Some people saying it’s the best of things in sliced bread, others not so much so let’s give it a real world test. We’Ll unbox it we’re going to test it at the end of the video i’ll. Give you a verdict of whether it’s worth 190 pound price tag, as always hit that like and subscribe button and let’s get on with the unboxing Music. Do Applause so getting into it? Then, on the top of the box, you have the key specifications. 4K ultra hd also has 1080p 60 frames per second next, you have the privacy shutter, which you can see, works really nicely and has a really smooth motion. Third on the box is the 94 degree wide angle, which is not too bad not too wide. Not too short should offer a good view, and then we have it’s plug and play, which basically means it, uses a universal protocol to use windows and mac you’ll see from the box that is really nicely put together with nice imaging on the front of it. If we turn to the side, we see the specifications it’s worth going into those in a bit more detail, it’s usb 3.0. It will not work with usb 2.0. So please bear that in mind. If you have an older computer, it has a sony, 4k cmos sensor and we’ll see if that’s any good in the upcoming test. It has an image resolution of 8 megapixels, which is what you expect from a camera like this.

It has a maximum resolution of 4k at 30 frames per. Second, it has an f stop value of 2.8, which is not too bad again, we’ll see in the upcoming test, and it has a fixed focus rather than a variable focus, which is a very good thing. When we tested the razer keyo pro, it was hunting, so the autofocus was looking for its subject, but it wasn’t keeping up with the image on the screen, which is why a fixed focus is a good thing, because when you are streaming or using this camera, you Aren’T going to be moving so a fixed point is a better use of technology so moving on and we will open the box and see what’s inside and the first thing that struck me when i opened this was the size of the camera it’s a big unit. It is not small, but with that it is well made. It feels robust. It feels if it fell on the floor. It wouldn’t smash into a million pieces feels like a quality heavy unit, moving the box out the way to get a better look at the unit itself. You’Ll see the symmetry of the unit makes it for a really attractive design, and it will look really good on any monitor. I feel the nice touches, like the chrome on the outside of the sensor, just emphasized a really good design overall, so just to emphasize the size of the sensor and the difference with a cheap 50 pound webcam, you can see it’s an awful lot bigger and which Is where the money is being spent? It also has a privacy cover which slides down seamlessly and has a really good motion in it, and it also has a stand which is rubberized all the way around with a mounting thread.

So you could attach this to a third party stand if you wanted to very nice package, all in all on the rear, you’ll see the usb c port, which you can attach the provided, cable or you could indeed use a third party if required. Really nice touch. So with the contents of the box of the camera, the cable and the quick start guide now let’s get on with the testing. So here we have it, then the avermedia 513 simply plugged into the computer there’s no post processing i’m in obs i’m. Using this microphone right here, not the microphone on the camera itself, it’s the middle of the day. I’Ve got the blinds down and the curtains drawn to my left and sat in front of a big open window, and you can see the image quality is not bad. I’M in the center of the frame it’s good, i cannotice a little bit of graininess in the in the image quality, which is not ideal, especially in the middle of the day. The weather light is coming through on the window. To my left of me is very bright and it doesn’t look that bright in person and then just notice this here as well. In the top right hand, corner is the red on this. Jumper is not processing very well, which is interesting, and if i do go back towards the corner here, you’ll see there is a slight bit of fish eyedness in the lens, which is not ideal, but in the center of the frame good quality image, not bad.

So, for comparison here is the same camera with the same settings set at night time. The only two light sources in this image. On my monitor and the light at the back of the picture – and you can see it does produce quite a grainy image, not ideal for 190 pound price point: there’s a mic test testing one: two: three testing one, two: three testing, one, two: three! So if you go onto the other media website, there is some software available for this webcam pw513 website go down to downloads at the bottom of a mediacam engine download and install i’ve already installed it, and you get these settings available. Brightness contrast hue saturation and sharpness as well, and then in advance you get a backlight compensator. You also get zoom, which shows up the quality of the webcam. Then you have a pan as well, but you have to be zoomed in to use that pan also tilt the image as well once it’s zoomed in you can change the flicker settings. 50Hz 60hz are off yeah there you go. I started off this review really wanting to light this product and, to a certain extent, i do i really like the build quality and the overall package from other media. It feels as though they know who they’re aiming this products at with a high quality camera and really good image quality. If you are well lit, however, if you’re not well lit that’s, where it falls down and the image quality becomes terrible.

In all honesty, if you look at this example, you’ll see what i mean so for 190 pounds. I don’t think you can really recommend this camera as it is. If it had better low light capabilities, then yeah, maybe it justifies price tag. The brio, for example, performs much better than this camera, so thank you very much for watching. Please like and subscribe this video.