We have the xmg ultra 17, slash the clavo x370.. This thing is an absolute Beast. You have the RTX 4090 in here with a total tgp of 175 watts and, of course, thats paired with the core I9 ’00 HX, and that gets you 24 cores in a laptop its crazy that they keep on doing that. But we have the cooler right here which shows us how they are able to manage it. Look at this Mark theres heatsink. That starts there and ends all the way up there, theres so much copper in here. I feel bad for touching it because its going to look nasty later, so this is interesting. What theyre saying is this right here, cools the vrms and a little bit of the memory modules for the GPU, but one of the problems that they had in designing this cooling solution was that nvidias new 4000 series is well, the dies are smaller, which up the Energy density by quite a bit that made it a lot more difficult to get all of that heat away because of just how much smaller it was, which just gives you more power for the GPU die itself. And again you have a real hot boy in here. Fortunately, though, they apparently have been able to run this in furmark for eight hours plus and maintain less than 80 degrees on the GPU. That is truly impressive, guys thats pretty good. Now, as just a laptop, this thing is a beast: you do not want to be walking around with us all day, its 7.

2 pounds. I guess thats what you need to cool down that much power. Also, the i o here is exceptional, so weve got a microphone Jack and a headphone microphone combo Jack, as well as two USB type As around back now. This is very interesting. We get our power in 2.5, gigabit Lan and an HDMI port, but also theres Mini DisplayPort. Why the heck do they have Mini DisplayPort in 2023? Well, theres a good reason for that, so this mini display port doesnt have the issues that you might have with Thunderbolt or USB type c. So Thunderbolt needs to go to the CPU, because its running basically pcie Express, whereas this DisplayPort goes directly to the GPU. Also, you can run a USB type c to the GPU, but if you get like a cheap adapter or something like that, your VR headset not gon na work. This right here just a lot more reliable, a lot less screwing around with potentially bad adapters and stuff. You just have DisplayPort dont have to worry about it and finally, if you do want Thunderbolt theres, two Thunderbolt 4 ports on the side over here, youre good for that as well, and one thing that I wasnt expecting to see is on the top up here. So we have a full HD webcam. Fortunately we do expect that people didnt follow Asus with their whole. Zephyrus lets eat the webcam thing. That was a really bad idea guys, but also up here we have Windows, hello, facial recognition, which I absolutely love, and you dont expect to see that on an absolute Beast like this also, of course, 4K panel 144 Hertz 4090 might actually be able to run it.

Even though its actually a 4080, but if the 4090 doesnt give you enough frames, you can drop this down to QHD with 240 hertz thats, probably the one that I would choose also right here. This SSD is pcie Gen 5.. This thing is going to absolutely rip, especially when you pair it with the 5600 Mega transfers per second ram, that youre able to fit in here with the HX CPU. Now, of course, large laptop large battery. This right here has a 99 watt hour Joby in it, and that is as large as you can fit on a plane and they said like: oh, it has Nvidia Optimus, so on so forth you might be able to get eight hours, youre gon na be lucky. If you get like two three, maybe just made some faces at me, these things are powerful, its not my fault that its 175 watt GPU in it. But, of course, you can have all the power in the world and none of that matters if the laptop sucks to use. Fortunately, though, the last couple of years, especially Club, was really stepped up, their game for just the build quality of their machines. This things very impressive, like look, this doesnt even have screws in it and it isnt flexing then again Id hope that, with how heavy this thing is its built like a tank. Unfortunately, it is also the keyboard lets go over here, keyboards, pretty good. It is an exceptional Id, give it like, maybe an A minus or something like that same tier as like msis keyboards.

I wouldnt give it quite like an Asus or Alienware level of stuff. That said, though, look at this track pad its absolutely massive, and it works really well too, like it feels good to use. It does feel like one of those ones where you do need a little bit of hand grease on it, like a yeah, so were getting a little bit of Stitch in there a little bit of sticking, but once once you get it all nice and gross. Oh there we go Works fantastic now gross, so our sponsor for CES 2023 actually dropped out, but dbrand footed the bill. The only catch is they want me to come out onto the streets and offer Tech tips to random people for free its. I Im not optimistic for how this is gon na go and wait. Wait, wait, wait are those is that an airpod are those air pods yeah. Do you really like them? No, I dont, like you dont, like airpods. Hey, wait, hey excuse me, excuse me uh. Do you want a tech tip sure? Are you sure yeah yeah Im listening? Okay, do you know when you use Google yeah that when you put a word into quotation, marks, itll search for or a sprays and quotation marks, itll search for the whole phrase? Yeah you already knew that yeah uh. Did you know that if you put a minus in front of it, then theyll take it out of the search results? I thought I did not.

You didnt know that no thats, not your level, oh well, Im glad I could be a service. Oh thank you. Um, can you do one more thing for me: what go to shortlineus.com, Linus Tech tips, Linus Tech tips, yes, Im putting the pieces together is that whats happening right now: uh yeah, Im, giving out Tech tips, awesome, thats right its for short circuit, actually, the other channel Yeah, but what happens if you dont want a 7.2 pound laptop in your bag, but you still need heaps of power. Well, clever has a 5.2 pound laptop, but seriously, though this thing is very impressive: okay, can you guys kill the AC in here? Ac just turned off the entire time. Weve been shooting this video. This laptop right here has been running for Mark. You can barely hear it. Listen to this. Not only is this quiet like its probably somewhere around, like 40 42 decibels, but the pitch of it is exceptional like if you have a quiet laptop thats like it still is going to be very annoying, whereas this right here, its just kind of like the nice Low hum sort of sounds like air moving around now. This right here has up to a 40 70 in it wow. You can really feel the heat that is kicking off, but its the full fat 140 watt version. Now, for the 4000 series, Nvidia have made my life incredibly difficult, because the power of an RTX 4070 is just all the way across the board.

You can power it with 35 Watts or up to 140, like we have here now right now. This is the balance profile and its drawing what 115 Watts currently at 77 degrees Celsius. That is incredibly impressive. Can we, if we go to the power profile here, can we get that even higher okay? We did just enable the full fat 140 Watts mode, but they have told me that the fan profile is not tuned for this. You can see the power jumped up. Our temperatures are currently dropping because the fans are just absolutely giving it, but that does show you just how good of a job theyve done with the cooling like, if you put it in Turbo its at 71 degrees. Now it just keeps on dropping. How did they achieve that, though, did cool this thing down? Clebo has made their very first Vapor chamber cooler and, as weve seen, it works exceptionally well. Look at the size of the fins on this thing. I know Ive said that a couple times now, but theyre, absolutely massive thats. Why this things coming in at just over five pounds? You cannot have this kind of cooling. Well, I guess. If you broke physics, you could do it a bit lighter! Look at that Mark. Pretty it is pretty, I forgot to mention it before, but this is the PE 60 from clebo now xmg doesnt currently have this named, but Im sure lots of odms are going to be picking it up because I think its pretty cool so depending on where you Are in the world youd be buying it from someone different like maybe in North America it could be Electronics or origin.

Southeast Asia, Venom, Aftershock, theres heaps of them all over the place. Clever makes so many laptops for people. I always find it so funny when people are like. Oh, I just found this laptop brand. How has no one ever heard of this? It looks so good its like well because its this one one other thing thats really cool about this guy is the 16 by 10 display. This is the first time that clevis put a 16 by 10 on a laptop, and it is my favorite aspect ratio. It gives you just a little bit more vertical space. Productivity goes so much better. This right here is a Quad HD, 240 hertz display, in my mind, thats about perfect these days, love it heaps of frames heaps of pixels, but not too many. One final thing for this laptop and the one that we looked at before both have a muck switch and Nvidia Advanced Optimus. So that means that you dont have to go back into like the BIOS or anything or do a reset in order to get the full power of your GPU. Io is essentially the same, get a Micro SD card slot.