Have you tried typing on a smart tv trust me thats, even harder, navigating through every alphabet, using your tvs, remote but ive been using the wireless keyboard from zebronic and its absolutely amazing? Now this is the zk 5000 mw. This keyboard can be used with pcs with laptop yes, its even compatible with mac. I can use this with tablets with smartphones and even smart tvs. In fact, you can use this keyboard for gaming on that tv as well. The best part is, you can switch instantly between three devices seamlessly by just click of a button. It charges over usbc and the battery lasts for hold your breath six months, wow just to take you through a quick, unboxing experience. This is the retail packaging of the keyboard. You can see the model number k5000 mw its available in three colors black white and gray. We have the black variant then, towards the back. You can see the huge list of specifications on the right are some manufacturing details and the mrp 3199 dont worry. You can get this keyboard for under 2000. All right lets open it inside, of course, is the keyboard itself very, very nice quality with round keys. Then the usual usbc charging cable, but then not the usual, the qr code card. Now, once you scan this using your phone youll get access to the specs and quick start guide. I think this is a very smart idea. Also saves paper now lets have a look at the keyboard, so the build is completely plastic, but the quality is really really good.

It feels very sturdy weighing it about 380 grams, making it extremely light and portable on the front is a usbc port to charge the keyboard and further is the power on off switch. There are three led lights for three bluetooth devices that you can pair and theres. A red led light that will turn on when the battery on the keyboard is low. It comes with 79 keys, which are very well spaced. The keys have excellent travel just like any chiclet laptop keyboard. It also provides good tactile feedback and also sound clicky. Now the keyboard doesnt slip or move when you type and provides a really good grip on the table, which was one of my biggest concerns. Small light keyboards are usually very flimsy, especially when you type quickly. This is very stable. Also, if you are using this with the pc, it has the start button and, if youre using this with mac, it comes with the command key, so basically its perfect to use with your pc or any mac machine. In fact, one of my friends bought this keyboard. For his laptop because one of the laptop keys wasnt working, so this is where this keyboard can come very handy now. I also love using this with my real me pad mini. You can see right here because when i connect this keyboard to the tablet it becomes very productive. I can write emails. I can work on microsoft, apps, like word and excel its just perfect fun fact.

I even wrote the script of this video on this tablet. Using this keyboard super cool so coming to pairing now we turn on the keyboard. Then you press and hold the f1 button for a few seconds. You will see the led light starts blinking quickly. First were going to connect our real me pad mini so well. Go to the bluetooth settings and youll find zeb k5000, and there you go its paired and ready to use now right now i can type using this keyboard on the tab and trust me its like working on a laptop. It feels so seamless and smooth trust me if you have any tablet, you have to buy this keyboard. The productivity of a tablet will go to the next level now coming to the second device. Okay, so now were going to pair our smartphone. So what were going to do is press and hold the f2 button and see that the led light starts blinking quickly, which means its on pairing mode. Go to your phones, bluetooth settings, and here too you will see the name show up. Click confirm and its done now, just like your tablet, you can actually use the keyboard to type anywhere on the phone, whether its taking notes, whether its writing emails. Everything will work. Amazing now were going to pair this keyboard to the smart tv now press the f3 button and make sure you enter pairing mode press and hold for a couple of seconds now go to your smart tvs, bluetooth, settings and youll see the name show up and there You go its paired now typing, while searching throughout the interface or typing those long email ids to log into your favorite apps is a breeze by the way i even use the keyboard while gaming on this tv, and that too, is so much fun.

Trust me, its really cool works perfectly for games that need a gamepad now. This is one of my favorite features. If you want to switch between all these paired devices, all you need to do is just press the f1 f2 or f3 button once and that will actually switch between all these devices. It works so well now weve not been able to actually check the battery life because once we got this, it was already charged and ive still not been able to drain it. It says six months of battery, even if it works half of that. I think its a winner all the way i dont even want to complain. You have a usbc charging. You can charge it just anywhere anytime, so thats really really good. Now you can get this in three colors black, the one im using theres, also white and grey. Its priced at 1982., yes, 1900 rupees only on amazon dot in easily recommended works great with all your devices seamlessly ill leave the links for all these colors. In the description, if you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out, so i hope this video was helpful.