I had to read this book its about retrieval practice and I knew that I wouldnt have enough time to read the whole thing, but I really wanted to get some key information from it and what I used was the popular highlights features. So you go in the menu, you can click on popular highlights, and that meant that I got this about a hundred different people for each highlight digesting the book for me and I was able to have a little read through those and pick the area that I Thought was going to be most useful, and so in this way I was able to quickly find the chapter about the study tubers. The study tubers are a group of people who make a YouTube channel around them studying, so they actually do things like study with me. They talk about revision, advice and even teach other students that same content, and yet the Kindle app looks absolutely wonderful on these books devices here on the tab Ultra so, for example, in the Art and Science of teaching by Christopher such which, which Im picking up Im. Not a primary school teacher but um were teaching our daughter to read or shes in primary school now and Im really interested to see how shes going to do that. I can go to the popular highlights section here and I can see theres. All of these people have actually picked out these key bits from Christophers book. This is useful, not just for me teaching and learning about how my daughter has learned to read, then.

Actually, this is going to be useful for me in the classroom as well and Im straight here with something. Oh people have read this bit and thought its useful enough to bother to highlight it, so the Kindle app is an incredibly powerful app. You can also use this x ray mode in which case so you can look through where certain people are mentioned or where certain terms are mentioned, like its all about phonics, so that is going to be a key kind of term that gets mentioned many times over. The Kindle app looks absolutely wonderful here on the books tab Ultra. The thing about this is: is that that wouldnt be possible if it wasnt, for something having as large a readership, as Kindle does theyve really got the market on lockdown? In terms of where you should get your eBooks from perhaps Im wrong in that tell me Im wrong and tell me what else I need to try Im very interested in this in this really powerful way to read and digest books. When you read for learning you dont just read from one end of a book to another end of the book thats. When you read for pleasure. Yes, youll tend to have one book on the Go at once and thats the type of thing that I would do on a smaller Kindle device for kind of reading in one hand, reading as youre doing something else just before bed. A small Kindle device like this is really powerful for reading for learning these features are absolutely fantastic and enable you to get information out of books without having to necessarily start from one end of the book and work through to the other.

This will be really interesting when it is combined with the Kindle scribe, and that is one reason why thats such an exciting device. Another powerful feature of Kindle is, of course, the Kindle unlimited Library. Whenever you see a book like this, oh wow that looks good with a Kindle unlimited subscription, which is not very expensive, check the link in the description you can read this for free. This will doesnt seem to have popular highlights, though, or x ray heres. Another interesting feature of um Kindle theyre, bringing just now. It certainly isnt my speed, its just a contents, page thats kind of going through at the minute so word Runner is interesting, certainly and Im sure that is a very rapid way to cover a lot of material. What I was talking about previously is that the act of physically reading gives you the time to think about your own situation. It isnt as immersive and kind of transportive as watching a video or listening to content. So, whereas videos are passive, actively reading is actually very active and you have the time, whilst youre actively reading to actually imprint that on your own ideas, your own experiences and your own situation. I find I get a lot of my best ideas. Whilst Im reading, I dont think thats going to happen whilst Im using that word Runner mode. I might, however, be able to power through a lot of content very quickly. If I really need to digest a chapter in a short amount of time, so it might be worthwhile with that interesting point to make.

It does not seem to appear here on the Kindle paperwhip, so perhaps thats something that you cant actually do here on the Kimber paperway. I think it is a bit of a beta version. This is something new. I think it does seem to work here on the tablet version only, but then its an interesting point that in here popular highlights, doesnt appear. I dont have notes and highlights here randomly on this this one, but I do have notes and highlights including popular notes and highlights here on this Kindle so something very odd going on with Kindle that the app or the device dont always have the same thing and For instance, I can tell you for some reason Kindle this retrieval practice book on this device. Doesnt seem to have popular highlights or x ray, but it does have it here on the books Max Lumi, which is, incidentally, where I was reading it in same book. Popular highlights weird right, whats that all about I dont think its about the update of the app, because it does have popular highlights in one book in here, but not in another weird. Lastly, to say for study, then Kindle could be powerful as well, because theyre this flashcard mode here, how does one make a flash card go to notebook to create a deck using existing content? Oh so you make notes, and then you use the flash cards for that. So that is an interesting study tool that Kindle can help you out, if youre using this for study.

But there are a fantastic set of features here on Kindle its not consistent across them all for some reason, Im certainly really liking.