading.

The rating clearly indicates that bitdefender does not impact the performance or speed of your devices again in this category, bitdefender bags all the points. In the next section, we are going to review bitdefender’s user interface, bitdefender sports, a user friendly intuitive interface. Although there were some slight updates, the base design remains simpler and somewhat unchanged. The main window still has two major panels: the left one for major modules, while the right one expands on the module’s features and functionalities. The modules include the dashboard protection, privacy, utilities, notifications and settings. The dashboard presents various scans, the vpn and the safe pay feature. It also gives you recommendations and subscription status. You can also customize it. The protection, privacy and utility modules open up to the related features for interface bitdefender gets four to five points. Now. Some words on bitdefender’s pricing plans bitdefender offers various subscription plans for its products. The plans carry a 30 day free trial and the subscription period starts from one year to three years. Bitdefender total security goes for ‘.98 and covers five devices for the first year, the first two years for five devices cost 89.99, whereas the three year plan costs 119.99. Apart from the total security package, bitdefender also offers a few other antivirus products for home users. They include bitdefender antivirus plus, which costs 29.99 per year for three devices: bitdefender internet security, which retails at 34.99 for three devices: the family pack, which goes for 49.99 for 15 devices bit defender premium; security which costs 64.

99 for 10 devices. In short, bitdefender subscriptions and pricing plans offer the best value for your money in the antivirus markets for pricing. Bitdefender takes 5 out of 5 points. Moving on to bitdefender’s compatibility, the total security suite is a cross platform product and is compatible with windows. Macs, android and ios. Its subscription plans are also multi device. A single subscription can support up to 10 devices. If you have more devices, you can upgrade to the family pack, which supports 15 devices. Bitdefender total security is more fully featured for windows than it is for macs. The mac version has few features, but you can get the same unbeatable protection. This also goes for the mobile version. Android packs more features, while ios is limited to some essential protection. Mac and ios are closed systems, and hence there is little third party products can do for compatibility. It would be unfair to give bitdefender anything less than five points. Finally, we will take a look at bitdefender’s customer support options. Bitdefender offers customer support to the faq knowledge base, a 24 7 live chat, option and the second level email support the knowledge base contains guides and tutorials regarding activations installations and how to troubleshoot common issues. If the faq support isn’t enough, you can try the live, chat, it’s, usually responsive and can help you with issues not addressed in the knowledge base for more complicated issues. You will need to use email. It is relatively slow but effective for complicated matters when it comes to support.

Bitdefender gets a four to five. To sum up: bitdefender total security is a top tier antivirus product with an excellent array of features. Its impeccable protection is unbeatable and it doesn’t get in your way during your daily activities. Its subscriptions offer you a better value for your money and they support multi devices. Moreover, bitdefender total security is cross platform compatible with windows, mac, os, android and ios. You get a fully fledged antivirus security, suite in windows android and a stripped down version on macs, similar to other anti virus suites in ios. You get web protection with very few features, so that’s the end of our in depth, review of bitdefender total security. We hope you enjoyed this video. Do share your feedback in the comments section down below and let us know which antivirus program you use or plan to use in the future check out some other videos from our channel don’t forget to like and subscribe before.