In preparing this list, i’ve tried to select from the various price ranges, so you can easily find the best product for you. Each product has been ranked based on customer reviews, price and quality i’ve embedded the links to the products in the description for more information. Please check them out now. Let’S get started with the list. In this video we are going to check out the five best usb microphones let’s get started with the list number one blue yeti usb microphone. The blue yeti, in our opinion, is one of the best usb condenser mics for its unparalleled audio recording capabilities. It is fit for versatile use, singing instruments, narration voice over podcast conferencing interviews, etc. It records with a high degree of accuracy. The user friendly controls account for pattern, selection, microphone gain control and a nifty instant mute. This popular usb microphone is a superb choice for audio production, featuring cutting edge technology and fabricated to an expert level. The frequency response on these blue yetis is so quick. The blue yeti usb microphone for podcasting is one of the most well known usb microphones on earth. Number two blue snowball ice usb microphone, the blue snowball ice as a newer version of the well received original snowball, dual capsule usb condenser by blue designs. The decibel control feature of its pricier counterpart, whilst useful for particularly loud instruments, is really neither here nor there, as it can be controlled through the operating system or recording software easily enough anyway, so you really aren’t losing out on anything.

The frequency response is 40. 18 kilohertz, whilst its equalization is mainly at a mid range. It makes for a great entry level mic that provides a pretty decent, sound without distortion and has no sibilance even without a pop filter. Number three fafine k669b metal, condenser recording usb microphone. The fafine usb mic has mixed controls for volume input levels. It makes for a pretty sensitive mic as it is omnidirectional. It should pick up mainly what is directed the fafine. Usb mic itself has been manufactured with a built in usb cable cables, typically wear close to their usb connectors from prolonged use in the natural wear and tear plugging and unplugging them. So this could be a bonus. The fafine usb mic provides high sound quality and level of recording for an unbeatable current price, no frills, just cheap and cheerful plug and plays production, a definite contender for the best cheap, usb mic number 4. audio technica at2020 usb usb microphone, the audio technica at2020 usb Plus, as an innovative, usb functioning version of their phenomenal critically acclaimed xlrat2020 providing recording, studio level, audio recording it is a typical side address, cardioid condenser mic, it has a small footprint, so is ideal for small home setups as it won’t get in the way. The audio technica at2020 usb plus usb recording microphone has great latency and can be monitored in time with its featured headphone audio jack. Like the rodent, it features a low mass diaphragm for extended frequency.

Its low self noise makes for reliable consistency and natural sound pick up with digital recording software number five marin’s professional mpm 2000 usb microphone. This is another great choice of usb condenser microphone. That, again is of a cardioid polar pattern, so you can expect high frequency pickup without the muddy lower ends, dampening the quality of musical recordings or unwanted background noise from your environment. It has a decent amount of weight to it and is of good quality construction it’s. The frequency response of 20 18 000 in league with professional studio level, audio recording its usb connectivity, allows for effortless audio capture direct to your digital audio workstation. The marantz professional usb condenser mic is the top of their current line of usb options and provides exceptional audio production. If you need more information about those products, please check the links in the description below thanks for watching.