If you like, really big phones, then this video is for you, because today we are looking at one of the best value, smart phones, you can get right now that has a giant screen. It is the Xiaomi mi max. Now it isn't the newest or the biggest or the most powerful big phone around, but for a phone of this size it does strike a really good balance between price and performance and size. The screen measures in at a whopping six point four four inches now. This is a 5 inch xiaomi mi 4 prime, and it sits entirely within the display of the Mi Max, and here it is next to a five and a half inch UMI Z in a 5.7 inch leeco Le max 2, a small phone. This is not, but having said that, it still manages to fit inside my jeans pocket now: it's, not the most comfortable things to have in your pocket, but it is doable internally. You can get it with either a Snapdragon 650 or 652 processor. You can get it in versions with either two three or four gigs of ram and either 16 32, 64 or 128 gigs of on board storage, and it can be expanded with a microSD card. The top spec model, with four gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage and a Snapdragon 652, can be bought for under 250 US dollars at the time of filming, which is just really good value.

There will be links in the description for where you can buy one from, and there will also be a link for where you can check to see if it will be compatible with your network carrier. I have it in gold, but you can also get it in silver. It runs Android marshmallow with the miui skin and if you get it from the sites i linked to it will have the Google Play Store. Pre installed now miui differs from stock Android in a number of ways. For example, there is no app drawer. Instead, everything is on the home screen kind of like iOS, but it does have some cool features like being able to change the transition effects and the ability to reduce the screen size for one handed use. A benefit of having a big phone with a large display is that it means there is plenty of room for any large battery without adding to the thickness. So it has a 4850 milliamp hour battery which even a heavy user will struggle to run flat in a day and yet it's still a slim phone at seven and a half millimeters thick looking around the phone. It has 2.5 the glass on the front and according to gsm arena, it is Gorilla. Glass, 4. It has a mostly metal body with chamfered edges and a curved back, but the top and bottom are plastic to allow signals for the antennas. We have a fingerprint reader here, which I found to be fast and accurate.

A dual tone LED flash and a 16 megapixel camera. We also get a 5 megapixel one on the front now both feature f2.0 and both are pretty good for the price. The rear camera. Also has 4k video recording and phase detect autofocus. It is a decently good camera that does better than average in low light situations and overall picture quality is pleasing. On the left, we have the tray for the dual sims. You can swap the nano SIM for a microSD card on the top is a three and a half millimeter audio jack right next to that is an IR blaster and a noise cancelling mic on the right. We have some nice mental power and volume buttons on the bottom. Is the mic speaker end micro, USB port? Now, although the mi max does support quick charge, 3.0, the charger that came in the box is only a standard charger. So if you use the supplied charger, you can expect it to take several hours to charge that large battery. If you want something to charge your phone quicker, I use blitzwolfer quick chargers and find them to be pretty good. I will link these in the description now. The display is 1080p and you might be disappointed that it isn't quad HD, but on a six point. Four four inch display 1080p gives us over 340 pixels per inch, which is still above retina, display standard. So at normal viewing distances you won't see individual pixels.

If you use VR, then it might be noticeable, but then again the phone is so big. You may struggle to find a VR headset that it can be used with any way. Overall, though, the display is very good and being so huge. It makes it great for things like movies and gaming. Now the Snapdragon, 650 and 652 are still both very capable chipsets. Both will run the majority of current gaming titles on high settings without any issues grab a game controller and you have an excellent large screen and portable gaming setup. I'Ll link this controller in the description as well drop a like. If you like to see a review of this game pad now surfing the web and watching video is a pleasant lag, free experience and with the IR blaster, it makes it great for home use as you can use it, to control your audio and video equipment, so That is the mi max. What do you guys think of big phones like this? Would you buy one? Would you use it like a template, or would you use it like a phone i'm really interested? So let me know in the comments below hey thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe.