And if you have her, you should use her. But we are going to talk about her in a little more detail on that. I want to do this character that, just as she deserves give her that full review so let’s get to that right now, okay, so again before we get into it. If you need to uh wail a little more on this game, you want to spend some money. Please do use amazon coins, they will just save you money if you have that available and if you do want to use amazon coins. I would really appreciate it if you use my amazon coin affiliate link down in the description. It just helps the channel out a ton uh with that out of the way let’s get to our girl unit here now, i’m. Recording this one on my ipad. A little new experiment here, so you get a little more of this, but you know keep the focus on yoona. I know it’s hard to look away from this, but let’s look at my beautiful girl here yuna now. What you see is her stats. This is 120 yuna, with all jobs max, obviously, and her ability board all the way maxed. What you’re looking at here is 32′ hp, that’s lower than like oren and titus right, but she’s not trying to get in there and brawl like they are and that’s. Actually, a very respectable amount of hp for a healer for a dedicated support, slash mage, because i don’t want to take the mage title off of this girl because she brings the paint for someone whose main ability main use is like sustain and uh yeah.

She brings a sustain, but she also brings the. I was going to try to make a pun and say, like some pain but we’ll just go with pain. She hurts people um her tp at 273, that’s, really good that’s, going to help her get more of those heels off. Ap 196 plenty of ap her agility at 64., really good for a supportability for a support unit. Um she’s, very fast in a lot of groups that i build her in she’s, pushing 100 agility um. Her move in jump is three and one. I don’t know that you want it to be more than that on her. You don’t really want her overextending forward and, if she kind of takes care of her movement and jump herself anyway, because one of her only like early turn, buffs that i like to keep on is her move and jump plus one buff that you’ll see in a Minute so move and jump she’s set there she’s a really good unit with move and jump um magic at 607, really nice that’s, very high. She heals like an angel and hits like a truck like. I feel, like i’m gushing on this girl a little bit she’s, that good let’s look at her abilities. Let’S, see what abilities i have set here. Give you kind of a little bit better idea of what you can do so i’m running mooncrest right, that’s, going to raise her magic and her healing power she regularly heals for 10k, plus um it’s, actually crazy.

I’M. Also writing savior’s protection. This will give her that magic, resist i’m i’ve been running her into a lot of magic groups. Now, if you’re not planning on running her into magic groups, she does have other really good support, abilities oath of the faith right here activation time down useful and you don’t have to level it, which is nice emerald echo. If you’re doing green may juna, you might consider emerald echo, it will enhance some of those buffs by one turn like you, when a green mage casts agility up the buff that raises the stat. This will increase the turn duration on that by one. Otherwise, i don’t really like it there’s magic up which again just more magic, and she has dark spirits, blessing which raises spirit and dark resist, also really good. I actually need to finish leveling this to 20., so right now, this is what i’m using i have her set on kodadama wielder sub job that gives her access to nimble movement. This is a spell that i think is really important for yuna, because actually something that she struggles with is things to do on an extended map like the previous guild wars map or any big range map early before people are hurt before she’s in range to do Damage so i really like to give her nimble movement. Her ai actually tends to hang back like she’ll just stand there and cast spells. So if you can get her to stand there and cast nimble movement while the rest of your group moves forward if they start taking that damage, this gives her the ability to close that gap a little easier and heal them.

I really like this buff also. This gives her bursting light. You guys i’ve seen this get triple kills it hits so hard, and it has that really nice aoe that you’re, seeing on the screen, love that ability spirit, breaking pain, also a good ability. You know medium damage and might stun stuns are always cool and it has a good bit of range and unavoidable pain or unavailable pain is a 100 hit ability an additional 100 hit ability because you’ll see her limit break also a 100 hit attack for her main Job these are all good prey: big aoe, heal centered on her sonic wings. More damage re raise one of the cores of her kit. Something you’re going to notice about. Yuna is it’s a really difficult and frustrating to kill a unit team. She puts re raise on somebody else, maybe they’re also running like zombie, ryrie’s tmr for another re race. She has access to full life. If you take her to 120 it’s nuts it’s nuts re race is such a good ability and she casts it. She will cast it on her first turn in almost all situations, she’ll, either put it on your tank if they have hate or she’ll put it on herself, you just kind of got to figure out which one you want to go with there holy another 100 hit Ability can’t go wrong there, kiraga, obviously big heel and there’s – that full life um her getting access to full life makes this already good unit, even better highly recommend, taking her all the way there.

What about the rest of her job summoner of spira? I don’t use this one much. I would really only want it for curata, but she has so many heels built in. I don’t really care about that. Green mage is an interesting one. I’Ve seen some pretty good green mage unis out there um like vitalize an agility, buff, okay, more agility, never bad ruin non elemental damage if somebody’s running a lot of light, resist bar light, a light, resist buff there’s, a ton of light units in the meta right Now and they’re, probably not going away for a while bar light, is a very good ability for fighting them in peril. This will lower all elemental, resist better for pve, probably unit, also a great pve unit, and then d protect will lower defense. She doesn’t really use that, but green mage would be my second favorite sub job, with kodadama wielder being my first um speaking of her limit break let’s. Look at that thing, real quick! You can see. I have it at level. 15. deals large damage in that rectangle. Based aoe at good range and is a guaranteed hit big hurt. This move kicks butt. I love it a lot so there’s her skills and her stats right let’s go into some team building with yuna let’s see her in action. Just uh wrecking some folks and then you can yokai see what she looks like let’s. Go there now, okay, so this fight you’re about to watch, was sent in by merlot another content creator good friend of mine – and he was like check this out now when he sent this in.

I thought he was showing off the power of a fire team here. Right he’s got christmas, mashery rain and you know i was like okay he’s just got unit in there because she’s such a good like plug and play healer, and i really thought i was like. Okay, he’s, probably fighting an ice team here and he’s just trying to flex his fire team kind of show off what they can do um. It starts off like that right. It starts off, like he’s uh, really just trying to show off the power of fire into agrius in oren now watch as this plays out and what happens here, you’re going to see two unis and you’re going to see something kind of crazy. If you were watching on stream when he shared this you’re already going to know, but if you weren’t you’re in for a treat so first of all agrees moves up, confuses rain i’m, like okay, no big deal. Masha is going to come over here and deal with oren notice. How mashari actually does pretty good damage to oren and then takes his damage back it’s, a good trade for mashri and you kind of see her power right. There there’s an imperil onto aggrias, so it’s green mage, yuna on merlot’s team, really cool and now watch as mashari says: oren you’re out of the fight, you might be the 120 new unit but i’m, the old christmas, marie and i’m, a beast so uh impressive by Christmas marcia and this fight’s, looking really good for merlot okay, agrees grabbed some hate, but there’s fire people all over.

The place agrees drops to rain and you’re like okay, nice. The fire team is gon na beat the ice team. This is easy. Then unit brings aggress back and you’re like okay, well, that’s kind of annoying and agaris is hurting some people but rain magic reflexes. The energy ray eunice healing uh proc goes off and she full heals herself uh get used to that. Christmas. Mushery kills another ice unit. I’M, like all right this fight’s over but notice aeon bond right the reaction ability on yuna and notice how it keeps going off over and over wait for it wait for it, wait for it. Oh it didn’t go off this time, but guess what she has. Regular cures – there’s curaga – she was almost dead now. She’S back to life. Here comes a big three hit attack a on bond procs and she’s back to full life, here’s a jump she’s almost dead aeon, bon prox she’s back to full life. What are we seeing here? Oh big damage from in peril a on bon prox, the other unit’s back to full life, there’s, a prey everybody’s full life. We got four units, they’re all full life, hey there’s, a on bond and a eunice back to full life. Rain’S like hey. Let me summon on you and yoona’s like ouch. Let me kill your unit and then that unit is like i’m gon na come back to life, no big deal and she’s like yo i’m, going to pray again and we’re awful life, then rain slaps unit uniproxay on bond and unit his full life mashri’s like i’m.

Going to jump on you again, this almost killed you last time. It almost killed you again, but your full life then there’s a holy there’s, another prey everybody’s, just full life there’s a on bond for like the 47th time. If you have a guess on how this fight ends, you might start getting that guest ready, there’s, a full life. So you know mashery’s back in this thing. Oh, if there’s a on bond um, oh my goodness, merlot’s yuna, is dead. Wait a second here, what’s gon na happen, there’s no way christmas, mashery and rain lose 2v1 to this unit, like surely she won’t proc aeon bond and curaga 50. 000. No wait! A second here hold on what’s happening. There’S. Only nine turns left. This is gon na. Go to turns isn’t it that’s. What you’d be trying to convince me of here wait. This is going to turns, but it’s, okay, because 2v1 they’re going to pick up some crystals and it’ll be fine and the two units will okay there’s a reflection like merlot’s going to win this thing right, you’d be wrong: ruin kills mashari a on bonprox again and Then eunice says ruin on rain. Auto attack on rain rain picks up a crystal it’s, not going to be enough turns run out yuna 1v3 that merlot team. So, okay, like are you sold yet if you weren’t buying into the uni hype before you saw that video, i hope, you’re buying into the uni hype now um, that was nuts and that’s, not the only example of stuff like that happening.

That i’ve seen this unit. Just has a chance to turn any fight around all by herself aeon bond, which let’s go. Look at aeon bond let’s. Read that thing real quick! It is insane it’s insane it’s her reaction ability you’re not going to want to run any of the other ones. Chance of raising own healing power for three turns that’s what it regularly does, but when you exer it adds this little neat part to the end and recover own hp. Small now i don’t know about you guys, but a 6000 plus heal does not feel like a small amount of hp recovery to me feels like a lot of hp recovery but that’s where we live. This is the universe that we live in right now: it’s, yuna’s universe, and we just hanging out she’s summoning space chickens to come down here and shoot lasers at us and we’re just praying that her reaction ability, doesn’t proc 50 000 times as she one shots. Our units so let’s look at some teams, though. What how, if you are one of the blessed people who have yoona, how can you use her? Well, i suggest using her in any kind of comp. You want here’s the comp that yesterday was sitting at rank 1 in arena right. I kind of threw it together, i’m, not sure about the vision cards they kind of swap them in and out, but it’s just the final fantasy, 10 meme team.

You just get them all to 120, run them with yuna, and she these guys bruise it up, and she keeps them alive, she’s very, very strong with other bruisers, and i feel like we’re entering a point in the game right now with 120 units. Where running a couple, bruisers in una is a very viable strategy and one of my favorite strategies. I also really like to run her with a tank like maybe in this group, swap um, oren or titus out for let’s say you know, maybe drop a warrior light in there and just give this guy like say: hey, you don’t need a sword. War of light i’m going to throw this armlet on you, give you those elemental, resists i’m, going to throw some boots on you here, give you some more spirit and just say good. You know what you don’t need: odin we’re, going to give you some more defense, and you know what you don’t need this card. You got magic resist from that one let’s go with hmm, i don’t know let’s, see let’s go down here and let’s pick some! Oh here’s, some more resistances right and a single target attack resist good luck. Killing this guy with yoona got his back he’s going to be a tough man to kill um. You can make very very hard to kill guild wars defenses with squads like this. In fact, this is what i would recommend going with some form of this with a tank unit and a dps, i think, that’s your number one guild wars, defense for the foreseeable future, it’s a pretty dang, strong, offense too um.

This is gon na, be a pretty short video. You guys it’s just a me gushing over. You know, because there’s not a whole lot to say there let’s skip to the part where i give her some grades and just wrap this video up. Okay, you’re going to see a whole lot of green numbers on the screen right here and that’s, because you does a whole lot of good. So, overall, i give her a 96. She is alone in, like the double s tier on my tier list, her damage 95 it’s insanely good for her aoe. Not only does she have a lot of it, she has 100 hit aoe abilities get out of town, her utility. I almost gave her a perfect score out of a hundred on utility. The only reason i didn’t is because she doesn’t have quicken or something crazy like that she has re raised. She has full life, she has all the heels. I gave her a 99. I could probably be talked into giving her 100.. Her utility is insane movement. Her is pretty good it’s, not like the ultimate movement. I’M gon na give her an 87.. You could probably talk me up on that too speed she’s, pretty dang fast for her role. I give her a 90. She gets an a minus there and durability. You know what she’s also kind of durable it’s her weakest score, but it’s by no means like super weak, so i give her an 82 on durability overall um best unit in the game.

In my opinion, good for pv god tier for pvp good for pve um there’s, a lot of content that you need heals. She has big damage and there’s like content, that’s weak to light or weak to magic. She would fit those comps, just fine, um yeah, easily best unit in the game, in my opinion, and if you have a chance to get her, i highly recommend doing it in the last couple weeks of this event. Okay, thank you guys for watching. I appreciate it.