If i cover up i’ve, just got i’ve got to turn lewis capaldi around i’m, afraid okey, dokey right. Sorry, let’s start this video properly. Three. Two one in a way – i guess i don’t know whether this counts as sponsored, but i was sent this product for free uh because they contacted me and said. Would i like to review it, and i was like i’ll – take a look at your webcam because it’s related to things i do, which is streaming youtube, content, etc. And if i can recommend you guys a bit more of a either a superior webcam or a more budget orientated webcam, then i want to do that because i want to share that information with you guys, okay, so the company in question is uh. They’Re called link, plus this is their c2 camera, i believe, is what it’s called uh and it’s a webcam uh it’s kind of you know. I mean it’s similar to other webcams uh, because it’s a webcam and they all kind of look the same but i’m going to be comparing it today against the classic logitech c920, which i also have set up here. On my monitor, which is the one i used to show you the box of the product, because the webcam focuses nicely, whereas my camera, which is my main camera uh yeah – that focuses on my face and keeps trying to focus on my face. So if i try and put this in front of it, it doesn’t care because it’s not a face the company link plus they sell these products on amazon, these cameras.

They also, i think they mainly focus in laptops actually, which i would love to take a look at so link plus. If you want to hit me up with a laptop, i can look at that’ll, be pretty cool i’d love to do that, but yeah these are available on amazon. I’Ll, put a link in the description. If you guys want to check it out, uh, but yeah we’re going to be just checking out today, so what i figured we’d do because we’re going to compare it against this webcam just to see comparatively you know what it looks like what it performs like and Obviously, price wise we’ll compare it. I haven’t actually done a test where i kind of just start with with it in a box and then literally like live plug it in and set it up so i’m going to try and do that and just see how easy it is to set up and Get running uh from out the box it’s a little bit longer than the c920 and and more rounded. It is usbc on the back, which is pretty interesting because i think actually it’s it’s interesting, that the cable comes out at all because i’m pretty sure most webcams. The cables just wired in there’s, no unplugging it so uh yeah, but other than that uh we got a cable. We did get a cable. I dropped on the floor, see how long this cable is. It probably says on the box, but i haven’t looked.

We don’t need to read instructions. We know how these things work. It’S. Almost my wingspan i’m kind of strangling myself a little but yeah it’s, better it’s, fairly long that’s. It that’s reasonable uh, so yeah, i guess um it kind of works the same as any other webcam it’s got this like little little bit that bends that you can put on top of the monitor to hold it in place, uh and other than that. It’S got a screw mount, so you can mount it to a tripod, etc. It also tilts right. If you want to tilt it up and down a bit functional like any other webcam functions, pretty much exactly the same. So i’ve got my camera here, c920 here and i’m, going to mount the other one, the other side, so that it’s it gets as close as possible to being a similar angle. Okay, so i’ve got monitors, blah blah, headphones, oculus, yeah, yeah, live gamer, mini capture right, so logitech hd pro webcam c920 that’s, the webcam uh and then amtrak is my uh audio thing so i’m, assuming this is being recognized as a sonic’s. Usb camera let’s try and whack this into obs, then right all right. Now we have to select it sonic’s usb camera. Oh, that came up really quick that’s the webcam it’s on it’s working right, um right. So, for starters, the color looks different that’s, a definite instant thing i’m noticing is the color of i don’t know.

I don’t know why the color is so it’s. Very i don’t know i don’t know uh it’s kind of a different hue. I guess, but most of like my camera and everything is, is i’ve added kind of a uh, not a lot. Maybe a lot. I don’t know i’ve added some coloring etcetera to most of my camera stuff, so it’s possible that we could fiddle around with it and get the color to look something more like i would like main camera. This is not a comparison to the main camera. The main camera is literally a dslr it’s, like a proper camera going through a capture card. The quality of this camera is obviously going to be better. This camera was like four times the price of a webcam, so we’re, not comparing the quality of this new camera to the quality of the the my face. Cam because that’s not fair, but we are going to compare it to the logitech because that’s kind of the standard camera that people buy. Yes, this is going to be a lot cheaper than the logitech but we’re going to see if it’s worth buying. If you’re on a budget or if it’s just worth buying overall, instead let’s do a first little test, i got a little charmander here, little charmandy boy, uh we’re, just gon na test how quickly it can like focus on it. I guess so. We’Ll start with this camera start with the logitech logitech’s sort of focused it dropped in and out back to my face, logitech, not too bad, not too shabby it focused this one.

This one link plus do you? Do you have an autofocus i’m? Not sure this even wants to focus on this, it doesn’t seem to want to focus properly or like automatically don’t know what that is. Uh right, let’s have a look. I want to look how much the logitech webcam is the logitech. C920. C920E. I don’t know the difference in those uh the price of that new from amazon is 84 british pounds, uh it’s, currently on offer for it’s supposed to be 99 pounds apparently but it’s on offer. At the time of making this video for uh 84.. I keep putting my beanie the wrong way around and it looks weird let’s have a look at the link plus hang on i’ve just noticed a great deal here. Okay, so the link plus is telling me it is 29 pounds on amazon that’s, actually like significantly cheaper that’s like a third of the price, so yeah third of the price, it seems to work. I mean it’s, a camera it’s. Obviously, working it’s got quite a wide angle like that is actually really wide like you can see like right out here. You can’t see that on the uh, the logitech one but yeah, this is 29 pounds on amazon, so actually that’s a pretty decent price. It’S, not it’s, not an awful webcam, but at all it seems to look fine. I mean yeah, like i said you might want to mess with the colors uh and it does seem to just have sort of everything in focus.

Let’S compare like in the background. You can see that i’ve got the ugly drinks box like this one, this one with the big logo right that says ugly, pointing i’m using the link plus camera that i’m, pointing at so this ugly box. So you can see – or it looks at least to me until i edit this i’m – not gon na know for definite. But it looks to me like the like. The background is a little more blurred on the logitech camera and on the link, plus literally, everything is in focus, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. It’S got a voucher for 15 off on amazon right now and also it says, there’s a promotional message that says: buy one save 10 pounds with this code, uh i’m, going to just copy this code, i’ll put it in the description as well. You know just in case for some reason that they take the code away, but it still works. I don’t know i’ll drop the the code in the description next to the link i’m going to try can i apply both the 15 voucher and also take 10 pounds off, because if i can that’s going to be pretty that’s going to be pretty good right, i’m Going to go to checkout, let me log in it’s taken the percentage off that’s good. Now, if i enter a code apply, oh it did. You can use both okay right if you’re, watching this video and you want a really cheap webcam that looks half decent, then go and check the link below, because you can get this for like 15 pounds like 14 pounds 65, you can get this for 14.

I’M. Gon na put on screen 14 pounds 65. Oh that’s, a good price that is a good that’s. A good price let’s have a quick look at if we can alter anything like can we mess around configuring video configure video, oh yeah? Okay, so we got this little. We got this little this little doodah i reckon i can probably not fit well, i say, fix the color. I reckon i can make the color better in my in my preference, we fiddled with the settings and actually the camera looks a lot nicer now right. So i’m not going to fiddle around with the colors too much more because we’ve been through, that i could fiddle around with eight for ages to get the color exactly how i wanted it, but we’ve sort of altered it slightly to make it look think slightly better. Now the last thing we’re going to want to test is the the audio now audio typically from a webcam is not the greatest, so don’t necessarily be expecting as good a sound as you’re. Getting from this microphone, i’ll put some links in the description to videos. I’Ve done about microphones, if you want to check those out if you’re looking for like a budget microphone or a decent microphone, so check those out. Nonetheless, we’re going to check the audio of these webcams and compare them i’m. Just gon na do a quick little audacity. Recording of each of the microphones and listen to them and we’ll see what we think to them: let’s start off being as it’s in here let’s start off with the hd pro webcam c920.

The logitech testing testing one two one two: this is the microphone of the logitech webcam testing testing testing well that’s. I wouldn’t recommend using that that sounded like trash, so that’s, the logitech that sounded horrible let’s check out um this webcam right. Looking at the wavelength stuff, the actual wave of it, it looks like it’s not as bad. It looks like it’s, not gon na death. In me at least testing testing one two, one two testing: this is the microphone of the link plus webcam testing testing testing. I am in genuine shock that webcam’s not bad. That audio is pretty good. I compared to the logitech is so good wow that is that’s some hecking audio bruh it just it just sounds all right. That’S, fine, that’s, perfectly fine audio, this isn’t, the worst audio i’ve. Ever heard by far, this is all this is better than most of my audio, my beginning, videos. I would almost argue that this webcam’s audio is better than like a fair few gaming. Headset audios, like it actually sounds usable well, that is, that has blown me away and the fact that you can get this camera for 15 pounds with these discounts like it’s, cheap anyway. Don’T get me wrong, like it’s a cheap alternative to something like the logitech. Like a high end, webcam uh, yes, it only does uh 30 frames per second rather than 60 frames per second, which i think c920 frame rate i don’t want to.

I want to make sure i’m, not talking yeah, so the c920 can do 60 frames per second. This is only 30 frames per second, so yes, you’re you’re getting less fps from your from your webcam, which means it’s it’s not going to look as smooth, but i think it’s perfectly fine. I mean it’s usable. The audio is great in this thing like that has genuinely been like an incredible shock to me how good the audio of this thing was. Like i said you can dial in the colors uh to get it sort of nicer. The way you want it uh. I would recommend doing that because for some reason from from the start, it’s sort of it looks weird to me but yeah you can see all the crap that i’ve got on the sofa in the background and there’s a monitor down there and all that rubbish. Because it’s so wide, you can actually see right into the corner. That’S incredible, like you can see the corner of the room, i don’t think any camera i’ve ever had has that wide of an angle, and you can see like the rest of the boom arm here. As well it’s pretty cool like i like the wide angleness of it, it looks really good. I might i wonder if i could use this for uh. This might be a good camera for me to use for vr uh the ease of setting it up literally, it was plug and play, i know things say plug and play they’re like oh it’s, plug and play, but you know sometimes you plug it in you got Ta wait a couple minutes for it to like download a drive or update or something literally.

This thing was plug and play. I plugged it in looked at devices and it was like yep there’s, a webcam there, i’m, like okay, uh let’s, see. If i can add this into the live, recording that i’m doing – and it just got added it just added uh, simple easy: it was there it it it worked, it was literally the most plug and play thing i’ve ever used, like i said, link is in the Description, i’ll also put a link well i’ll, put next to the link i’ll put the discount code that it had there, which was 10 pounds off when you buy one, which is literally just 10 pounds off. It also had a 15 off voucher thing that i ticked and i managed to get it down to under 15 pounds. So i’ll drop that code in there just in case that’s still usable, even if they take it away, but even even without the discounts. It’S. Still, a very reasonable price for the webcam you’re getting hope you guys enjoyed this video, please let me know if you want to see more of this style of video where i’m reviewing stuff. I have a fair few things to actually like make these kind of videos on i’ve got some like vr headset, stuff uh. What else have i i’ve got a bunch more stuff? I bought from an auction. So if you guys want to see more review style things uh, then let me know because i’m always buying stuff, that i could do little reviews on that are related to what i do.

They’Re gaming they’re, vr related they’re streaming or video content creation related. So it’s not completely out of the out of the blue i’m, not going to suddenly like review a mattress type or something weird. Unless you really want to see that you guys will probably say you want to see that just to make me make a really weird video, so i probably won’t make that video. What do you think to this webcam as well, because, obviously, like you guys, are having to look at it uh during the video and what do you guys think to it? What do you guys think would you buy this webcam? Thank you guys for watching. Please remember to like comment and subscribe and i will see you next time, bye wave to all of the cameras.