You made it home Music. It seems youre corrupting yourself already one step closer to the truth to the Whispers. Oh boy, I need some help guys and I need some help. Oh oh Franks got me good there. You got me good back off back off. I think youll sit back Music Music, you didnt do so good yeah. Let me take it. No, not today. Okay, Im still here, Music, ah Music, oh my God, okay, oh we saw you die. Ah excuse me yeah! I dont know Music yeah. He just popped out of existence. I dont know Music um. Oh I felt like I was wandering in darkness for a while there. Oh, I couldnt light anything or I dont know. I still have my stuff right or what Im? Okay, yeah its night time, okay, its daytime. Now you just reach morning, not quite oh, okay, okay, my visions, fine, then! Oh, that was weird. You just uh lugged that whole Crystal up here, oh wow, okay, we found some things about it that two of us have found pretty useful as well as maybe for both of us, the four all four of us inclusively. We got some stuff too. We might. I dont know I was but like how you saw you die. How did you not? I I dont know like what we were fighting as fighting that rock guy, that Golem thing and everything went black and then Music, like wind, rushing around me and just darkness, and I felt like I could still feel myself like.

I was walking, but I dont know well, ah, Im glad youre not dead, thats for sure yeah thats quite crucial. We need to do this. Just try not to die again. Man yeah, I guess if that was what death was. I dont know how Im back here. I dont know if you might have had this with your family, but Ive had to go through a series of like practices to make sure that I know what Im doing when Im in the mind. So you might need that. Okay, okay, Music, um all right! Well, okay, well, sorry, Ive worried you guys there I feel like it was like twice Ive worried you guys now once with that, one that that juice stuff, that one time where I just disintegrated and dont worry Im sure you know what are you doing in the Mines, I I know what Im doing I Id like. Well, I dont know the minds I grew up in were way different than this. I grew up in like vein. Mines where, like theyre, very, very thin and narrow, okay, Ive never been through cavernous mind. We should head to the blacksmith and get our bearings use up. The metal we collected, install anything we dont all right. Okay sounds good. Lets, go Music Omega. Are you coming? Are you staying uh yeah Ill come Ill? Come give me a minute getting my bearings still. You guys keep going to meet you up there.

Music, Music, Music, Ill speak about you. If you do not come alive, I do not care what they think Im here to build a better future, a future where we all gon na live. Even you Dark One. Hmm good luck! I will always be here, though. What is that dark? One? Nothing for you to worry about! Well, no matter lets continue. Music. Sorry, you doing okay, Im just getting some dizzy Spirits! You know things happen that doesnt that doesnt sound like a thing at all. Well, I might have butt my head a few times in the mines, while I was trying to climb out of there somehow yeah thats something Music. Oh, what was that that just happened to you too well alrighty, then what was that dont know Music, what dude just the other day but got ta direct link, my gods, not to whatever Music. I dont know its a bit weird to ask, but you dont happen to have a patron deity. Do you? No? Not that I know of my we just live the best we can thats, where I grew up. Okay, well, alrighty then lets just keep pulling yeah. I guess move on with it. I dont know that was weird, though cool a little bit pickaxe. I like your pickaxe Music, what nothing? Nothing Music Im, just mining away like Im, not in my business. It seems why yeah Music! Oh! What are they doing? Oh wow? Okay, fit given that it, it looks like this goes a lot further.

We we should. We should wait for now. Instead of just rushing in uh, yeah Ive been rushing in nearly got you killed yeah, so I think we hold off until were better equipped or until somebody else shows up, because we probably dont have enough people as it stands. Yeah I dont know where this goes, but my take is that its going to just be like another mine and I dont think we need another incident yeah, especially we already have the minds that we have. We have all those 40 levels to go through yeah. I think its for now for now lets just try and build whatever that thing needing Stone was 18. foreign. I think there is another hundred back at the blacksmith. I have been collecting oh yeah. You can use that because between what weve got and that we might be able to get enough sometime soon, all right, how much did you get? I got 130 or something like that. Much does somebody want to give the speech laughs. I dont think it is. You go for it. Did you see what it does? I guess it didnt take too long to get this second built, but yeah its got to be an addition. Uh, wonderful addition, so when it explodes and were all dead again here, yo, maybe all right how about it? This is a risk.