Also, we have included options for every type of customer, so lets get started Music. At the 10th position of our list. We have acer switch 5.. The acer switch used to be a more affordable alternative to the surface pro these days. The acer switch 5 will cost. You just as much but thats also for comparable specs, except perhaps an older processor price increase aside. This tablet is still one of the best windows tablets, not to mention best performing out there and its the perfect solution for students and professionals who dont want to buy into the surface trend. Moving on to the next at number: nine, with chewy ubook x, the chewy? U book x is another excellent. Two in one tablet, with unique specifications from display to performance chuwi made sure to incorporate as many features as possible to elevate user experience. They have perfected many components and accessories along with the primary device. The first spec that caught many buyers attention is the 2k resolution ips display the 12 inch screen is fully laminated and it has a brightness capacity of 340 nits. Even the aspect ratio is set at 3×2 and it helps create a more open and natural cinematic experience. If you think the display is surprising to watch wait until you see the form factor and design of the new ubook x, the body is made with an alloy combining aluminum and magnesium, making it lightweight and highly portable for office environments.

It is named ubook x for its: u shaped bracket, it can be adjusted to many flexible levels up to 145 degrees with such a unique form factor. The ubook x can be transformed into board and laptop forms with minimal effort, intel gemini lake n4100 processor powers, the internal architecture with a turbo frequency of 2.4 gigahertz. It is a high end, processor that perfectly balances battery efficiency and overall performance. The tablet is also equipped with an 8 gigabyte ram slot that works on a dual channel mechanism. Users can use the high pen for navigation and 256 gigabyte, ssd storage for high speed downloads and transfers for entertainment purposes and storage. The number eight position is held by hp envy x2. 12 e068. Ms hp brings in a new form factor to their two in one tablet, and that is considered one of the best windows tablets in the marketplace. The tablet has many modes to make it easy and accessible for the users. The nv x2 can be transformed into a laptop like device by using the detachable soft keyboard in laptop mode users can check emails and ride blocks as they do in their original laptop. The alternative model is tablet mode and it can be used for note taking or drawing whenever inspiration strikes. The display is of high resolution and it provides a paper like feel when writing with the hp digital pen, the pressure sensitivity levels have improved by huge margins and the coloring effect it provides.

Helps artists explore new creative dimensions. Hp has done an excellent job in partnering, with qualcomm to incorporate a high end, snapdragon 835 processor when it comes to speed and performance. The 12.3 inch tablet also comes with 4 gigabyte ram storage and 128 gigabyte flash memory. Even though flash memory is not the best option, it works out well with the processor and the rest of the internal architecture. The battery is just remarkable, with 20 plus hours of video and playback. Next, at number 7, we have lenovo mix 630.. Lenovo mix 630 is an ultimate and supreme tablet by lenovo that runs on windows 10, offering exciting features to the users. The 12.3 inch full hd display of the tablet, with a resolution of by 1920×128 cut off lenovo mix 630 tablet from others in the market. The 12.3 inch full hd display of the tablet, with a resolution of 1920×1280 cut off lenovo mig 630 tablet from others in the market, making it purely unique. The tablet is very handy and can be converted into a pc within seconds depending upon the usage of the customer or convenience featuring qualcomm snapdragon processor lenovo mix 630 is very powerful in terms of performance. Enabled with 4g lenovo mix 630 also offers a pin that enhances your writing. Drawing and scripting capabilities make it more productive. With a 4 gigabyte ram and 120 gigabyte storage, lenovo mix 630 has just nailed it in every aspect, whether it is fast performance or efficiency.

The tablet runs on windows 10, giving users a friendly interference and some pre installed apps. The epic part in lenovo mix 630 is the battery life. Well, lenovo mix 630 offers a battery life of up to 20 hours straight away. You dont have to bother at all about the battery of the tablet and browser or watch your favorite shows or videos stress free. The number six position is held by lenovo thinkpad x1 tablet. Lenovo has always been a top choice among business when it comes to purchasing a laptop, but it actually showed a good interest in the tablet sector and came up with the lenovo thinkpad x1 aiming business owners or employees that are always on the go. The 13 inch tablet, with edge to edge screen, captured the attention of users in no time lenovo. Thinkpad x1 is in 1 tablet weighing just 3 pounds with full touchscreen enabling users to read anything on the screen easily. The tablet is very strong: protecting you from spills and drops lenovo. Thinkpad x1 is dust resistance and equipped with corning gorilla glasses that protects the screen of the tablet. Lenovo thinkpad x1 also offers a pin which makes things simpler for the users like sending documents, taking notes and more. The device is thunderbolt 3 enabled. That means the tablet works very well and efficiently when connected with other devices through usb. However, the battery life offered in the thinkpad x1 tablet is nine and a half hours comparatively more than microsoft, surface go running on windows 10.

The tablet is packed with 8th gen intel core processor, along with 16 gigabyte of ram and 1 terabyte storage, making it more of a laptop. The number 5 position is dominated by microsoft. Surface pro x. It represents the next generation of surface devices, with an ultra thin and light design, along with microsofts sq1 and sq2 chipsets windows, 10 fans who want to live on the bleeding edge and users who demand up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge. The microsoft surface pro x is a unique beast because it is promising, but it isnt for all users. A part of the next generation of windows, 10 machines. The surface pro x is designed to run on the arm platform with microsoft, sq chipsets. The result is a machine that is incredibly thin and lightweight while offering impeccable battery life. Microsoft has chosen to add ultra fast lte to the package, making the surface pro x an excellent machine for those always on the go. The one downside to the note is that microsofts x86 emulation isnt as fine tuned as its fruit, local competitor in california. What this means for the average user is that some traditional windows applications that have always worked might not do so well here. Moving on to the next at number, four, with microsoft, surface book 313, the microsoft surface book 3.. Is it a laptop or tablet? The short answer is that its both, but because the internals are housed within the screen were considering the hardware keyboard.

As a bulky add on, if you need a tablet that offers power, the surface book 3 is available in two sizes, 13.5 inch and 15 inch and provides some of the highest specs of any machines that microsoft is currently offering on the market. You can use the surface book 3 as a standalone tablet or dock it into the base to gain a physical keyboard, trackpad and additional battery life. Surface book 3 is also compatible with the surface pen and surface dial so that you can sketch out your greatest ideas. Just keep an eye on the price as the upgrades can get expensive. The number three position is held by thinkpad x1 tablet. If you dress the microsoft surface pro tablet up in a military grade business suit, you would have the lenovo thinkpad x1 tablet lenovo isnt playing around with this expensive windows tablet, but it sure does deliver the ultimate experience. The touchscreen is wonderful, with its 3k resolution and the optional core i7 processor makes this machine worth more than just a glance. Of course, the heart of any thinkpad is the keyboard and lenovo continues to deliver here. With a world class option, the battery life could be improved, but in exchange youll be purchasing a tablet, thats being tested against 12 metric grade requirements and offers components that are easy to swap out next. At number 2, we have microsoft. Surface go 2.. When microsoft released the first surface go tablet, we were excited, but ultimately, let down by its unimpressive internals surface, go 2 returns a bit more power perfect for users, browsing the web, checking emails, writing up documents and performing other light work.

Speaking of light work, the surface go to is light itself weighing in at only 1.2 pounds. The surface go 2 can be upgraded to both an intel mt processor, which microsoft proudly claims is 64 faster than the first surface, go up to 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of solid state storage. If you do find yourself traveling, you can also add on a qualcomm snapdragon x16 lte modem for high speed connectivity when youre away from a wi fi network. Finally, the number one position is dominated by microsoft: surface pro 7.. When we talk about the world of modern windows tablets, we are talking about tablets resulting from the launch of the first microsoft service device. Along with its predecessors, the surface pro has established itself as the premium tablet. Experience for windows users with an ultra high and thin design. The surface is easy to throw in your back or carry around and the pixel sense. Touchscreen gives you a reason to keep using the device. Thanks to the high resolution.