Wow many folks are clearly eager to get their hands on the greatest chromebooks. Chromebooks are no longer solely for students. Chromebooks are becoming more popular among casual users and workaholics. Low malware. Susceptibility is also a feature of the finest chromebooks when compared to other vulnerable operating systems. Chromebooks are least likely to be infected with viruses and malware, because the hunt for the best chromebooks on the market seem to be pretty widespread. Today were taking a look at the top three best ones across the internet and bringing the research to you right now to make things extra easy for you, ive linked each of todays recommended devices in the description of this video. So you can grab your favorite at the latest deals when youre ready. The number one pick on our list today is going to be the hp chromebook. X360. 14A. Two in one laptop, the hp chromebook, empowers you to work with ease and efficiency from the comfort of your own home office. The 14 inch hd 1366 by 768 micro edge brightview display, makes images appear crisp with intel, pentium, silver and 5000 processing power and intel uhd, graphics. 605. Your binge watching gaming and music listening experience will be taken to new heights securely saving and quickly accessing your work is hassle, free with 64 gigabyte, emfc storage and 4 gigabytes of ram work and entertainment. Dont have to come to an end with up to 12 hours and 15 minutes of power depending on usage.

The chrome operating system lets you smoothly, navigate through tabs and programs. Your convertible laptop is protected with hps one year limited hardware, warranty communicate with colleagues and friends easily with the hp, wide vision, hd camera with integrated dual array: digital microphones, the wi fi 5, 2×2 and bluetooth 5.0. Combo keeps your connection clear. So you can continue to work without glitches. This lightweight computer is 3.3 pounds allowing you to easily store it in your chromebook case for on the go use, reduce your carbon footprint by working with hp energy, star, certified and ep silver registered hp, laptop computers. Multi core is designed to improve performance over certain software products. Shared video memory, uma uses part of the total system, memory for video performance battery life will vary and the maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage check out forward, slash chromium os forward, slash powerdash testing for in depth test details. The hp, chromebook x360 14a two in one laptop, is a fantastic option for everyday use by everyone in the family. Its built to take on any tasks that you need to accomplish by the way todays sponsor is nordvpn theyre, consistently the top choice for staying anonymous online, torrenting safely and accessing geo restricted streaming content. You can check the description for our full review along with a special discount if interested our next favorite option is the lenovo chromebook c33021 convertible laptop, faster, simpler and more secure.

The lenovo chromebook c330 brings the latest chromebook features to you in a sleek, stylish and durable blizzard white convertible design with its seamless integration with all of your google accounts. This notebook is built for collaboration among family in the classroom or at the office offering the latest multimedia in high definition. This convertible chromebook features a 10 point. Touchscreen ips display for easy viewing intent, tablet, stand or laptop mode, enjoy powerful processing for daily tasks. Ddr3 memory for effortless multitasking and fast emmc storage optimized to improve every day designed to grow with you and deliver performance for years to come. The usbc sd and usb 3.0 ports allow you to connect your favorite devices, powerful, wi, fi and bluetooth. 4.1 allows you to connect up to two bluetooth devices. At the same time, youll enjoy the latest streaming shows anywhere. You want to watch, never slowing down and always up to date. The lenovo chromebook c330 offers the latest in digital security while delivering perfect day to day performance, part laptop and part tablet. This lenovo chromebook is perfect for a straightforward pc to use at home college students. Looking for a quick and lightweight solution for taking notes and streaming videos or the busy on the go professional who needs access to all those shared documents, whats more you can enjoy the best google has to offer standard on your chromebook with access to a variety of Google play store apps. The chromebook c330 delivers powerful processing with integrated graphics, em storage and ddr3 memory, all with up to 10 hours of battery life at only 2.

64 pounds. It wont weigh you down easy to use with built in virus protection and long battery life. This really is the perfect starter laptop for those ready to get some work done and last but not least, lets talk about the acer chromebook spin 311 convertible laptop, the stylus chromebook spin 311 easily transforms into anything you need it to be thanks to its versatile 360 Degree hinge that lets you rotate it to any angle, to create a notebook, stand up, display, tent or tablet. This super cool functionality allows you to take it anywhere and use it everywhere. The awesome features on this touch chromebook with hd display, include a wide angle view. Webcam supporting hdr imaging that enhances face to face chats and video conference experiences maximize productivity with a fully functional keyboard, bring the screen closer for enjoying any entertainment content perfect in a narrow space like on an airplane or viewing a recipe in the kitchen. The best way to browse the internet play games or share information watch what you love in all of its clarity, with detail and saturated colors, from edge to edge. Thanks to the 11.6 inch hd display with ips technology, touch swipe and scroll on the durable damage resistant. Antimicrobial corning gorilla, glass, touchscreen, a strong, consistent wireless signal is provided by intel, gigabyte, wi fi five and the strategically placed 802.11 ac wireless antenna with 2×2 mu mimo, two usb type c ports for ultra quick data transfer, video streaming and battery charging the reversible usb 3.

1 Type c connector is the same at both ends and on both sides. In addition to the two usb 3.1 type c ports, there are also two usb 3.0 type: a ports and a micro sd slot for extra storage. If youre on a budget, you cant go wrong with the acer chromebook spin 311 convertible laptop youre, getting a lot of power and functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional laptops, so thats all for our pick of the top three best two in one convertible Chromebooks that are on the market right now. I hope this video has been helpful in narrowing down your search to the perfect fit for your particular needs and wants. If you have any questions about todays recommendations go ahead and drop. Those in the comments below ill be going through and answering as many of them as i can, while youre down there. Let me know what other products youre searching for id love to help you on the hunt as well and dont. Forget youll find links to all these products in the description down below grab your favorite at the latest deals when youre ready. Thank you guys for joining me on another fun video. If you had a good time be sure to hit that thumbs up, subscribe to consumer buddy and click, the notification bell to always be the first to know when we have new videos drop, have an awesome rest of your day or night and ill see you all.