This webcam is considered to be the best webcam in the world In today’s video. We will unboxing and review of this webcam. So let’s start this video. First of all, let’s open it. This webcam of Logitech comes in this kind of packaging.. Here is its model number c922 pro hd stream, webcam Full HD 1080p Video streaming. The product image is shown here. Full HD 1080p at 30fps720p at 60fps streaming. There is also a small tripod with webcam, And here is the branding of the logitech MRP is shown in the back side of the box. Its MRP is 12995 rupees, But on Amazon and Flipkart, its price varies from 9000 to 11000. So let’s open it quickly and see how this Logitech webcam is Music. A user manual is provided inside the box, And with this webcam we got a 3 month premium. License of X split Here is a code you can take advantage of this premium license by entering this code in the X split software.. A small tripod is also provided with this webcam Quality of Tripod is premium. It has a mini ball head over it. It has a mini wallhead over it. This is Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam. It is very good to see as well as its quality is also very good.. Its design is excellent and the finishing is also amazing.. You will be able to see. You can see the bottom side of this. There is an option to mount the tripod.

You can mount and use it on the tripod that is found with it. If you want, you can use this webcam on your laptop or computer, monitor by putting it comfortably.. You can also use it by placing it on your desk.. You can use it in this way by placing it on your desk. This web cam has a built in stereo microphone. I like the quality of it very much. Its cable quality is good as well as the length is quite good. We can connect and use it comfortably. The length of the Cable is also fine. It’S very easy to use Here is the anti skid pedding. This will not scratch your laptop display or monitor.. This gives a very good grip. It is mounted on the tripod in this way. In the meantime, you can enjoy live streaming by putting it on your tripod and putting it on your table like this.. So now I will check this webcam and see how its video quality and audio quality are. We have to connect it to our USB port As soon as we connect it to the USB port. Its activity light will start blink..