Usb hubs can expand the number and kind of ports available and usb docs. Let you turn a laptop into a full blown workstation with one plug, so in todays video ill be reviewing the top 10 best usbc hub. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and i tried to rank them based on their quality, durability, customer reviews and more. If you want to know about the best pricing and more information, you can check the description links below number 10 in my list. Dell usbc hub dock want to connect a lot of usb and devices to your usbc hub then check out the dell dbd15, which offers five ports for this purpose, with three featuring usb 3.0 and two featuring usb 2.0 with 11 ports in total. You also get a range of options for display and video in the form of hdmi vga and mini displayport on the negative side, its a bit disappointing. There are no extra usbc ports, 4k output is only at 30 hertz and there are no sd or microsd slots plus overall, this is quite expensive for a usbc hub number. Nine in my list is hutu usb c hub, its handy when you can use your usbc hub to charge your laptop, especially if its one, with only one usbc slot in total, and you need this feature, but dont want to spend much money. Wed suggest you check out the hutu usbc hub, which offers an impressive 100 watt of pass through charging its also wonderfully small and light includes sd and microsd card slot and impressive three usba ports and is surprisingly cheap.

Its only real downsides are the lack of ethernet connectivity and the fact that you can only stream 4k at 30 hertz also, it has a very bright led light that you cant turn off and can be a little annoying number. Eight in my list is dell d, a 306 in one usbc hub this dell d, a 300 six in one usbc hub, is both small and beautifully formed with an attractive circular design and a retractable cable, in fact, wed argue its the best looking usbc hub on The market full stop its also wonderfully portable weighing just under 82 gram and includes six ports in total, which should cover most paces, namely an hemi port, a displayport, a vga port, an rg45 ethernet port, an usb type c port and an usb 3.1 port. Note that it doesnt offer pass through charging, though, and there are no slots for sd and microsd cards number seven in my list is kingston workflow station usb type c for photographers and creatives. The customizable kingston workflow station is the most well thought out and versatile of all usbc hubs when it comes to data transfer, build it with exactly the connections you want transfer to and from them all simultaneously. If you want to and relax safe in the knowledge that youre getting the speed and reliability of one of the biggest names in data, its a minor quibble that the dock cant be used without power, and there are currently only three connections offered usb.

A usb c. Sd and microsd, we would love to see a fax press module, for instance, but were sure thats on the drawing board, and currently this is strictly a solution for data transfer, so there are no hdmi or ethernet options regardless. This is a brilliant hub that will genuinely improve the way you handle transfers to and from memory cards and cameras. Number six in my list is kensington sd, 1000, 600p, usb type c, not sure whether you want a docking station for the office or a usb hub for when youre traveling, the kensington sd, 1000 600p usbc mobile dock is a hybrid device that basically gives you the Best of both worlds, while its ostensibly a docking station, it can also be powered by your laptops battery, while youre on the move, making it viable as a usbc hub. You might think that would make it expensive, but its actually very reasonably priced. It should allow you to connect all the devices you need to your usbc powered laptop. There are output options for hdmi 4k at 30hz or vga full hd 1920 by pixels to an external, monitor tv or projector. You also get two usb 3.0 ports supporting up to five gigabits per second and an extra usbc port for data synchronization. Supporting up to five gigabits per second and a built in charging hub allows you to charge mobile devices when youre not using it. As a dock. Number five in my list is plugable usb type c, one hub got a macbook and need to connect lots of devices to it.

This seven in one one usb c hub, is a fantastic buy. Not only is it very affordable, but it hosts a wide range of ports, including three usb 3.0 ports with fast five gigabits per second transfer speeds: an hdmi 1.4 port that supports 4k resolution at 30 hertz and two sd card readers, its fabulously light and compact too. Its a little niggling that you cant remove the usb cable, but on the plus side that means you cant lose it either. On the whole, then this offers everything most macbook users will need at an unbeatable price number. Four in my list is corsair. Tbt 100, thunderbolt type c hub the standout feature of the corsair tbt, 100 thunderbolt 3 dock is its 2 hdmi ports, enabling you to stream to two 4k displays at once at 60 hertz, if you so wish its also one of only two usbc hubs on this List to include a headphone and microphone jack and thats, not all the corsair tbt 100 supports thunderbolt 3 for faster transfer speeds. It provides up to 85 watt of pass through charging and with 9 ports in total youre sure to find all the connectivity you need here. Well, unless you need a microsd slot, besides that, the only real disadvantage of buying the corsair tbt 100 is its price, which is eye watering high number three in my list is easy quest, usb 3.2 type c hub only interested in connecting usba and usbc devices.

To your usbc hub, not bothered about having an ethernet or hdmi connection, then youll love this light and compact usbc hub from easyquest, which provides you with a ton of usbc ports at an affordable price. These include three usb c 10 gigabits per second two ports, rated at 10, gigabits per second for lightning, fast data transfer. You also get three usb a5 gigabits per second ports for your older devices, which offer speeds of 5 gigabits per second, and the icing on the cake is one final. Usbc power delivery port offering pass through charging up to 100 watt. The hub itself is small. In light at just 140 gram and the 22 centimeter 9 in long braided, black cable adds a touch of elegance to proceedings. We love how everything is very clearly built too number 2 in my list is anchor usbc hub. Then you can get a usbc hub. Thats, almost as good as the kingston nucleum for an even cheaper price in the form of the anchor power expand plus seven in one to save this money. Youll need to make a few small compromises. Firstly, theres just one usbc port in this hub and passthrough taps out at a maximum of 48 watt, so itll take longer to charge your laptop also, you can only stream 4k to your tv or monitor at a 30 hertz refresh rate, so youll need to switch To he to get the full 60 hertz experience, however, the plus side, this device is lovely and light at 99 gram, theres again a wide range of ports, including sd and microsd slots, and unlike in the kingston nucleum, you get an ethernet connection too, along with an 18 month warranty, this makes this usbc hub an absolute bargain.

In our eyes number one in my list is kingston nucleum, usb c hub. This usbc hub basically ticks all the boxes. It has a wide range of ports allowing you to connect up to seven devices at once. It offers pass through charging via one of the two usbc slots, allowing you to charge your laptop with up to 60 watt of juice. You can also use one of the usba slots to charge your smartphone. The kingston include slots for both sd and microsd cards, making it a great choice for working photographers and other creative people. You can also use the hdmi port to output to a 4k or hd monitor or projector. The aluminum case is sturdy, durable and smart, looking its also small and relatively lightweight, making it very portable. All this for a very fair and affordable price makes the kingston nucleum our clear choice as the best usbc hub available today. Alright guys this was our todays video. If you find this video helpful for you, then like the video and if you come to our channel first time, then hit the subscribe button for our amazing upcoming videos be sure to check out the links in the description for the updated price of all products discussed.