We’Ll put the links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s get started number five anker c300. The anker c300 is a small, yet capable webcam that’ll suit, most users, be it for video conferences or liver streaming, gameplay on twitch, unlike most webcams, that tend to cap out at around the 90 degree. Mark anker c300 offers an impressive 115 degree lens and it’s capable of shooting at 1080p at 60. Fps too no need to compromise on resolution or frame rate, like others in our chart. The 115 degree view is expansive capturing a lot of the environment that you’re in meaning it’s suited more to group calls or presentations than a single person. Although anker does provide the ability to digitally crop into narrower viewing angles without an optical zoom, it does so add a determinant to overall quality but it’s, not as noticeable as you might expect, especially when most video chat software caps out at 720p anyway. Number four logitech. C922 logitech in many regards is the leader in a pc peripheral market with high quality products that don’t break the bank most of the time anyway, and the logitech c922 pro doesn’t buck. The trend, it’s small, produces great quality video and offers multiple mounting options. The camera has two resolution: settings 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps, giving you the choice to focus on either frame rate or overall quality. High frame rates provide a much smoother camera stream and won’t look out of place if you’re streaming, 60fps gameplay.

The webcam also boasts a carl’s ice class lens with smart and adaptable autofocus that produces crisp, clear videos. It works well in low light and backlit environments too, thanks to built in light correction that boosts light levels when required, making it ideal for late night skyping and the 78 degree fog is impressive, too number three aston af 640 austin might not have the pedigree of Logitech when it comes to its webcams, but if you leave your brand loyalty at the door, the af640 doesn’t disappoint. The hardware itself goes toe to toe with the likes of the famed c920 with a glass lens, an adjustable bracket complete with a threaded universal tripod mount and laid into its base a wide angle field of view up to 1080p at 30fps video capture, noise, canceling capabilities From its integrated microphone and face based autofocus, whether your video conferencing from the boardroom or skyping with the family, one of the af640s greatest assets, is its ultra wide 90 degrees field of view. You can fit more into frame than most of the cameras in this lineup, and the osm also brings impressive image. Clarity to the table too number two hypercam hd, the hypercam hd, is an inexpensive webcam that offers great value with a high spec range of features. It looks seriously similar to a few other chinese made webcams and it’s, not even re badged as a hyper product on the webcam itself. That said, we found few faults in testing its 1080p hd resolution.

Picture. Quality is noticeably better than on our test. Laptop’S default 720p hd camera and the audio is clear, unlike some cheaper webcams, its glass lens has a 78 degree field of view. The same as the top end, logitech c922 number one papilla, pa 930 paper, looks pa 930. Webcam is a relatively inexpensive way to seriously upgrade your streaming and video calling game. It’S, f, 2.0 sensor: outputs q, hd 2560 x 1440, video at 30 fps by default, but also supports full hd 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps, both with hdr. The high resolution will benefit calls with friends, family and colleagues, while the improved frame rate comes in handy for live streaming, it’s great to have the options for both in general. Footage from the pa 930 has a solid amount of detail and decent exposure. Although it can look washed out and lacks vibrancy at times for anything, more than casual use, we’d recommend pairing it with some warm lighting.