We’Ve built the pc and walked through the parts this time i’m going to actually be seeing how well this system here performs with game streaming services, so let’s go check it out Music. So, for a little background for the folks who didn’t watch the first video and are unfamiliar with logical increments, and what is the destitute build? Well logical, increments is a fantastic site. What it does is it matches a budget with a pc, build tier and the destitute build that i happen to have here is the lowest of low because baby, i aim low. So i know a lot of people actually mentioned on the first video that the destitute built is not actually meant for pc gaming and it’s, more recommended around office use case and 720p, but i figured in this current state of scalpers and no parts to be found. This was probably my best bet at a no graphics card, build to see if i could do on the lowest tier that i deemed, which was about a 1080p just because i also don’t happen to have 720 monitors laying around anymore. So i know i’m pushing the boundaries of this, and i know i pushed the boundaries when i played stuff locally in the first video. However, it was worth it so i know you’re thinking you mentioned something else in this video and that was game streaming services. What the heck are those many of you may know or recognize some of these names, but not know all of them and may have never had hands on experience with them.

So i figured let’s. Take this low budget build here, see if a game streaming service can offload the compute and graphic needs that the system would normally have to some third party server and give it a go was for the vendors i use nvidia’s geforce now, google stadia playstation now and Shadow or shadow tech, whatever you want to call them for a game streaming service, so let’s compare what those are like. So if you take a look at the chart that i tossed up here, you’re going to notice that there’s some gaps in games across the different platforms and that’s, really because they function slightly differently. Geforce now, for example, works off of my steam and epic libraries, but it’s, not all inclusive. In the beta, there seemed to be a lot of games available that were stripped later on when geforce now actually launched. For example, i believe activision had several call of duty games that were then stripped after the official launch, with claims of suddenly saying that nvidia was not licensing their games through them, so they were going to pull them from availability. So that is disappointing. Considering that really i have to buy the games anyways through steam or epic i’m, just playing it somewhere else, and i it sounds like some companies are looking to double dip on profits. Google statey, on the other hand, has taken the approach of crippling all games, and what do i mean by that? Well, they have to customize any game that they offer on their service.

They strip features such as display functionality that you would typically find in the game and therefore it has to go through a vetting process similar to what samsung does to their android operating systems, and it just takes forever for a game to appear unless it’s a major Launch title like cyberpunk, which, if we all take a look at cyberpunk’s, launch probably really screwed over google stadia so much so that google stadia actually announced that they are cutting ties with their developer department, because they are no longer going to make internal games, which is Really bad signs for google stadia taking a look at playstation now i threw them in there because they are a pretty solid game streaming service, but they don’t have a whole lot of overlap with any other service. Their main focus is playstation, 2, 3 and some 4 games. I have used this in the past and that’s actually how i played red dead redemption 1 on my system and it ran really well. The benefits of playstation now are that you can either choose to stream. The game to your end device, so computer tablet, whatever you have or you can actually download the files and play it locally, which helps a ton. Last but not least, we have shadow shadow web shadow tech, whatever the hell. They want to call themselves let’s just call it. I was ghosted on any availability, so on their website. It offers a full vdi desktop a windows, 10 machine.

You basically order it. Do you want them to install windows 10 and configure, or do you want to customize it yourself? There is a set amount of hardware and hard drives that were really never listed during the purchasing process on their website. There are etas based on the state that you are either residing in, which is what they’re alluding to or where you want, the actual vdi system to be, and while they didn’t meet any of my etas and unfortunately, i was not able to sample any sort of Shadow vdi system it’s unfortunate, but it really seems like they are rack and stacking full on systems in some data center or warehouse somewhere and it’s, not just simply calling like google cloud or amazon and spinning up virtual instances, which is beneficial to the person. Looking for more performance, it’s detrimental for getting in a timely fashion, as of today, we are roughly a month overdue from my estimated arrival date and they did send out an email several weeks ago. Blaming slow internet speeds on why they’re holding off giving any new vdi systems to people. I felt, like the entire process of shadow, was very counterintuitive to just easily being able to sign on as a new customer and start to use it. I don’t really know how long they’re going to last when i finally do get my system i’ll, do a review video solely on that to see. Does it really meet the needs they kind of tell themselves as the best option, to actually fps game on a game streaming service because of your dedicated hardware, but we’ll see from there overall each of the services have their own pros and cons, and they each come With a subscription the benefit of geforce, now over, all of the others i found was as long as you’re willing to buy a new graphics card.

You actually get a year included with the founders editions cards for free or ish. I guess you should say and well i guess that means i’m, retaining it for at least a year. So i’m, okay with that now let’s, go take a look at some of the gameplay and really some of the comparisons between the services and quality. So, starting with fortnite, you can see that was one of the few games. I could actually get to run on the destitute, build and well. The quality settings had to be fairly low to get the sucker to run, bringing in geforce. Now the nicety was that the game settings the graphic settings are all the same as they would be when they’re local on your system. So i cranked it to the max i’m streaming it over the internet and things started to look a little better. Of course nothing looks as good as playing it locally, i’m, sorry to say and here’s a comparison with the beast machine on max settings as well, so geforce now and the beast being on max. You definitely get a better crisper view when you’re playing locally but it’s, not bad when we’re talking, geforce now and so on, to rocket league because it’s a game that i like to play in my leisure and it has a surprising amount of graphical needs when playing The game due to all the lighting and explosions, playing it locally on the desktop machine.

I really had to lower the settings and it still was fairly unplayable. It would just like to freeze up a lot on me and again i’m playing this at 1080p, but it was a rough go now firing up rocket league on geforce now was just atrocious. I mean it didn’t matter. If i lowered the settings – or i just turned the max and went on my way, but the input lag was just so unbearable, it was unplayable i’m, a champion gamer in rocket league and i’m sitting there whiffing, like i’m, a brand new rocket league player. So it is just, it is not feasible to play a game like rocket lake, and i don’t know if that’s rocket, league’s, netcode’s fault or if this is a latency fault or what. But i did not experience this hell when i was playing fortnite and now for the game that everybody seems to care about, no matter how many bugs and well i didn’t really like and that’s cyberpunk. Now i did mention that one of the problems between the different game streaming services is availability and cyberpunk was one of the games that was offered like flatline across them, obviously not playstation. Now but at least google stadium had it and they kind of touted it as their launching platform. They gave you stadia controllers with it yada yada. This led me to a different issue, and that is the fact that when you’re using a game streaming service, you might actually have a system that can play these.

I do, but you might want to take it on the road try to play it on a tablet. Try to play it somewhere else on a system that can’t support it and games like cyberpunk, proved a major flaw with the game streaming service setups, and that is if a game does not have cloud sync, you can’t transfer your files to it and you have to Start the games over so, unfortunately my gameplay footage to keep it. The same is the start of the campaign i’m, the nomad in each of these – and if you take a look at these side by side overall, they do look pretty good each one of these are starting in the garage on the nomad and the textures, obviously get Better when i go to the beast, but between geforce now and stadia they are pretty close, but i would still say that stadia is a little fuzzier little grainier and i think that’s because stadia has the customized graphics settings, whereas nvidia’s geforce now is the full game. So nothing’s trimmed out of it nothing’s dumbed down to make it perform better on the internet which i’ll give it to. Google is a good idea and cyberpunk. It should have worked, but just watching myself drive in this game, the driving in cyberpunk has a little bit of sway to it to begin with, and that is just multiplied. When you add the internet lag of sending my data from my controller to my computer, my computer, to a server that server back and to my display.

So it was not unbearable from the sense of i couldn’t play the game in its entirety. But from the driving aspect it was fairly hard to keep under control and i think that throughout the game – yes, it’s, fine it’s, not an overly fast paced fps shooter game, but it definitely shows the weaknesses of modern day broadband and gaming over the wan. And now not to leave stadia as just a stick in the mud. One of the games that i could at least overlap with was hitman 2 and when i fired up hitman 2 in stadia again, all of the settings are stripped out, but it looks and runs pretty well. I don’t feel too much lag that i couldn’t play the game. However, comparing it, of course, to the beast machine, and i can turn things on like hdr, i can turn on just higher resolution everything it is a lot crisper now. I do truly feel that hitman 2 shows the potential value of game streaming services. I couldn’t play hitman 2 locally on the destitute build here, but it played like butter on google stadia. Yes, there is slight input lag. That is to be expected, but it is not game. Breaking and honestly, it looked pretty good even compared to the hdr settings and whatnot on the beast machine i mean we’re talking a system that can barely run 720 is running something as crisp looking as that hitman footage, and that is impressive.

So what does this mean? Should you just run out build a really cheap system, such as the destitute, build and then get a subscription and you’re good as gold, not exactly, but if you’re looking for a system that you can slowly upgrade such as this uh, the bram, the graphics cards, the Things i’ve listed in video one, it does seem like a nice stop. Gap of you know paying eight ten dollars and you can get by with some decent games. If you are a fortnight player you can get by with that, until you can get the parts would i do that? Probably not you’re kind of teetering on the line of just get a console at this point? Obviously, the more money you have, the better, the pc and then well game streaming services kind of go out the window unless you’re. Looking for that portability of playing something on a tablet which, i might add, worked pretty damn well on a 2016 galaxy, a tablet playing cyberpunk on nvidia’s geforce. Now the thing ran and it ran on the highest ray tracing settings, and that is something to really speak to. So, if you haven’t been able to tell if i were to say, hey, go pick a game streaming service right now: it’s nvidia geforce! Now you buy it on steam or epic, you probably have a good chance of it being on geforce. Now i would confirm before you buy, but that definitely seemed to be the best value i don’t think steady is going to be around for long in all google fashion i’m sure it’s going to be terminated or put in the chopping block at some point and really Kill off its user base kind of disappointing, i thought i had a lot of promise.

I was in the beta for it, but it just kind of stalled like most things, google does lately. As for shadow tech, i have a future video on that. If i ever seem to get hardware from them, if they ever seem to release and not go under so stay tuned for that, if you’re interested that one i’m gon na be trying to game some actual fps competitively on that, i am a big call of duty. Modern warfare player, so i will check that out and hope you do too, as always: i’m chris from code.