And yes, even the latest cutting edge, avatar and text to speech and lip sync technologies puts it all into one state of the art, app that’s super easy to use and can be accessed via any device and trust me. When i tell you what you can do with it will blow you away, you see with this incredibly powerful app you’ll, be able to easily create amazing, high definition, pro quality 2d and 3d videos with dazzling effects and stunning audio in a matter of minutes, and you Don’T have to know a thing about making videos either. Then, if that wasn’t enough we’re going to show you exactly how you could use this powerful app to take your visitor engagement to whole new levels, because they’ll be mesmerized by your awesome. Real time. 3D animation videos you’ll take your business to new levels, in fact, while jumping miles ahead of your competition at the same time, without breaking a sweat or breaking your bank account for that matter, i guess you can see why i’m so excited to introduce you to video Builder, video builder allows you to maximize the power of video animation, slick, visual and text effects, pro quality, video production and, oh yes, the latest state of the art revolutionary life like text to speech and lip sync technology that literally floored me when i first saw it Demonstrated it’s that amazing, let me show you a demo watch how my voice syncs with the lips of the avatar flawlessly, to demonstrate the power of automatic voice recognition technology.

Let me show you now that the lips pause automatically when i stop talking and resume. When i start talking again now, how cool was that video builder has been in development for over two years by my partner, paul pona and myself, and we are two highly experienced developers and marketers with over 25 years of combined experience. Now, while listening to our tens of thousands of customers around the globe, we quickly realized there’s a clear need for an easy to use. Video app that delivers professional results. Marketers business owners, product creators and bloggers are craving a value, packed super powerful system that will not only get them on the leading edge of video production technology to boost their marketing results, but to keep them there and without needing to spend the hundreds. If not thousands of dollars on video production voice, overs, animation, editing and 3d avatar creation, well, video builder. Does all of that and a lot more let’s face a serious fact here. If you want to stay competitive in today’s online marketplace, regardless of what business or niche you’re in, if you want more subscribers more conversions and sales, then you need to leverage the power of video. Look according to hubspot, including a video on a landing page, can increase conversions by up to eighty percent. Up to sixty four percent of users are more likely to buy a product online. After watching a video, a staggering 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others and 90 of users surveyed say that videos are helpful in their purchase decision making.

Now video builder enables anyone who can click a mouse to harness the power of video and a whole lot more and just wait until you see what this awesome app can do over the next few minutes and now to give you a quick look at some of What video builder delivers, let me hand things over to some of our lifelike 3d avatars. I will let them show you around. Let’S start with jack over to you, jack thanks todd. Video builder gives you the power to create awesome, real time, animation, videos that tap into the latest and greatest 3d and animation technology plus a whole lot more. No special skills or knowledge required just use our easy interface follow a few easy steps and you’ll find yourself creating eye popping real time: 3d animation, videos that will captivate your visitors within minutes with video builder, you can add dazzling text effects, animations, intros, outros and even Lower thirds to any existing videos with just a few clicks or create entirely new videos from scratch. Camera shy don’t want to hire an actor or spokesperson no problem. Simply let me or one of my fellow avatars handle it. You got a great collection of 3d avatars, male and female, along with a wide selection of voices, just paste in the text of what you want, your avatar to say, click, a few options and you’re all set it’s that easy. You can set your avatar to speak with any of 47 voices in any of 24 languages.

We even include american, british and australian accents, among others, all powered by the world’s best text to speech technology and with our latest generation lip sync text to speech technology. Your avatars will be more lifelike and attention grabbing than ever before, see before avatar’s lips just moved randomly with no pacing, pauses or rhythm to whatever was being spoken, but now your avatar’s lit movements will always be completely in sync, with what’s being spoken like real humans. Do which makes them even more realistic and lifelike than ever before, pretty cool huh? You can even upload your own recorded voice over track if you want or record a voice track directly to the app want to shoot your own on, screen, videos or use an actor or spokesperson, not a problem either with videobuilder. You can add in your own video footage, soundtracks and other graphical or audio elements, all with just a couple of clicks or choose from any of the backgrounds or graphics included in your onboard library or even upload, your own background images or videos. Whatever you want. Video builders, flexible and highly customizable video canvas capabilities makes your ability to create unique mesmerizing and attention grabbing videos virtually unlimited. Our super easy to use interface makes it so easy. You simply won’t believe it, but hang on there’s more instead of using boring, static, powerpoint, slides or tired, overdone whiteboard clips to show your text. Why not jazz up your text and visual elements with super cool effects, motions and transitions with video builder it’s super easy to do with just a couple of clicks.

You also get a great media library of graphics, stock, video images enhancements and much more all ready to use with click drag and drop. Video builder is literally all you need to create super professional eye, catching hd animation, videos complete with visual effects, fluid animation and graphical accents. In just a matter of minutes, you don’t even need a camera or microphone with the breakthrough. Multi track. Video editor included in the app you can add your own video footage, sound tracks, images, text, effects, animations, voiceovers and other graphical or audio elements all into one captivating, video presentation. This gives you full flexibility to create high end video productions comparable to videos produced with big budget video, editing and animation software. With just a couple of clicks with video builder, you can create awesome, 3d, explainer and sales videos and produce high quality, full motion, animation, intros, outros, openers, lower third editions, inserts video ads splashes and a whole lot more. Take that boring, old promotional video from this to this be sure to check out the rest of this page to get all the details and don’t forget to check out the demo below all yours, todd, okay, that was fun right, pretty cool! Now, if you’ve been checking out the market at all lately for an affordable, yet powerful video app, i think, you’ll agree. Video builder is the only cloud based video production app that allows you to build incredibly powerful, high quality, real time 3d animation videos within minutes without the need for any other video, apps, plugins or editors.

Video builder is hosted on google’s state of the art cloud network. So there’s nothing to install or to update ever just securely access video builder through any browser using any device, even your tablet or smartphone and you’re ready to rock. Now, aside from all the incredible features and capabilities, what i think will truly blow you away. Is video builders incredibly low, introductory price available only during this limited launch period and be sure to check out the exclusive bonuses too also available? Only during this introductory offer, including two additional bonus: lifelike 3d avatars worth about a thousand dollars. Each 50 royalty free music tracks worth 20 to 30, a piece two professionally written, ready, made sales scripts and dozens of animated video backgrounds all worth one hundred to two hundred dollars each and much much more. Now these incredible bonuses alone make grabbing video builder a total. No brainer and, as always, there’s no risk whatsoever to give video builder a full test drive with our 30 day. No questions asked money back guarantee so check out the rest of this page and take advantage of the really low introductory discount price, while it’s still available see what video builder can do for you and your business starting today, then click the button right below to get Instant access – this is todd.