Today. Everyones jaw dropped when we saw that humongous screen., But of course there is more than just having a humongous screen.. So lets take a look at what other specialties that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, has to offer.. So lets start off by talking about the contents in this box office.. When I first got the box, it was very heavy., And that is because everything that we are showing here today on this tablet itself, including the kickstand and also the Book Cover Keyboard. Everything is included inside this box. And combining all of the three parts on this tablet itself is actually quite heavy. Anyway, for this review Ill put the box here and well be splitting this review into multiple different segments, and everything is timestamped below., So feel free to Skip to whichever parts that you want to know more about this tablet, here. For me, Ill start off by removing everything from the tablet and only talk about the tablet first.. So let me just do that real quick. And the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Ultra, as you can see here is humongous., But also impossibly thin., And this is actually still a very rigid tablet, thanks to Samsungs, so called Armoured Aluminium or something like that or aluminum. If you prefer to call it that way. And yeah, I dont really know how to describe this tablet, except for the word humongous.. So this tablet uses a 14.6 inch Super AMOLED screen that goes up to 120 Hertz, refresh rate with a super high resolution of 1848×2960.

That equates to nearly 5.5 million pixels, which is nearly 1.5 times more pixels than standard 169 1440p displays., And I have to say this screen looks absolutely stunning and beautiful., But dont take my word for it, because I took our colorimeter to test all the color accuracy. Too. Tested at 100 nits of brightness, this screen can cover up to 99.87 of sRGB and 99.4 of DCI P3 color gamuts, while maintaining a very low Delta E number., And that means that this screen is very color accurate and it doesnt deviate off the true color Much., However, the average maximum brightness of this screen is only at about 385 nits.. That number might seem low, but since this screen is so big, it is actually enough to light up an entire room at just 100 nits of brightness.. That is because the nits is describing something like the density of light intensity. This is also why larger displays we tend to use it at much. Lower nits number., Like how Im using a 34 inch ultrawide monitor at home at only 80 nits average. Anyway. Truth be told everything looks very amazing on this tablet. Its huge bright screen with vivid colors, and that amazing quad channel speaker means that this tablet cant go wrong in terms of media consumption.. On the side note one of the things I did with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – is to take some pictures with this tablet here and they actually look kind of okay.

But yeah Ive never experienced such a big viewfinder before and that experience is something interesting To me., But for the video capabilities of this tablet, though, everything is limited to 30fps maximum., No matter what resolution it is filming at., Also holding the tablet, might be a bit problematic since you can see the bezels around the screen is very small and theres no Place to rest, my thumb., But I do have two things to point: out. Number one is the notch., The Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultra has two selfie cameras, one wide angle and the other one ultrawide angle camera housed in this tiny little notch up above., But I dont really think theres a reason for it. I mean it can be literally just smashed inside the bezel and it could be Just working the same way. Right. But, honestly speaking, the notch didnt really bother me that much because it takes up such a small percentage of the overall screen real estate., And the second thing I want to highlight is the under display fingerprint scanner.. I freaking hate under display fingerprint scanners, even on phones and now on this freakishly huge tablet. The scanner is placed around this area, here. So its near the USB Type C Port, which is kind of difficult and awkward to use in any other position. Other than just my right thumb, placing it like this., Even if you want to do it like this, its kind of impossible.

As you can see here, yeah youll hurt your wrist. Some day. And oh one. More thing is that I should mention that, prior to doing all of the tests that we mentioned just now was before applying this tempered glass screen protector.. I bought this tempered glass somewhere, like about 9 bucks. I cant stand seeing any tiny scratches on this humongous display, because changing this display will also be very costly., So before we proceed into the second part, I want to just quickly measure how heavy this tablet is. Only the tablet itself, with the S pen, attachment at the back here., Well talk about the S pen later.. So this is a bit awkward., 800 grams. Yep., 799 grams.. So now I want to switch gears and talk about this accessory first.. This is a piece of back cover, something like that., It just snaps magnetically onto the tablet itself at the back, and it provides you a kickstand. Personally speaking Ill leave these two pieces together at all times, because having a kickstand on this humongous tablet is very beneficial. If you want to just watch some shows and whatnot, but if you want to just carry this tablet, then you can collapse. The kickstand. Just stick it out like this, and it offers protection to your tablet as well. And theres. Also another flap here to protect the S Pen from falling off or whatever, because its just attached magnetically to the back of the tablet to charge it as well.

, And one more thing that I want to highlight here is that this kickstand is a very nice kickstand. So its very strong as well., If I just do it like this poking the screen, it doesnt really move that much. So its kind of stable., And if you want to start drawing something, let me just think about this S. Pen here you can adjust the angle to an extreme and go like this. Its near flat, but with a slight inclination of about 15 degrees. Then you can just start drawing.. Then we can start the Samsung notes and start drawing some stuff or maybe start writing. Like hello, my name is Kok Kee, … wow, my writing is ugly., But you get. The point is its actually very comfortable to use. And before proceeding to the next part, I once again need to take the measurement of the weight. Okay.. So now only we have the bank piece alone.. It really resulted in more than one kilogram. Its 1087 grams. Okay.. Keep that in mind, because we revisit this later after attaching the last accessory and now the keyboard a.k.a., the key …. The Book Cover Keyboard.. This is meant to work in tandem with the kickstand., So yeah. This is the full set that is included in our version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultra and having this accessory attached with the kickstand.. It literally converts this entire tablet to be more or less like the Microsoft Surface kind of experience.

And overall, the keyboard cover has one of the best feeling material ever.. I cant tell you if its PU leather or not, but its just really smooth and its really nice to touch on., And yet, if any dirt or grime or oil ever get on this piece of wrist rest, we can just easily wipe it off. So that is nice.. This keyboard, though, is using a very typical 14 inch laptop keyboard layout, which is fitting, since this device is about the same size anyway, and the keyboard keys are fantastic to type on.. They are kind of having a very nice travel distance and the bounce back of each key is very quick and springy at the same time, which makes it just really fun to type on.. The keycaps on this keyboard is also slightly rough and it can catch oil and whatnot. Yeah. As you can see here, my spacebar, this area is slightly shiny, but overall the keycaps they do feel really nice to type on. This keyboard also has a white backlight.. So if we hit Fn F12, we can see that the backlight can be toggled between three different levels of brightness., But how does it feel like to actually use this device? How does the device actually feel Is the user experience of this tablet, with a humongous 14.6 inch screen still going to be just an enlarged phone Yes.. Unfortunately, in the most basic Android UI, this tablet is just kind of horrendous to use.

. That is not even Samsungs fault, because we do have quite a lot of fundamental UI elements that is from Google, that just doesnt scale well with this kind of display., Take a look at two examples: here. The Google Play Store is having this humongous icon. That takes up a large chunk of the screen.. Why Google And then comes another issue? Is the homescreen scrolling.? I saw other people commenting about this on Twitter before seeing that swiping between home screens result in our very super slow animation., And I can confirm that this is indeed true.. But this is also due to Samsungs lack of attention to detail, because if I swipe at the same speed but across a longer distance, then the animation is quite quick.. But if I swipe the tiny little distance on this tablet, then, as you can see, the animation is really slow.. But when I change to Nova Launcher, that issue goes away., So yeah its definitely something to do with Samsungs default launcher.. But the saving grace for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Ultra though I would say its Samsung DeX., Technically DeX acts like another homescreen launcher for the system and it changes the entire interface to a more traditional and more familiar Windows, PC or Mac interface.. Since we have the Book Cover Keyboard accessory with us, we can literally just use this device as a laptop with Samsung DeX on top, which is a topic that we will leave for.

Another time. Overall DeX feels like any other Samsung phones or tablets, but it comes with a few more interesting. Features. DeX is treated like a literal subsystem within Android and we can customize how DeX looks independent of Android like the interface zoom text size. All of those stuff – and we can even customize the trackpad gestures, to like triple tap to go back. By combining all of these. The experience on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is quite decent on DeX. Multitasking is fantastic and I dont have to worry about those scaling issues. Since every app is constrained in its own window, which we can resize to whatever size, we want. Plus the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset is also able to perform really well.. Since this tablet has such a large surface area to dissipate all of the heat away.. If you want to play games on this tablet, though, then going on ahead., The performance is going to be amazing., But we still do not have the alternate gaming performance management option on this tablet yet. But that is not something that Im worried about since this tablet. Doesnt seem to have any thermal limit built into the firmware.. However, do keep in mind that this tablet here doesnt work well with touchscreen controls, because it is just so big and reaching those buttons with my fingers is kind of problematic and I kind of have big hands here. And what is not fun here, though, is the Battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, S8 Ultra comes with a 11200mAh battery, which sounds like a lot, but its actually one of the worst battery life on the tablet. Ive reviewed so far.. In our PCMark 10 battery life tests at a 100 nits of brightness., I got less than 7 hours.. That is quite a bit oof … and I guess, combined with the big screen with the high resolution display and also high refresh rate. This is a recipe to be the worst battery life on the tablet. Ever. Remember this is only on Wi Fi and I cant imagine how bad the battery will be if a 5G version of this tablet exists. Charging speed, though, is quite okay.. As you can see here, the box of the Samsung Galaxy Tab – S8 Ultra doesnt include a charger inside. And on Samsungs website. It is said that this tablet will support 45 watts of fast charging., Since we dont have the fast charger with us, as in the Samsung Super Fast Charge, 2.0 charger.. We just use the Ugreen 100W GaN charger and it took like 1.5 hours to charge from 15 to 100 and comparing our data with Sam Mobiles charging tests. It doesnt really differ that much from Samsungs official 45 watt charger. So yeah. I think its more or less. The similar problem with the S22 Ultra., So in conclusion, for the price of RM5899.. Yes, that is the price of this tablet, and it is definitely a super hefty price at that.

. This product is definitely not meant for everyone, mainly because of the size and price at the same time.. Actually, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8. Ultra is a lot cheaper here in Malaysia. Compared to in the US, because when I compared the same configuration with the keyboard cover accessory included, then it results in 1550, USD that converts to about RM6500. And yeah. We got a pretty hefty price cut. I would say., However, spending this much on a premium tablet might be questionable for some people. And Im, not here, to tell you how to spend your money.. This review is just to let you know more in depth about all of the information about this tablet before making your purchase. And as an addition here. Its not even a part of the original script. Ill personally pick a premium Chromebook over this tablet, because even a premium Chromebook is a lot cheaper than this tablet. And yet those Chromebooks also have Google Play Store support as well.. They might not run the same games as a dedicated Android tablet, but most of them will work. So yeah thats it. Thats. All we have to share with you about the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultra.. This is a very long video. And before we end, I want to take one last measurement, because this tablet is really heavy, so …, oh dont, run out of battery Yeah. It is now 1457 grams, which is nearly 1.5 kilos., So thats it.