First we’re going to show you our five best picks. Then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying a tablet under 400. You can find timestamps and links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s get started. Number five microsoft surface go 2. with its new surface family device. Microsoft is providing cutthroat competition to all of its rivals in the market. The new microsoft surface is one of the best tablets under 400 to opt for if you’re used to windows more than ios or android. If we talk about the specs, this tablet is powered by an intel, pentium 4425y gold processor. That offers superior performance for both personal and home use. You can enjoy working as it has the same. Look that you get on a laptop. Moreover, you’ll never face issues of storage as it’s available in both 64 and 128 gigabyte variants. It’S aesthetically, pleasing design, accompanied by the pixelsense screen, make sure that you have both functionality and style. The speed factor of the tablet is also off the charts, as it features four gigabytes or eight gigabytes ram. Based on the variant you buy. Number four apple ipad mini, no matter where you’re looking for tablets on the web apple products are always on the top. Just like this one, so if you’re hunting for a reliable tablet here is the apple ipad mini 5.. The recently released model of apple has all that you need for daily entertainment reading and playing light games.

It’S 0.67 pounds or 308 grams lightweight design is best for one hand, use with this tablet in your hand, you’re free from any worry of space or speed. The tablet has 2 gigabytes of ram that powers it and you can choose from 64 or 256 gigabyte variants. As per your space requirements, the capacitive multi touch retina display also offers an awesome video view, while allowing you seamless interaction with the device. If you’re more of a photographer, you can leverage the great camera for taking super clear pictures and videos. Number three samsung galaxy: s6 lite. You want galaxy s6, but it’s expensive. The best solution is opting for the s6 lite, which is budget friendly. It has a 10 inch screen that looks brilliant, moreover, it’s a tablet that has a sleek lightweight and stylish design. You can pick from multiple color options like oxford, gray, angora, blue or chiffon, pink with a color matching samsung s pen, which is a great tool for note taking drawing and editing documents. Moreover, this pen does not require charging and it can easily attach to the tablet itself. If you think there’s less space, you can expand it with a micro sd card up to one terabyte. You like watching great movies on a big screen, then just connect your tab to a samsung tv and use the samsung smart app. If we talk about the screen, the s6 lite has a smaller display size. Number two samsung galaxy tab s5e.

This android tablet has an extra wide 10.5 inch super amoled display, which looks amazing and the 5.5 millimeter sleek metal body provides it a handy design. The black color of the tab is dark and pops out very nicely and adds aesthetics to its look. The look of this tablet is similar to an apple ipad because of the same screen size with a weight of only 0.88 pounds or 400 grams. This tablet will be hassle free to carry anywhere you want. So if you want a slim tablet that offers remarkable performance at an economical price here it is, you can get this tab in three beautiful colors gold, silver and black with a polished metal. Finish, enjoy 15 hours of impressive battery backup using an optimized plan for screen. Brightness, if built in memory 64 gigabytes is less than your needs. You can expand it up to 512 gigabytes file. Transfer is super fast, with usb 3.1 support number one lenovo tab m10, plus this lenovo tab m10 plus, is one of the best android tablets launched by lenovo. It holds a place in the list of best tablets under four hundred dollars because of its design and durability. It has a beautiful design and a solid base. You can use this template with multiple accounts. The novo m10 plus is also marked as a family tablet, because it has all those features which allow the whole family to use it. Even your kids, you can transform the m10 plus tab into a secure and dedicated kids account where kids can easily get up to date, content which is important for them and you can restrict them to browse only white listed websites.

This device was introduced with a 10.3 inch fhd ips wide display that helps you watch your favorite programs, movies or seasons, and you can also use it as a gaming tablet, because it can easily run your high graphics games. Now that we’ve shown you the best tablets under 400 let’s talk about a few things. You should look for before buying one display size when we’re discussing tablets, then it is for sure it’ll be having a wide screen with good resolution and bright picture quality. Well, you’ll find big screen tablets in the market but which one to choose will still be a million dollar question. Don’T worry it’s, not a problem. You’Ll find some top notch budget tablets in the list, too. We’Ve picked some of the gems from the pool after complete research to keep customers pocket, weight and interest in mind here. You’Ll find tablets with display sizes starting from 7.9 to 10.5 inches some of high ppi is where you’d find it hard to find pixels. Even when you zoom in on a picture battery when you’re investing your valuable money in a tablet, then you have to keep one thing in mind: that without a decent battery backup, you can’t increase your device performance it’s important to have a decent backup, because you can’t Tie yourself with a charging socket here, we’ve picked tablets with different battery backups that can last around 9 hours to 6 weeks when fully charged on normal use.

Internal storage, as for high performance, ram and cpu, are the key factors which you have to keep in mind. While buying a tablet, you can’t ignore the internal storage, you should choose a tablet that must have a good onboard memory, backup because the more storage you have on board the better your device will perform. Keep this in mind.