I just want to say this is a really amazing product um. I was a sponsor, but you know actually pan if you want to sponsor. I just want to say uh. This product is amazing. Also, this is my first time using the tablet but yeah. I hope you guys enjoy the video and Music peace, Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, so Music, all right so on to the driver, um, actually pen, driver, isn’t, so bad uh. The thing is, you feel a little bit of smoothing, but not too much if you get used to it um you know. Ever since uh came out two years ago, uh driver has gotten better. I do want to say that i don’t use the xp pen driver. I use the open driver tablet driver as you can see here. This is my open tablet driver settings if you want to copy that down, go ahead, make sure to multiply by 1.778 with your height, and that will be your width but yeah shout out to kanagawa for giving me these settings and helping me out, but uh yeah And, as i was saying, driver has no hardware smoothing nothing. It gives you the full experience, but when you do buy this xp pen product make sure you buy rev a separate b, because red b has more hardware, smoothing for uh let’s, say if you’re drawing um but uh yeah. So if you want play get this tablet, just for ozu, make sure you get rev a and uh yeah that’s, not copyrighted Music, um i’ll be speaking while the gameplay plays in the background.

I just wan na let’s down some pros and cons about this tablet. Um to start off with the pros, the pricing, in my opinion, is great: 40 bucks uh, you get what you get um in my opinion. I think it rivals against wacom and gaming um and the second thing is: it comes with pen nibs. If you are a dragon player instead of a hover, these are great for you, because it comes in with 20 uh pen, nibs and also another pro is that they has rubber feet. If you want to put some extra, you know grip to it, you can, as you can see in the gameplay. I added the thing i gave you a plastic or the cover for the tablet. I use that, as a you know, an extra grip but yeah overall, i think this tablet’s great um to list off with the cons the driver. I have problems with it, but not really. I don’t really like the hardware, smoothing that they use on it so that’s. Why i recommend using an open tablet, driver or a haku driver anything that doesn’t provide hardware smoothing, so you get the best of the best out of your experience with the osu, but yeah either way this tablet’s great. I love it and you know xp pen. They did a great job and uh yeah. I hope you guys enjoy the video and the review and enjoy the gameplay. Also. This is my first time playing tablet.

So don’t judge me, oh my god, okay, you know what that’s it that’s all the gameplay. Now it cuts to white, i mean my gameplay all right, so it gives you you can also get certifications from this. I got my i got my web design certification.