In preparing this list, i’ve tried to select from the various price ranges, so you can easily find the best product for you. Each product has been ranked based on customer reviews, price and quality i’ve embedded the links to the products in the description for more information. Please check them out now. Let’S get started with the list. In this video, we are going to check out the five best usbc hubs. Let’S get started with the list number one coup, two seven in one usbc hub. The hub has three usb a 3.0 ports is lightweight and works natively with macs and pcs. Besides, there is one sd card reader, one hdmi port, that supports 4k monitors and a usb c port for power up to 100 watts, which is pretty remarkable, considering the price who too upgraded this hub with heat reduction tech to prevent overheating, while the use of copper Wiring and other metals helps to create more efficient data transfers according to the company. It provides three usb: a ports, an hdmi port and an ethernet jack. You don’t get a card reader but it’s ideal for those who need ethernet connectivity. Number two toto 9 in one usbc hub, take a look at the totu 9 in one type c hub. If you have a macbook pro or macbook air 2019 or later, this versatile usb c hub boasts a whopping 9 port option that includes an ethernet port with full 10 100s 1000 megabits per second delivery and a usb 2.

0 type, a port. If you’ve got an even older device, it doesn’t offer usb 3.0 pass through charging, but it does offer fast charging via one ubc c port, and it is a bit heavier than our top two options, but at less than fifty dollars a pop it’s. Definitely a great deal number three anker usbc hub. If you’re looking to add some usb a ports to your computer, then the anker 4 port, usb c to usb 3.0 hub is the way to go. The simple hub only offers 4 usb 3.0 type. A ports with this hub you’ll be able to connect peripherals like mice, keyboards hard drives, and so on this way you can reuse your existing gear without needing to buy usb c accessories. Another great thing about this hub is that it’s, affordable anker makes a lot of different types of usb c hubs and many business insider employees use them with our macbook pros. Number 4 12 south stay go usbc hub if you’re looking for a solid, usb c hub that can keep its cable out of the way when you’re not using it, then the 12 south stay go is worth your attention. This hub comes with a 1 meter cable and the cables are detachable too. This hub offers a series of helpful ports. You’Ll get an hdmi port, two usb 3.0 ports, a gigabit ethernet port, an sd card slot, a micro sd card slot and a usb c port that can be used for power delivery.

In other words, this hub should have everything you need daily number 5. satechi aluminum, multi port usbc hub. If you’re looking for a versatile, usb c hub and want one of the best out there, then the satechi aluminum multi, port adapter v2 is the way to go. You’Ll get three usb a 3.0 ports as well as one hdmi port, one usb c port and 1 ethernet port you’ll also get an sd card slot and a micro sd card slot. So those of you who are looking for something to easily transfer data from your camera or phone will appreciate this hub. The hdmi port supports 4k monitors and the gigabit ethernet port can handle speeds of 10 100 1000 megabits per second. If you need more information about those products, please check the links in the description below thanks for watching.