So we run for more delay. Lets begin so right now you can see one product from the and esport 7.1 HD surround sound, so you might be thinking why Im calling it as a best USB audio adapter or the USB sound card for any computer or smartphone or tablets. So here are some key highlights, as you can see here, voice music SD make SD sound, surround sound sound, so it supports almost everything and even you can get a Hi Fi music, as you can see here, its suitable for gaming for online talk and 3D surrounds. Also so Ill be leaving this product purchase link on the video description, so you can click there and purchase this product. So let me show you event in right now the present cost of this device that you can get in Amazon online store. So if youre living in the India, then its present price is 590 and the MRP is almost 1499., so right now its selling for almost less than a 10. Even in the Box, you can see clearly the MRP is 1499, so its exactly showing. So you can check online on the Amazon store regarding this device, so inside this box you will get the device and one user manual as well as a warranty card. So you can read a user manual regarding the buttons here which button is for what functions. So let me keep this everything in the sidewise, so this is the device, so you might be seeing some buttons here right.

So this button, the circular small Button, as you can see here, is for the microphone, mute and unmute and on the right side, the circular small button is for the headphone, mute or unmute button and the circular dial. As you can see, this one is for the volume and here on this side well see our three 3.5 mm audio jack input, so these are for different purposes, so you can see some icons already here you can see properly or not. So the green one is mainly for the earphones or headphones and the middle one. That is a black one, is for headsets. That means, if your earphone or headphone has a voiceover, that is, you can record voice or speak over. Then you can connect here or if you are recording and want to listen at the same time, then you need to insert on this black port, and the pink port is clearly is shown here with the icon is mainly for the microphone. So if you insert in the Ping, then you wont be able to listen, but you can directly record your audio or Sounds by inserting here and if you want to just listen, then you can turn the green one and if you want both, that is, you want To record The Voice as well as you want to listen, then you can insert on this Blackboard. So these are the buttons that you will gon na get and on a book you will be getting a type, a USB port, so here Im gon na connect this device with my smartphone, but you can use your any Windows – Mac Linux, computer, as well as any Apple devices like iPads or iPhone or Android tablets, also it will work almost on every computers or smartphones or tablet.

So, in order to connect this device with your smartphones or tablets, you need to purchase one USB, OTG dongle, so depending upon what type of ports you are having, you purchase that type of usb OTG dongle. So in my case, Im having a type c connector on my Android smartphone. So now what you need to do is just insert this usb OTG on your raspberry, smartphones or tablets, and now it says, insert your audio adapter. So once you insert you can see here, one blue icon is blowing up. So if I press on this small circular button – and you can see here – it will mute the sound so you can see here, you can clearly see so. I already mentioned you earlier: this button is for mute and unmute for microphone, as well as the headphone or the earphone. So now let us check if it really can record anything or we can listen anything or not. So let me insert my headset here so Im. Gon na insert this headset or you can call it a headphone also, so I have a mic input here, so you can see here so well check its in every port and well try to record so Im gon na use a middle one and well try to Record now let me open a sound recorder application, so you can clearly see external mic is connected so now Ill. Just try to speak on this mic and well see if the record really or not hello, everyone.

Its me JB from innate tutorials today in this video Ill, be testing the points and sound recording using a headset microphone. So you can clearly see a pattern here, its completely working fine and now let me insert in the pink one that is for the microphone. So well check if it can record or not hello everyone. Its me cheby from unique tutorials today in this video Ill, be testing the voice and sound recorded using my headset microphone. So you can see its recording, but the earlier was quite better since this gadgets, which you are seeing on the left side, is a headset so for the headset, I would highly recommend you to insert your 3.5 audio jack in the middle one. If you want to get a quick voice recording and if youre, using a regular microphones or any audio recorder microphones, then you can use the ping one to get the better, sound recording. And if you just want to listen, then you can just insert EQ and you can listen to your respective earphones or headphones. So now you might be thinking why I call it the best USB audio, adapter or USB sound card, so in the market. You might find this kind of chip that is a very cheap quality, USB audio adapter or the USB sound cards which is much cheaper than this kind of USB audio adapter or USB sound card. But the main difference between these two is the hardware used in this device on the left side on the an Esports USB audio editor is quite Superior compared to this very cheap priced, USB audio adapter or USB sound card.

So the main drawback of the chip USB sound card compared to this USB audio adapter, which is little higher priced compared to the chip USB audio adapters, theres that while you are listening or recording, you might hear some. This is sound or the his sound ematio and which will be distracting you quite a lot. So if you just want to use it for external speakers, then it might get your job done on your raspberry, PCS or anything about. If you want to use this cheap. Usb audio editor, in order to listen or record with good audio sound quality output, then Ill not recommend this because of those kind of distracting his and sounds so and highly recommend to get this kind of good quality. Usb audio adapter, which is provided from the an Esports that you can enjoy a very good, sound recording, as well as a very good, sound pairing as well. So, if youre interested in processing this product, then you can click on the product purchase. Link on the video description – and you can check it out by yourself. So if you find this video tutorial useful, please click on the thumbs like button and, if youre new to our Channel click on the Subscribe button.