My x630 is an ultimate and supreme tablet by lenovo that runs on windows 10, offering exciting features to the users. The 12.3 full hd display of the tablet, with a resolution of 1920 x 1280 cut off lenovo mix 630 tablet from others in the market. Making it purely e tablet is very handy and can be converted into a pc within seconds depending upon the usage of the customer convenience dot featuring qualcomm snapdragon processor lenovo mix 630 is very powerful in terms of performance. Enabled with 4g lenovo mix 630 also offers a pen that enhances your writing drawing and scribbling capabilities, making more productive. The tablet runs on windows 10, giving users a friendly interface and some pre installed apps the epic part in lenovo. My x630 is the battery life. Well, lenovo max 630 offers a battery life up to 20 hours straight away. You don’t have to bother at all about the batter of the tablet and browse or watch your favorite shows or videos stress, free check out the description for more information and latest price coming at number. Two lenovo thinkpad x1 lenovo has always been a top choice among businesses when it comes to purchasing a laptop, but it actually showed a good interest in the tablet sector and came up with lenovo thinkpad x1 aiming business owners or employees that are always on the go. This 13 tablet, with edge to edge screen, captured the attention of users in no time lenovo.

Thinkpad x1 is two in one tablet, weighing just three pounds with full touch screen enabling users to read anything on the screen. Easily lenovo thinkpad x1 also offers a pen which make things simpler for the users like signing documents, taking notes, etc. The device is thunderbolt 3 enabled. That means the tablet works very and efficiently when connected with another device through usb. However, the battery life offered thinkpad x1 tablet is 9.5 hours. Comparatively more than microsoft, surface go running on windows 10. The tablet is packed with 8 gen intel core processor, along with 16 gb of ram and 1tb storage, making it more of a laptop and number one of this list. Microsoft surface go mcz0001. Microsoft. Surface go is one of the finest inventions of microsoft in the tablet sectors. So far soon, after the release of the surface go, it became top selling tablet in the market instantly microsoft surface go offers 4gb ram, but gives two choices when it comes to storage, ie. 64Gb and 128gb, enabling you to work efficiently without any hassle more so surface go is packed with intel gold processor 4415y, giving you ultimate performance while using the tablet and making user experience unforgettable. You can easily connect with your family and friends with this handy tablet, as it offers amazing, rear and front facing camera. That gives you better quality. The tablet runs on windows 10 and you can upgrade it to windows 10 pro enjoying all the pre installed apps by microsoft, featuring common feature like wi, fi, bluetooth, sensors, etc.

Surface go gives you a battery backup of nine hours with continuous browsing, downloading and uploading. That makes this tablet most wanted. You don’t have to worry about the battery and take pleasure in your favorite shows or movies. Without thinking much all of these items are available on amazon. I have included all the links in the description you can check out this links for more information and latest price. Thank you for watching.