If you have some questions or concerns about how well your current router handles the internet traffic in your home, it might be time for an upgrade today, we’re going to review amazon’s choice, the tp link, deco x20. All the details and affiliate links will be listed below also make sure you stay tuned, because i’ve partnered, with tp link to give away one of these mesh systems over on instagram. This is a whole home mesh wi fi system, that’s wi fi, six certified what that means is instead of trying to connect to a traditional wi, fi extender these mesh units communicate more seamlessly with each other and they perform like a single router, but with more reach. As more time passes, we’re not only replacing older phones and computers but we’re, adding even more smart devices. So you need a wireless network, that’s, reliable, but also budget friendly with so many of us working from home and just being home more in general. The amount of streaming that we do has increased and it’s important to stream without buffering or lag. The deco x20 can help with that let’s take a look at what you get in the box. We have the three pack deco x20 here, so this should comfortably cover up to 5800 square feet homes and connect up to 150 different devices. Each individual unit has a dedicated power adapter and we also get the quick installation guide, as well as one ethernet cable for connecting the main unit to your modem.

The design here is a sleek and modern one that should fit into a variety of homes. If you’re someone that doesn’t hide your router away in a closet, it’s, nice and understated, but one small thing, i’ve complained about in the past with other mesh systems – is the lack of an all black option: it’s a small detail and definitely not a deal. Breaker, though, being a simple white cylinder means it’s, pretty easy to place it almost anywhere and it won’t be an eyesore it’s, just under 5 inches height in width. So again, it’s not hard to find these units at home within your home there’s a led indicator at the bottom of the unit to tell you at a glance the status of that unit. If you would rather use a wired connection to your devices like a laptop or a desktop computer, there are two gigabit lan ports on each unit, for example, with my main editing, pc i’m, always hardwired directly to the router. Now i know a lot of people try to avoid making any changes to the network because they’re afraid of the hassle you don’t have to worry about that with the deco x20. The entire setup process is fast and easy. You need to use the deco app on your phone or tablet to get everything up and running. The included. Instructions are straightforward. So as long as you follow them, you should end up with a green light on your units.

The deco app is not only the way to set up your mesh network, but this is also how you’ll manage it. There are a ton of features, including built in parental controls, anti virus and content filtering i’m, not going to cover them in this short video. But if you have any questions, let me know down in the comment section and i’ll: try to help you out, while wi fi 6 isn’t exactly a new technology in 2021, many homes are still using wi fi 5 compatible devices. The deco x20 is backwards compatible with older protocols, so you don’t have to wonder if this system will work with your electronics, most devices you buy now will tell you right on the box if it’s compatible with wi fi 6. it’s kind of important to know, because That will determine if you’re going to get the fastest speeds available, even if you’re not planning to switch to a bunch of new laptops and phones right now. Upgrading to a system like this one means you’ll be ready for the future. The deco x20 is ideal for the connected home. Being someone with a bunch of amazon, echo devices, ring cameras and a smart security system. I need both range and reliability. The mesh network can keep all those devices securely connected, even some that are in the backyard and the garage. If you place security cameras outside your home, you don’t want to risk the weak signal, so using a mesh system ensures the wi fi can reach those places that are further away from your main router.

The deco x20 creates a wireless network that allows your devices to connect seamlessly between units without dropping and without having to switch to a separate network like you would typically encounter using a wi fi extender. We get both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz channels they switch automatically. So you don’t have to worry about it. I personally prefer to have one unit on each of my three floors, but it’s not necessary. You can place one on the top floor and one on the bottom floor and that second floor will be covered with no problems. If you have an even larger home or if you want to have wi fi, plus ethernet in a detached garage or shed, you can add additional deco units to your network down the road. If you like, i sometimes set up my projector outside and i can keep it connected without bringing a router out of the house. As far as placement goes, one recommendation i can make is to place your unit near a window. This is so the signal won’t have to fight through a wall. Doing a speed test can give you some idea of what kind of speed you’re getting from your provider, but something slightly more important than speed is range. Having the fastest internet on the market is useless. If it can’t reach the devices you want to use the deco x20 and several other mesh systems available from tp link were designed to provide a unified network that spreads the wi fi signal throughout your home.

Just keep in mind. In order for these units to work, you will need the modem from your internet provider or the modem you purchased on your own. These units, just like most routers, do not have a modem built in before we wrap up. If you want a chance to win a deco x20 head over to instagram, follow my page machangasanai follow tp, link us and tag two friends that need to upgrade to wi fi six, once you’ve entered the giveaway leave a comment under this video. In my opinion, the deco x20 is a no brainer. It has a nice design, it’s easy to set up it’s easy to use and it’s affordable. The affiliate links will be below if you want to check it out, that’s it for this one. If you like, this video hit the like button, if you feel like it jump down in the comments section, and let me know you like it, if you haven’t already and want to show your support, don’t forget to subscribe and make sure you tap the bell icon.